Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

I just had to take a moment and thank all of our military men and women on this Memorial Day. As I walked into church this morning, not "just a church", but an air conditioned, well lit, comfortable, safe, beautiful house of the Lord, I was quickly reminded that there are millions of people out there that have to worship in quiet, dark, dangerous, underground churches because they don't have the same freedom that I do. The reason I can go to church safely and comfortably is in no small part due to those that have fought and died for my freedom.
Praise the Lord for our Armed Forces.
May we never forget the ultimate price they have paid.
I am so overwhelmed every time I hear the songs from each military branch and I watch men and women, full of PRIDE, rise to their feet with tears in their eyes. I can hardly contain my own tears from overflowing and this morning I couldn't...they were freely falling. When I hear Taps played on the trumpet, goose bumps cover me as I think of those families that have heard that very song as they have laid their loved ones to rest. No matter how you feel about war, the bottom line is that the people out there fighting and their families need our support. I don't want to ever take for granted what those people have done for me.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fun at the Sink...

Yesterday Myla woke up from her afternoon nap in a pretty sour mood, so I was trying to think of something to entertain her while I fixed supper. Well, I pulled a chair up to the sink (I know...not really safe), cut the water on, gave her a few cups and bowls and let her play. You would have thought she was a Disneyworld as happy as she was! Seriously, it was ridiculous, but I wasn't complaining because I got to cook in peace...somewhat! I have a video that is too funny of her doing this, but I can't get it to upload. I will keep trying, but as for now, I think you can gather some of her excitement through the pictures!
"Mom, I know I look up to no good, but this is really fun!"
"I promise I will be really careful and not fall out of this chair."
"Who knew playing in the sink was this fun?"
"Seriously, Mom, why have you been keeping this a secret? You don't seem like you have this much fun when you are at the sink?"
"I'll wash those dishes for you anytime!"
"The FUN here just never ends!"
"Check it out, Mom, a new use for the medicine spoon!"

Friday, May 15, 2009

Florida Vacation 2009...

We were so fortunate to have just returned from a WONDERFUL vacation in Florida! We had such a great time with our friends, Chad and Lenora Grayson and their two sweet children, Annlee and Deuce! I will have to say that Myla thoroughly enjoyed her first visit to the beach! She is a little water bug. The resort we stayed at could not have been better for kids. I would highly recommend Waterscape in Ft. Walton if you are looking for a family friendly vacation spot. They had several kid pool areas as well as large pools, a lazy river and a private beach as well. We have decided that this trip will be our family vacation tradition each year with the Graysons, so needless to say, we are already looking forward to next May!
I have divided each day of our trip into its own individual post. A lot of the pictures are repetitive, but I wanted to put them all on here so I can fully "virtually" document our trip! Lenora took some pictures of our family with her good camera, and I was so excited because they look so professional. Here are a few of them...

Vacation Day 1

Most of our first day was spent in the car! We left on Sunday after church and headed to the Biloxi to spend the night our friend, John. It was nice to break the trip up. By the time we got to the Coast, Myla was fit to be tied in her car seat!

Right outside of Jackson, we saw this van headed to Ft. Walton. I just thought it was funny since that was where we were headed too!

Myla's first look at the ocean! She kept saying "ocean" and "sand" over and over again. She was a little tentative at first about getting down in the sand and water, but she warmed up to the idea pretty quick and was soon having a blast!

Tickles from Daddy

First time for little toes to be in the ocean!

Trying to get used to the water

Myla and "Uncle" John

John found these two buckets some people had left on the beach so he got them for Myla to play with. We had lots of fun with them the whole time we were gone.

Finally getting into the water by herself.

Loving the ocean now!

Fun in the water

Finally not minding getting wet and sandy!!!

Vacation Day 2

We left Biloxi around 7:30 Monday morning and finally made it to Ft. Walton! We immediately changed into our bathing suits and went to the pool. Myla loved every minute of it despite the intial frigid temperature of the water!

Myla and Daddy in the pool!! So glad to finally be in the sun.

As I said earlier, this resort was so great for kids. This was a little playground right by the kiddie pool. Myla quickly got acquainted with all the playground animals!

In the boat...

Myla and Annlee going down the whale slide.

All the kiddos in the boat.

Annlee, Deuce, & Myla

Myla climbing on the crab in the splash pool

Play with the frog


Sweet girl having so much fun!

Posing with the frog

Introducing the Pirate Ship Slide....

Myla might have set a record with the amount of times she slid down this thing! She loved it and would do it over and over and over and over and over again!

Sliding again...

On the way to dinner our first night we saw a beautiful double rainbow. I couldn't get a good picture of it from the car, but we could see the entire thing from end to end over the ocean. It was truly an amazing sight!

Entering McGuire's Pub. There is dollar bills literally covering every square inch of the ceiling. It was crazy. Chad and Lenora said that there is $500,000 on the ceiling and walls.

Lenora and Deuce

Chad and Myla

Just the three of us!

Silly Deuce

Chad and Deuce

Myla and Daddy

Myla and Deuce holding hands. They loved each other, and we have decided that it is fine with us if they get married one day!