Friday, September 28, 2012

Christmas Signs…


I’m really ready for 2 things…to get our baby boy home and for Christmas!  SOOOO, after I painted this little Christmas sign for us this week, I thought I could paint one for you and you could help bring him home!  Oh, and he has a name now!!  Ramsey Yang Meurrier!  We are so excited!  I got NEW pictures of him this morning, and let me just tell y’all…he is ADORABLE!!!  I love him so much already!DSCF1368

So, here’s the deal!  I would love to paint a sign for your family.  Just leave me a comment fi you want one and what names you need on it!  I will be happy to ship them as long as you’ll pay for shipping!  They are $35.  I am making some more designs as well!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Pigskin, Princesses & Painting…

Whew…I need to do a little catching up!  Yes, if you were wondering, I’m still walking around on cloud nine after our referral last week!  I cannot tell you the joy that it has been being able to share our good news with so many people who have prayed and encouraged us over the past almost 2 years!!

Okay…catching up on other happenings…


Two weeks ago Ole Miss hosted Texas in football.  It was a CRAZY weekend!  We rented our house out so we went and stayed with Michael’s parents for the weekend. They were so kind to have us!   Michael was on the sideline that night, but I wanted to go to the game, so Frank sat with me in our seats.  Here we are before we left!


Before going into the stadium we saw Shep Smith coming out of the Rebel Shop.  He was kind enough to take a picture with me!


Frank and I posing with the Heisman trophy!


Frank enjoying his free Frosty!  Love the dude in the background that took advantage of the photo op!


Bebo, Texas’ mascot, was at the game.  In fact, Michael stood in front of him the whole game and said that all those standing around had a plan as to what they were going to do if Bebo went wild and got loose!


This past Saturday, Mom took treated me and the girls to go see Disney on Ice.  They were SO excited about seeing the princesses.  This was Selah’s first time to go, and she was mesmerized!!


Trying to get a picture during intermission.  The girls weren’t much in a picture taking mood…all day!




Myla in the LEGO Cinderella castle! Selah was so cranky by this point because she was up late the night before AND she was so upset that the show was over.  As soon as the lights came back on she started crying and kept saying, “I want to watch it again!”  She obviously enjoyed it very much!


After we ate lunch, we walked to the Peabody to see the ducks.  The girls loved watching them swim around and around the fountain!


3 Generations


My beautiful Myla with her prized Ariel that Mimi bought her.  She first picked out Belle, and as we were walking off from buying it, we noticed that the Belle figurine did not have a head, so we took it back and got another one.  Then, when we got to lunch, she pulled out the new Belle and it had a crack down the front.  She was so upset! After lunch, we walked back to the FedEx Forum so I could go in to see if they would let me exchange it.  Needless to say, by this point, she said, “Do you think you could just get me an Ariel?”  Ha!! Belle was obviously having some bad luck that day!  Thankfully, the people were very nice and let me exchange it with no problem.


Selah looking at the Mississippi River from atop the Peabody.  She is obviously not afraid of heights because she climbed up on the ledge and just stood there looking out and down. NO fear!


Tonight I got to host a “painting” party for my Sunday School class. We have been wanting to do this forever, so we were excited to finally get it together! We had so much fun!  Everyone enjoyed working on their masterpieces!!


All the ladies working hard!


Although we weren’t all done, we wanted to get a group picture before people started leaving.  I thought everybody’s turned out GREAT!!


My finished product!!  Such a good truth to remember in this Scripture!

YAY!!  I think I’m caught up!  Also, a big thanks to my mom for letting me borrow her extra camera!  The flash bulb in my camera blew out while I was at the Texas game.  Sparks were flying out of the flash, which was a little crazy!  Has anyone ever had that happen???

Thursday, September 20, 2012


My hands are shaking a little as I type this post because I am thrilled beyond belief!  This past Monday morning at 8:57 am, we got…


I was at Mother’s Morning Out when my phone rang.  I looked at it and saw the name of our social worker that did our homestudy, Marcus.  He has since moved away and no longer works for our agency.  I was a little confused.  I was unable to answer because we had several crying children in our room, but I quickly checked the voicemail when I realized there was one, and it was Victoria, the social worker that took Marcus’ place at New Beginnings (and that now had his old phone!)  She said in the voicemail, “Hi, Meredith.  This is Victoria. I have some good news for you this morning.  Please call me back!”  At this point, I started shaking because I realized that this was THE CALL!  I told my co-worker, and she said, “GO, GO, GO!  Go call her back RIGHT now!”  So, I did!  Before I called her back, I took a minute just to be still and take in what was about to happen, because I knew I wanted to be in the moment and remember it!  I called her back and she told me that she had a baby she wanted to tell me about.  I immediately teared up thinking in that moment about God’s faithfulness during this entire process!  She went on to tell me that they had a baby BOY that was born June 8th!!  My first thought was, “a BOY!!”!! What will we do with a boy???  She gave me all the information they had on him and told me we had a week to decide if we wanted to say yes or no.  She also told me she would email me the information she had as well as a picture of him!  As soon as we hung up, I raced up to our church office and asked the secretary if I could check my email.  As I clicked on the attachment of the picture to open, I thought my heart would beat out of my chest.  This was it….I was going to see my SON for the first time.  When the picture finally opened, I laid eyes on the most precious baby boy I have ever seen!  It was such a surreal moment that I will never forget.  I quickly printed the picture off and headed downstairs to tell my co-worker that I had to leave and go to Michael’s office to tell him. I just couldn’t tell him over the phone.  When I walked into his work, I think I made him nervous because he was wondering if something was wrong.  I told him to come in his office for a minute.  When he got in there, I said, “I have something to show you.”  I pulled the picture out of my purse, and I saw understanding come on to his face, and he said, “A boy!”  Of course, it was a very quick visit, and we hugged and said we would talk about it later that night!

Later that morning, I told the girls, and they were both just so excited. Selah has literally carried around his picture since Monday at lunch.  It is the sweetest thing!  They are so excited to be getting a baby brother!!!!!!!!!!

I literally walked around in a fog all day Monday and called so many friends and family to share the good news!  We are just beyond excited and can’t wait to get that sweet baby boy in our arms.  We will travel to bring him home hopefully within the next 4 to 6 months!  We do not have a name picked out yet, so we are working on that! 

Our next step is another big fundraiser!  We still have a good bit of money to raise, but I firmly believe that the Lord will provide.  I am just beyond thankful for this news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hotty Toddy!!


We were so excited yesterday to get to go to our first Ole Miss game as a family!  We normally don’t have four tickets, but this year we had our regular season tickets, then Michael won another set of season tickets when he won Staff Member of the Year so we are all able to go together this year.  We planned on going to the game last week, but the stomach virus stopped us, unfortunately.  We had no idea how it would go, but the girls absolutely loved it!  We thought we would be lucky if we made is one quarter, but we actually made it until halftime and could have probably stayed longer, but we knew we needed to get home so we could get them in bed.  I think we will definitely try to go back to another game this season!


Walking to the stadium!  We had quite a walk, but the girls handled it well.  Selah preferred to be held, but she did walk some!  Myla’s cheerleading outfit is from last year and thanks to my friend Whitney, she gave me one that her daughter had outgrown, and it happened to be the same one Myla has.  You know I LOVE matching girls!


Selah and Myla were so funny walking in. They kept jumping and landing with their legs apart and they said they were doing the splits!  Selah would crack up every time she did it!


Helping sister along!



We finally made it to the Vaught!!  The weather was absolutely PERFECT!!


Me and the girls hanging out before we went to our seats!


I promise Selah was much happier than she looked in this picture.  Ha!  So much for her smiling for a stranger taking the picture!


I would have to say the highlight of the game was visiting the concession stand!  Myla told us ALL afternoon that she wanted a coke.  We finally got to get one once we got there, and this year they have a “bottomless” soda which worked great!  We had a “family” coke!  Selah also thoroughly enjoyed the popcorn and peanuts!


“Rebel”, the black bear, may not have many fans around campus, but he certainly has two fans in Myla and Selah!  They spent the better part of the game trying to spot him down on the field!


Selah LOVED the game!  She got into clapping and yelling!  You never know with her what you’re going to get, but she pleasantly surprised us!


Myla enjoying her spoils from the concession stand!


Daddy and his little cheerleaders!


Mommy and her girls!


Myla was helping Selah say, “Go Rebels!!”.  They were clapping and saying it over and over.  Can you believe Myla had to put on a sweater??  It felt so good at the game!! She is our cold-natured child!!


I love these girls!

They caught on to the “First Down…Ole Miss!” cheer!!  Thankfully they had a lot of practice!  I heard “First Down” more times at this game than I have in a while!


Still hanging in there even after the sun went down!


Walking back to the car!!  On the way back Selah said, “Thank you, Mommy, for bringing us to the game.  It was fun!”

Overall, our first game as a family was a success!  AND, the Rebels won!  YAY! 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Selah Goes Back to “School”…

Yesterday Selah and I started Mother’s Morning Out!  She was very excited about seeing her friends and her teachers, Mrs. Elizabeth and Mrs. Glenda.  When my mom got here to keep Myla while we went, she hesitated for a minute, wanting to stay here with them, but she ended up leaving just fine! 


Dressed and ready to go!!


When I look at these pictures, it’s hard for me to believe how big she is.  I still see her as a baby, but she’s not!!  Her teachers said she kept them cracked up all morning, so I guess she was just being her normal self! 

I am teaching again this year, and we had a great first day with our class of younger 2 year olds!

My mom and Myla had a good time doing school, but unfortunately we passed the lovely stomach virus that we had last week to her, so she didn’t feel great.  I DESPISE the stomach virus.  I think Selah did have it last Tuesday after all, then I got it on Friday, then Myla on Monday.  It was awful!

Fall is in full swing…well, maybe the activities of fall, but not the weather…and it is busy!  Myla starts gymnastics this morning, which she is SO excited about!  

Happy Thursday!