Sunday, June 21, 2009

Orlando 2009

Myla and I just returned from a fun filled trip to Orlando with my mom, Frank, Peyton and Henry. We had a great time despite the good ole HEAT of Florida! Honestly, I didn't take as many pictures as I would usually take, but I was trying to keep up with Myla and really enjoy doing things with her rather than trying to take a picture every 5 seconds. I think I got plenty though! Here are a few to share with you...
Henry, Myla and Mimi ready to get on the airplane.
Henry and Myla checking out our plane. They were quite fascinated with the whole process of flying! They both did great!
Here is Myla in the Orlando airport well after midnight! We were waiting on our rental car, and she enjoyed pushing her babies around in the stroller. I couldn't believe how happy she was even though it was SO late. She finally fell asleep around 1:45 am on the way to the condo.
Our only complaint about the condo is that the bathtub wasn't big enough! HA!! It was huge! Myla loved it. I think she thought she was in a swimming pool!
Clean, happy girl!
Henry and Peyton at Sea World.
Cousins ready to explore all the sea animals!!
Myla and Henry looking at the sting rays. You could just reach in the pool and touch them. It was really neat, but I couldn't help but think of poor Steve Irwin. I loved him!
What is Myla watching so intently, you ask???
Her favorite Sesame Street friends! She LOVED all the shows we went to, but she especially loved getting to see "Melmo" and "Cookie Monter" the best. They are certainly her favorites!
Even though she loves Elmo, she isn't much for getting too up close and personal. She was a little hysterical at this point, but as soon as we were walking away, she was waving and blowing kisses and saying, "Bye, Bye, Melmo!"
Bodie, Mimi and Myla
Me and Peyton
Myla watching everyone's favorite killer whale
Myla was completely enthralled with this show. She squealed and clapped and pointed at the whales. I was equally amazed!
Clapping for Shamu
Playing on the Dinoland playground at Disney's Animal Kingdom. It was only about a million degrees! It is amazing to me how well kids can handle heat! Much better than adults, for sure!
Myla and Henry sliding
All of the touring of Animal Kingdom finally caught up with her!
Henry waving to Mickey Mouse during the parade
Myla at Rainforest Cafe ready to eat supper!



I just wanted to wish Michael a Happy Father's Day! Myla and I love you so much, and we are so thankful that we have you in our lives! Myla is so blessed to have you as her Daddy, and I am so blessed to have you as my husband. Thank you for all that you do for us!
I also want to wish my "dads" a Happy Father's Day as well! To Deddy and Frank...I am so grateful to have both of you in my life. My life has been made so much better because you have been in it. Also to Mr. Joe, my father-in-law, thank you so much for always making me feel like your very own daughter! I love you all!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hello from Orlando!

Well, we made it to Orlando! After terrible weather in the Memphis area last night, we were surprisingly able to take off not long after our original flight time. We touched down in Orlando around 11 pm, and we got to our condo at 2 am...yes 2 a.m. Needless to say, we were glad to finally get here!
Myla did excellent on the flight. Seriously, we could not have asked for her to be any better. She sat in Mom's lap and watched out the window and kept saying "Airplane" over and over. I was really proud of her because I had my doubts about how she would do, but she never missed a beat. She never fell asleep either. I guess it was just too much excitement! She finally fell asleep at 1:45 am in the car on the way to the condo. She slept until 8:30, which isn't extremely late, but it was better than I thought she would do.
I am going to try and keep the blog updated while we are here, but I don't know if the computer we brought is going to work. As long as Peyton is here, I can use his computer.
I don't know what we are doing today, but we are up and ready for the day!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Future in Photography....

This morning I started packing for our trip, so I had the suitcase on Myla's bed to start putting her stuff in it. Well, in typical Myla fashion, she climbed up on the bed and into the bag before I could put anything in it. I got the camera because I thought she just looked too cute in that big bag! So, I tell you that to say that the camera was in her room the rest of the day, but more on that later...
"Hey, Mom, I think I'll just travel in here. I have plenty of room!"
Sweet traveler!!
"Okay, enough pictures...I'm in my pajamas for heaven's sake!" forward several hours...
While I was working on dinner tonight, Myla was playing in her room. She loves to go in there and shut the door (and sometimes lock it, which thank goodness is easy to reverse with a flat head screwdriver). Anyways, I noticed that while Myla was playing in her room, she got very quiet so I went to check on her. I found her taking pictures of herself. It was hysterical. I thought she had just taken one, but I scrolled back through the camera and she had taken like 6 or 7. Some of them were too blurry to see anything, but here are the ones that she took.... It amazes me what little minds can figure out. She turned the camera on and took the pictures by herself. Too funny!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane...

This Friday Myla and I will be flying to Orlando with my parents and my nephew, Henry, for vacation. This will be Myla's first time to fly, and I am not really sure how well she is going to do. Anyway, I just wanted to know if any of you have advice on flying with a little one. She is going to be sitting in our laps rather than in a seat by herself since she is not yet 2. We are going to take the DVD player, snacks and toys to try and entertain her. Also we will be flying out at her bed time so I am hoping that she may fall asleep. Any advice is welcomed!!!! Thanks!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Beautiful Day for the Zoo...

This past Friday we decided that it was a perfect day for the zoo, so we struck off to Memphis and had a wonderful time! Mrs. Sandy went with us so Myla was in hog heaven with Sae Sae there! It was amazing how much more Myla was into the animals since we were there in March. She walked pretty much the whole time and made all the animal sounds when she saw the different animals. I am like a kid at the zoo too! I love it and can't wait to go back!
Myla and Sae Sae looking at the tigers.
I just thought this white tiger was beautiful!!
Daddy and Myla checking out some other big cat! She got so excited when she would spot them.
"Look, Mommy!!"
I love how Myla would squat down to look in the cute!
Taking a sucker break. She found the sucker in her bag. I had forgotten about getting it at the bank last week, so when she saw it, she just had to have it!
Watching the polar bear. He was really putting on a show swimming right in front of the viewing area. Myla loved watching him, so we stayed there for a long while.
Clapping for the polar bear.
I could have stayed and watched him forever. He was so graceful in the pretty!
Everytime he would swim around it was like he was watching the children standing at the glass.
Myla content with all she had seen at the zoo!
Up close and personal!
Myla being silly on the way home.
Strike a pose!

Okay, I had a thought while at the zoo....
If I could come back as an animal, I think I would be either this leopard.....
or these sea lions!
Do they have the life or what!!!!