Monday, January 31, 2011

Where God Guides, God Provides…

As we all know, adoption isn’t cheap!  It is very unfortunate, but it is just reality!  We have several fundraisers planned, like our yard sale in March that we are very excited about.  Well, one of my good friends, who is one of the most precious people I know, called me Friday with an unbelievably sweet offer to help.  She has a home business, Designs by Jaime, where she sews, monograms, and does appliques.  She is SUPER talented, and everything she does is SO cute!!  If you remember, she is the one that did the girls Halloween shirts back in October.  Anyway, back to her call…  She called me Friday and said she had been praying about a way she could help us with our adoption, and she felt that the Lord was leading her to donate 30% of all of her profits to our adoption AND she was going to give 100% of all of her profits from her adorable beach towels and pillow cases that I sale for her…they are SERIOUSLY the CUTEST things you have ever seen!  I just about fell out of my chair!  I sat back once again and just thanked the Lord for his provision.  I had been very overwhelmed last week with the whole adoption process, especially the financial aspect, and I kept hearing the Lord speak to me saying, “Meredith, just trust me…just trust me” over and over.  Well, wouldn’t you know, just a few days later, Jaime called.  I know He will provide!  Oh, and I almost forgot…my friend, Katie, had Jaime make me a shirt that I could take with me to the “Created for Care” retreat this coming weekend.  I love it so much, and Jaime said she could make it for any other adoption moms and ALL of the profits would go to us too!  I mean, can you tell this girl has a heart of GOLD! 


This is the adorable beach towel that Jaime made last summer for my friend, Mitzi, to give Myla for her birthday!  She has all different colors and fabrics, and I can guarantee you that anything she makes will be adorable!!!  The cost is $25.  The towel is very big, and your child will definitely be the envy of all the kids at the pool this summer!!!

robbie pillowcase

This is an “boy” example of the pillowcase!  SO cute!!  The blue fabric is Toy Story, which all little boys LOVE!

pillowcase 2

And this is the “girl” example.  Of course, she has tons of different fabrics she can use if you give her a color scheme you would like to follow!  The pillowcases are $20 a piece …no matter how long the name is.


And this is the adorable t-shirt that she made for me!  Don’t you just love it!  These will be available for $25.  Jaime also said she will be glad to make this same shirt for children…so let me know if you are interested!

Jaime can make pretty much anything, so if you have something else in mind that you need made, please let me know!

You can order off of my sidebar through Paypal, or you can always email me,, to place your order.  You will also have to email me so we can discuss the color scheme that you want!

The beach towels and pillowcases are perfect for birthday gifts!!  Thanks for your support!


Rebekah said...

wow those shirts/ towels are so impressive! hope this fundraiser goes GREAT for you guys!

Matt and Mandi said...

Just so you know, we picked the
3rd picture, and yes, he is so smiley!