Friday, July 20, 2012

Thirty One Gifts Products for Sale…

I am selling some of my ThirtyOne Gifts sample products.  I haven’t had a party in forever and probably won’t have one again, so it’s time for me to get rid of some of this stuff rather than it just sit around and take up space!  First come, first served!  If interested, please leave a comment or email me meredithmeurrier @ yahoo . com.  Most of these items have not been actually used. They were just used as samples at my home shows. If I need to ship it to you, I will have to charge for shipping. 

EVERYTHING IS SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Expand-A-Tote Day Extenter – $20 – SOLD

The middle of this bag unzips to add 6 extra inches to give you a larger bag.  It is shown unzipped.  Retails for $49


Organizing Utility Tote – $12 – SOLD

This bag was one of the most popular bags I sold.  It has pockets all the way around the exterior.  Great to use for a diaper bag! Retails for $25.


Elite Skirt Purse with Extra Skirt – $30 – SOLD

Very versatile purse because you can switch out the “skirts” on the exterior of the bag.  If you order from 31 in the future, you can get new skirts too.  Purse retails for $55 and extra skirt retails for $25




Thermal Tote – $8 – SOLD

GREAT for school lunches or to pack your lunch for work.  9 1/2” W x 14” H.  It’s bigger than you think.  Retails for $15


Inside is thermal


All-In-One Organizer – $10 – SOLD

Great size for kids’ personal game devices, etc. Exterior  pockets on the side.  Retails for $20


Mini Organizer – $5 – SOLD

Pockets all the way around the outside.  Great for cosmetics!  Retails for $15


Retro-Metro Bag – $20 – SOLD

My personal FAVORITE bag!  I use it all the time, especially for church!  The “thirty-one” is monogrammed on, but it could be removed or an applique could be put over it.  Retails for $52


Wristlet Wallet – $5 – SOLD

For some reason, I can’t find the wristlet strap that can attach to it, but it can still be easily used. Retails for $22


Inside view.  Plenty of places for cards.



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Hey Meredith! I had no idea y'all were adopting! I have another friend who is adopting from Africa as well. Best of luck to you. I hope to see you soon :)

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Oops that was me.

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