Tuesday, April 17, 2012

As of late…

I realized that I have not updated in awhile, so I look through my recent pictures, and there was really no rhyme or reason to them…so they will all be in one post!!


I love when I catch little moments together when the girls are playing and laughing.  I want to remember those moments actually happen!  Ha!!  They really do love each other, but they have a funny way of showing it sometimes. 


Last Monday, Mimi and Bodie were out of school, so we rode to Tupelo together to do some shopping and to play at the playground in the mall.  The girls love going there!   The only pictures I took were in the car on the way home!


Of course, poor Selah was passed out before we got out of the parking lot of the mall! She had played her heart out!


While we were in Tupelo on Monday, my friend Jill sent me a text and told me that she and her kids were going to Tupelo the next day to see Katie’s new house and asked me if we wanted to ride…so back to Tupelo we went!!  Myla and Mady were so excited to ride the carousel at the mall!


Myla has come a long way with stuff like this.  She used to be scared to death of the carousel…then she would ride it, but would only sit on the bench (which is Selah’s preferred choice to ride now)…but, now she runs and hops on a horse and loves it!!


Mady enjoyed riding a horse too!


On the second ride, both of Jill’s children opted for the bench!  I didn’t get any pictures at Katie’s house, but we had a ball!  The kids played and played and us moms talked and talked!  I’m so thankful for good friends!


One day last week, Myla was determined for Selah to get some panties and wear them.  Ha!  We went to Walmart and got her some Mickey Mouse panties (her request).  As soon as we got home, Myla got down to business.  She took her diaper off and helped her get her panties on.  I am really in no rush to potty train as Selah really has shown no interest and I think I would simply be frustrating myself and her if I tried at this point, but I let Myla entertain herself with her attempt to potty train!


The sweet and helpful big sister assisting!


I think Selah wondered what in the world was going on, but she went along with it for awhile.


Of course, Myla quickly escorted her to the potty to “try” and go with no luck.  Approximately 4 minutes later, Selah had an accident (which didn’t bother her in the least), but Myla was upset!  She kept saying, “Selah, you can’t tee tee on Mickey Mouse!  You have to keep him dry!”  Selah would just laugh at her!


Last Thursday night there was a Kindergarten Round Up at Bramlett.  Myla was a bit overwhelmed and very shy during the night as we toured the school and met teachers and other children.  I’m still torn about what to do as far as schooling, but I did register her and wanted to do the tour just in case. 


She warmed up as she got on the playground.  She later informed me that her favorite part of the school was the playground.  I still am in shock that it is almost time for her to start Kindergarten.  It just doesn’t seem possible!


The girls look forward to Michael coming home everyday, and this afternoon was no different!  They were standing at the window watching for him, and they both got so excited when they saw him turn on our road!!  They love their Daddy!

Tonight I went to see October Baby with some other girls.  If you haven’t seen it, and it is showing nearby you, go see it!  It is certainly tough to hear and watch, but the message is incredible!  Every life, born or unborn, has meaning and a purpose.  Please go support this movie!


The Vaughns said...

Love the potty training pictures!

Amber said...

Your girls are so precious and growing up so fast! We need to get together one of these days... It's been way too long!

Also, I hate to do this, but I am a car seat nazi, so I just have to tell you that you really do need to put the girls' chest clips at armpit level. If you're ever in an accident, it could really hurt them if they ride with them low. Sorry, I just had to tell you.

Love y'all!