Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ole Miss Soccer Game...

We have been wanting to go to a soccer game lately because Michael has gotten to know so many of the girl soccer players from the training room. He is also good friends with Erica, the soccer team's athletic trainer. Myla loves Miss Erica and Miss Erica loves Myla too! (She also loves Tony...the baseball trainer) and we go to visit them as often as we can!
It was a beautiful day for a soccer game, but it was still a bit steamy! There were also these little irritating gnats that evidently are very attracted to sunscreen and sweat. We were covered in them shortly after we got there. Anyway, we stayed long enough to get Myla really tired and then we headed home! By the way, the girls won beating the #9 team in the nation, LSU! Congratulations!

"I'm ready to cheer on the Rebels!"
Myla and Daddy "If I could figure out how to get in this gate, I could have a blast under these bleachers!"
Watching the game with Daddy.
Worn out on the way home!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Morning Jog with Daddy...

Due to the craziness on campus because of the Presidential debate, Michael took off work Friday and spent the day at home! We were so glad to have him here!! We went walking, and we actually let Myla walk for a little while instead of being in her stroller. I told Michael that he was already training Myla for her first marathon! Myla had a blast "running" with her Daddy!

"Come on Daddy! Try to keep up!"
"This is SO much fun!"
"Carry me, Daddy!"
"I am getting tired!"
"It's a great view from up here!"

I Just Love a Sleeping Baby...

I love to look at Myla when she is asleep so peacefully! I snapped these pictures last week and just thought they were so sweet!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Black Eyed Baby....

Well, we've got our first black eye! While at a friend's house last night, Myla fell out of a chair and hit the bed rail. Last night she just had a little bump on her forehead, but this morning she had a black eye! Bless her heart! She didn't sleep that great last night. I am assuming she had a headache. Anyway, today she is acting totally normal...running and playing. The pictures below are not the most flattering pictures of our little munchkin, but you can see the damage. :(

Monday, September 22, 2008

New, Shorter Haircut!

Here are some pictures of my new, shorter haircut! I love it! I was so ready for something different and more "stylish".

New Videos...

I am long overdue for a post, but honestly we have not had a lot going on lately! I do have the recent videos that I thought I would share.

Also, Myla got her first haircut last week, but the pictures are on my mom's camera since I was having to hold tight to Myla! She looks so cute! All she really got cut were her crazy wild flying curls that stuck out behind her ears. Michael says he misses her curls, but I assured him they would grow back. I also got my hair cut shorter, and I love it. I will post some pictures of it too!

This is Myla showing off her climbing skills! She loves to do this, therefore, I have to keep a really close eye on her!

Myla is starting to understand so much now! She loves to bring me her here she is in action!

Witness Michael and Myla's favorite nighttime ritual...hide and seek!

Monday, September 15, 2008

No Rhyme or Reason...

I have several random pictures that I wanted to post, but I didn't want to take the time to make a new post for each of them, so here goes...
New Shoes
A friend of my grandmother's sent Myla several pair of shoes that her granddaughters have outgrown. Myla's standout favorites were the rainboots. We would try some of the other ones on and she would want to take them off, then she would bring us the rainboots to put back on. They are a little big, but they will probably fit in a couple of months. Watching her walk in them was quite comical. Other than the rainboots, she also got a pair of pink cowboy boots, a hot pink pair of zip up boots and some house shoes. Thanks, Mrs. Joanne, SO MUCH!!

Checking her new shoes out!
Footed Pajamas
I know this is kind of silly to post about, but Myla has not worn footed pajamas in so long. When I put her in them the other night, she just looked so cute to me. The funniest thing was seeing her walk in them because she wasn't walking when she wore them last. I know, pretty boring, but I couldn't help myself. I love footed pajama kids!
Funny how hard it is to get a picture these days....
Sunday morning, I asked Michael to take a picture of me and Myla, since we have hardly any together. Seriously, she might not know that I existed in her early childhood if she only has pictures to depend on. I thought Sunday would be a good time since I actually "get ready". A camera is not coming near me most days that I stay home! The point of this post is to say that you can't just snap a picture anymore and get a good one because Myla is so curious and active...
First she was interested in the buttons on my shirt....
The she wanted to get my nose. She can point out our nose now when we ask her, but here she was just doing it because she wanted to! Finally, we are both looking at the camera, but only a slight smile from Myla. I guess we will keep trying!

Bath Time with Haley...

Last Friday night, Michael was cutting the yard, so me, Susan and the girls went strolling. When we got home, we decided to bathe the girls together. They did so good and had a great time.

Myla enjoyed Haley's bath toys.

Haley was wondering why someone else was in the tub with her!

Happy Girls!

Soap sud mohawks...don't you love the curl of Haley's?

So cute!
Myla's was falling over a bit!
Introducing Myla's mullett.
Her hair actually has some length to it, but you can't tell when it is dry and curly. Myla and Haley sharing toys.
Myla loved playing basketball with Haley's hoop! If I have to say so myself, she was pretty good!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

For Bodie....

My step-dad gave Myla this NY Giants outfit for her birthday. Although it is a 24 month, I decided to try it on her because of her length. I am glad I did because next year it probably would have been way too short!
Thanks, Bodie for the outfit! You are keeping us stocked in NY team gear. First the the Giants! Go Eli!!


I'm not kidding that she puts all this own by herself! Check out her left arm. She could barely bend it!

Pig Tails...

I have been wanting to put Myla's hair in pig tails for sometime now because I knew she had enough hair to do it, but the problem was the little squirt wouldn't sit still for long enough. She DOES NOT like for her hair to be fixed at all! Well, the other morning she fell asleep in my lap, and when she woke up she was really groggy, so I thought it would be a good time to try to fix her hair! Well, it worked! She really didn't even realize what I was doing. They actually stayed in pretty good. I had to redo them several times, but she let me, so I was excited. I think they make her look so much older!
I also included two pictures from her playing outside the same day. I love the one of her looking through the fence like she is spying on our neighbors!

Outside Photo Session....

As you can tell by now, Myla loves to be outside. Actually, it is usually where I get my best pictures because she is so happy! This was Sunday after church. She was decked out in all her duds, of course! I just thought I would share a few of my favorite shots! Please note all of the dirt on her face!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Yard Sale Crazies!!!!

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I love a bargain. Well, I also LOVE to shop yard sales. Thankfully, my two crazy friends, Susan and Robin do too, so this morning we headed out at 6:00 a.m. sharp. Oxford is a great place to shop yard sales for kids because there are so many young families.
We all had a quite successful trip, and we were all very excited. I think we all got the things we were specifically looking for, so things couldn't have been better.
Here is some documentation of our trip...

This is actually after we got home, but this was the group that went. Yes, we did take the babies! They were angels too...seriously, couldn't have been better!
6:00 a.m. - Ready for departure. Don't they look thrilled!
Baby Einstein DVD- check
Backyardigan DVD- check
Milk/Juice - check
Snacks - check
pink dog- check (although I did leave it at one sale and had to go back and retrieve it!)

Myla zoned in to Baby Einstein. I thought I was going to have to wake her up a little before 6:00, but when I went in there she was already awake. She must have heard us say that we were going yard sale shopping, so she was ready!

We all know how much Myla loves jewelry, so we picked her up two bags of mardi gras beads and bracelets for a whopping $.50, and of course, she had all of them on within a few minutes. I love the look on Haley's face, she is like, "Seriously, Myla is a real jewelry hog. Couldn't she just spare one piece?"
"Thanks, Mom, I hardly have any jewelry at home to play with!"
Home again, home again. Haley had already given up the ghost. Myla wasn't far behind!
Sweet Haley..she was such a trooper.
Philip enjoying his mom's find. He also got a bike!

Myla couldn't take a nap until she analyzed all of the yard sale finds. I went looking for a distressed window pane...having mirrors in it alreadywas a PLUS, and it was a deal for $10! All of the toys, I paid $5 (total) for and the shelving unit was $10!! I was looking for it too because I rearranged the living room and needed it for Myla's toys desperately. I also got this cute green wooden cross that has beads on it. You can't really see it, but Myla is looking at it. I hung it above my sink (like you wanted to know that!).
Myla loved all the new toys she got. She was already trying them out.
Destructive little gal.
This kid CANNOT get enough of her jewelry!
This is Myla's new designated spot in the den. Her toys were strewn out everywhere, and I wanted to have them somewhat organized. I will take a picture of the rest of the den so you can see what I did to it, but I want to get everything like I want it first!