Monday, August 25, 2008

Hotty Toddy!!

I got Myla this Ole Miss Cheerleading uniform tonight!!

You can see how much she loves it already! We might not have a future cheerleader, which will be okay with me!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Roll of White Grosgain Ribbon - $1.97
Roll of Blue Grosgain Ribbon - $1.97
Roll of Red Grosgain Ribbon - $1.97
Twenty Minutes of Completely Occupied Self Entertainment - PRICELESS

Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head...

Yesterday Myla woke up from her nap very grumpy! Nothing would calm her down or make her happy until we took her outside. She immediately calmed down and started playing. Anyway, I got some cute pictures of her playing in the rain...literally, not pouring down rain but sprinkles.

Aren't those footprints precious?

After we had been outside for a while this black dog came up, and she and Myla made quick friends. The dog was very loving and let Myla play with her. I think Myla is definitely going to be a dog lover.

She really didn't want him to leave.

Where Did This Come From....

Myla has not had a pacifier since I can't even remember when, but she found one the other day and starting sucking on it. It was so funny to see a pacifier in her mouth. I thought these pictures were cute. She only played with it for about ten minutes, and then she was quickly on to something else!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jewelry Diva...

I think we have a "girly girl" on our hands. Myla loves jewelry! She has enjoyed playing with bracelets for some time now, but yesterday I let her play in a bunch of old jewelry of mine, and she had so much fun. It is like she knows exactly what to do with it. I love it, and I can't wait to play dress up when she gets older. She continues to amaze us and make us laugh daily!
What proper little girl eats her breakfast without her bracelets on?
"I love to take my bracelets on and off and on and off and on and off......"
"Hey Mom, do you think this necklace makes my diaper look good."
"I just can't decide which one to wear."
"Which one do you think, Mom?"
"Maybe I'll just wear all three at one time."
Later in the morning yesterday, Myla was obviously tired of playing with the jewelry because this is where it all ended up. Lovely, huh?
But this morning, she hade made up with the jewelry (yes, I washed it) and continued to try on new pieces.
Strike a pose!

Friday, August 15, 2008


This morning before Myla took her nap she and I snacked on some vanilla pudding. I left it on the end table after we finished eating and proceeded to go get dressed. Suddenly I heard the container hit the floor and the dogs were licking the containter to death. Tanner, the guitly one, I think in his excitement of his new found snack knocked it off the table where Oskie was then able to enjoy some!
Anyway, I caught them red handed.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Big Empty Boxes...Who Knew They Could Be So Much Fun!

We got a new vacuum cleaner yesterday, and Myla loved playing with and in the box that it came in last night. Let me show you a few things you can do in an empty vacuum cleaner box...

You can lay by Daddy...
You can give Daddy big hugs....
You can watch the dogs behind you...
You can play hide and seek...
You can climb on top of it...
You can play peek-a-boo with the sides...
You can crawl on top of it and smile really pretty...
You can stand up on it...
And finally, you can push it around the room.

Who knew empty boxes could be so much fun...(probably all mothers that have ever had toddlers!).

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Full, Fun & Busy Saturday....

Let me begin by saying that this is the longest post in the history of my blog!!! I started working on it last night, but I am finishing it up this morning. We had such a wonderful day yesterday! Michael was off work, and we stayed busy all day. We started outside. While Michael cut the yard, Myla and I played outside. After she took her morning nap, we headed back outside to play some more and we ended up getting in the baby pool in the backyard. After she got up yesterday afternoon we headed to Avent Park to let Myla play. The last time she went to the park, she couldn't even crawl, so all she did was swing. Well, yesterday she had a ball!!! Then, after we got home, Michael washed the cars and Myla and I played outside some more! She was such a trooper all day. Sorry for the obscene amount of pictures, but I loved taking them yesterday!!!
I have to say too that Crocs are GREAT shoes for kids. She wore hers all day long and loved them. When one would come off, she would immediately bring it to me so I could put it back on. Thanks to Robin for letting us borrow Ellyn's! Myla will probably have them worn slap out by the time Ellyn can even wear them!
Myla used her walking toy as her lawnmower.
She pushed it right alongside her daddy.
Curious, curious little thing. I am not sure what she had, but I thought it was a cute picture.
She discovered Oskie in the backyard through the crack in the fence. She kept saying "Okkie, Okkie" like she felt sorry for him. Oskie was eating up the attention and wanting to get in the front yard with us!
Myla helped clean up the garage after her morning nap. She carried around the dustpan and garbage bag like she knew what she was doing. I am teaching her early!
"Man, this place was a mess!"
Playing with the basketball with Daddy.
"Do they make these in a smaller size?"

Myla was COVERED in grass by the time she was done playing!
Playing with Oskie with the tennis balls.
Oskie didn't get left out of the play.
Neither did Tanner.
When we first got to the park. We just put her down to see what she would do. I think she was unsure at first, but she quickly figured everything out.

Digging in the sand with Daddy.
Playing with the steering wheel on the train.
I just thought this one was so cute!
Push me higher, Daddy!
This is neat...what do I do on it?
Got it!!! That was fun!
I think I will try to climb up it!
You can't see Michael, but they were playing hide and seek! That is their favorite game to play together!
Crawling through the tunnel.

"I made it through!"
Time to go home!
Man, this girl can play. This is after we got home from the park out in the yard again.
I think she finally started getting tired...and thirsty!
My philosophy continues that anything can be a toy!

Watching Daddy wash the car.
Getting little, precious handprints on the clean car!
And again...anything can be a toy.
She played with this cup and two pieces of ice for no less than 15 minutes!
I love to drink from a "big" cup. My mommy never lets me have anything in the cup though!
Well, like I said that post was really long, but I just had to share our fun filled day! We hope everyone had a great weekend!