Saturday, February 27, 2010

Katie's Surprise Baby Shower...

On Thursday night several of us got together to celebrate the upcoming birth of my friend, Katie's 3rd baby! She didn't want a formal shower, so we had to surprise her! I think she was definitely surprised. It was my job to get her there without being suspicious. This was so hard to do because we talk to each other numerous times a day, and I almost slipped up so many times and told her about it. She was shocked when she walked in and everyone said, "Surprise!" She said, "Surprise for what??" HA!! She thought we had her birthday wrong, but then she realized it was a baby shower!
The whole gang
Mrs. Beth, Mrs. Mistie, Katie, Heather and baby Eloise
Mitzi, Mrs. Laura, Angela, Robyn, Laurel and Nicole
Laurel and Nicole
Katie with the cupcake cake...turned out so good! Once again, Emileigh's come through!
The precious "big brother" shirt for Robbie to wear.
And don't forget about Grace....the Big Sister...again!
Onesie for the baby. Katie is not finding out what she is having, so Jaime had to make one for both! Jaime Lawrence makes these shirts and many other kinds. Visit her booth at the Mustard Seed!
Mrs. Mistie didn't forget to get Grace and Robbie and happy. Pure sugar!!!
Katie's mom and sister, Karen
Two pregnant friends!! We laughed at this picture because we look the same as Grace and Myla in height. When Grace and Myla stand by each other, Myla is so much taller and her legs so much longer! They get it honest!
The canvas that I painted for the nursery to match the bedding.

Ready or Not....Here I Come!!

One of Michael and Myla's favorite things to do each night is play hide and seek. They run and play and laugh and scream and have so much fun! Myla has finally started wanting to count and let Daddy hide so she can come find him. I thought this video from last night was pretty funny! Hope you enjoy! By the way, excuse the outfit....Myla loves to run around with no pants on...don't ask me why. It must be a two year old thing!

Pause my playlist at the bottom so you can hear better.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Selah's Diaper Shower...

On February 13th, two of my great friends, Katie and Robyn, hosted a diaper shower for me and Selah. It was such a great shower, and I appreciate everything they did, including postponing it for a week after I got sick! I am so grateful for everyone that came! We got TONS of diapers and wipes that should last us quite some time! We also got some more fun things that just made everything seem so real that another baby is about to be here!
The food table...everything was delicious, including Katie's famous coffee punch! YUM!
The adorable diaper wreath that Robyn made for the front door.
Sis Sis and me
By the way, I hate all of these pictures of me, but I guess that is how most women feel when they are 8 months pregnant!
Me and Mrs. Sandy
My friends Susan and Tamah COMPLETELY surprised me by coming to the shower from Jackson. I had NO idea they were coming...absolutely none! They totally got me! I was so excited to see them, and we got to spend the rest of the day together after the shower, which was so fun!
Opening gifts...Tamah worked her magic and made me so many cute things! I will post pictures of everything soon, but here is the wipes case...
and the diaper bag! I love it! I realized before the shower that I only had 1 diaper bag that didn't have Myla's name or initials on it, so I am so excited that Selah now has an adorable diaper bag of her own!
Me and Mom
The sweet dress my mom gave Selah
Another darling outfit that Mrs. Sandy got her. I'm so glad that Selah will have some other things besides hand me downs!!! Bless her heart!
Me being silly after opening all the gifts.
Katie, me and Robyn
Thanks, girls! I had a wonderful time!
Selah's nursery is coming together, and I am going to take some pictures to put on here hopefully tomorrow. We are still lacking curtains and the rocking chair, but hopefully they will be done soon!

Donut Date...

Last week on Wednesday before Mother's Morning Out, Myla and I went to eat donuts. On the way there in the car, Myla said, "Mommy, we are going on a donut date." So sweet! We went to Honest Abe's, and the donuts are delicious! It was our second time there, and Myla immediately remembered her favorite thing about the place...not the donuts, but all of the large, mounted animals that the owner evidently killed on some hunting excursions. She likes to converse with them which is hysterical. It was a sweet time for us to spend some fun time together. I am taking advantage of those times since they are about to get slim!
Digging in!!!
Eyeing her donut holes...she ate all of them but 2!
Loving her breakfast!
Going back for more!
Sugar covered lips!
Thinking hard about something!
Here starts the animals. I know that nobody will care about these pictures, but I just want to remember them since Myla loves them so much! Aren't they lovely?? The only thing I didn't get a picture of the ENORMOUS elephant skull and tusks! I know the people in there thought I was crazy taking pictures of all these stuffed animals on the wall. Oh, well!

Fun Night With Friends...

It's been awhile since this night, but I still wanted to document it! This was actually Valentine's weekend. On Saturday night, Michael and I went to Tupelo to see our great friends, Chad and Lenora Grayson. We had a kid free night, which is nice every once in awhile. We went to eat at the Fairpark Grille, which we would highly recommend. It was delicious and had a great atmosphere. Even Michael was impressed!! After dinner, we went to the Casting Crowns concert. It was great!! It was more like a huge worship service versus a concert. They are such an awesome group that gave complete glory to God throughout the whole concert. If you have the chance to see them live, you should go! What is awesome about them is that even though they are "famous", they are all stilled youth leaders and worship leaders at their church in Georgia. They travel on tour on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays so they can be at church each Sunday to lead worship. I thought that was awesome. They definitely have their priorities straight!!
Self portrait...always fun!
Chad and Lenora at dinner.
We love you guys!!
The guys
The girls

Friday, February 12, 2010

My Two Valentine Loves...

Last night was a big night that Michael and Myla have been looking forward to all week. They went on a big "date" to the Father/Daughter Banquet at our church. The anticipation was great when Michael got home and Myla was ready to get "dressed up" and go on her date. I know that alot of the pictures look the same, but I just loved all of them! I love these two so much and am so thankful that God has blessed me with them. Michael is the perfect Daddy for a little girl, and Myla and Selah are both going to be extremely blessed throughout their lives with him.
All dressed up and ready to go!
Myla was very impressed with Michael's tie. She kept saying, "Daddy's wearing a tie", over and over. I guess she doesn't see him wearing one very often!
Another big smile!!
I love this picture! Michael was chewing gum, and Myla was checking it out!
Daddy trying to steal a kiss! I love the look on Myla's face...
Big Kiss!!
Happy girl! She was wired all night...the excitement was almost too much!
Daddy and his favorite little girl!
This kid cracks me up with her expressions!
I know, I know....I got a little picture happy!
Myla loves to put bracelets on Michael, and she wanted him to wear some on their date. See, I told you he is a perfect Daddy for a little girl!
At the banquet! Michael said she did great and was so excited to be there!
Michael knew I would get a kick out of this picture. This was their dessert. Of course, Michael's was untouched!
After they got home, Myla gave Daddy her card she had made him. I meant for her to give it to him before they left, but I forgot (I guess I was too busy taking pictures)!
While they were gone, I worked in the nursery some. I painted canvases to hang above Selah's bed, and I was happy with how they turned out. I will post pictures when I hang them up and get the nursery looking better!
I will updated later with pictures from my diaper shower that is happening tomorrow. It was supposed to be last Saturday, but I came down with the stomach virus on Thursday night and was so sick on Friday, so we postponed it! Hopefully, everything will go tomorrow as planned. Then Michael and I are headed to Tupelo to spend time with our friends, Chad and Lenora Grayson, and go to a Casting Crowns concert. We are going to enjoy our last few weekends before a newborn!!