Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Disney on Ice....

Last Saturday night, Myla and I had a fun-filled evening with Mimi, Pey Pey and Henry at Disney on Ice in Memphis. We had dinner at Blues City Cafe, which was SO good, then we walked to the Fed-Ex Forum for the performance. Myla was a little unsure at first of what to think, but after intermission, she was completely into the show clapping, waving, blowing kisses, etc. She had a great time! Thanks, Mimi and Bodie, for our first Disney on Ice experience!
Mimi and Myla at dinner
Waiting on the show to begin.
Mom bought Henry and Myla a program and these funny hats came with them.
Myla in her "Cars" hat.
Mickey and Minnie...always the crowd favorite. Like my brother said, no matter how old you are seeing Mickey and Minnie always make you smile! :)
Henry enjoyed the show from start to finish.
Eating gummy snacks at intermission. We decided to have these rather than the $10 bag of cotton candy!
At intermission Myla looked through her program with Mimi. We have read it probably 100 times since we got home. She loves looking at it, and she will pick it up and say, "Read it to me, Mama."
Here she is finally getting into the show. Everytime something new would come out, she would make this face like she was in complete amazement!
Having a great time!
Waving to some of the characters.
Clapping at the end of the show!
Watching the finale in amazement. It really was beautiful!
Myla in her flower hat that Henry so sweetly gave her off his cotton candy.
Myla and Henry on Beale St.
Henry and Peyton
I love this picture. It was the last one of the night walking back to the car. She gives the best hugs!
While we were on Beale St., Myla really enjoyed the music!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Exercising with Daddy...

A long time ago, Michael taught Myla how to do the "bicycle". Last night, they were doing it, so I shot a little video. They had been doing it for a long time so Myla was a little sick of it I think, but I still thought it was cute...especially when I asked her where her bicycle was.

Second Cousins....

We were so excited this past Monday to have some of our family come and visit us. We had my cousin, Olivia, her little boy, George, my Aunt Be, Sis Sis and my mom. We had such a good time watching Myla and George play. Olivia and George live in Colorado, so it has been a year since we have seen them.
Handsome George!
Myla clapping for George playing the piano.
George clapping for himself!
I had to put this one in because Myla had already found Olivia's shoes and put them on!
Giving George kisses!
Myla loved playing with Aunt Be's camera. I was just hoping she didn't break it!
Myla was so happy to have everyone playing in her room!
This picture and the two following was our attempt at getting a picture of Myla and George in the pink chair. Poor George got manhandled by Myla! Olivia has a video of it on her camera that is hysterical. I am going to try and get it from her to put on here.
Myla trying her best to get George in her lap.
The chokehold was her method of choice!
Sweet George! Is he not the cutest thing you have ever seen!
Myla sitting pretty!
Not sure what was going on here, but obviously Myla thought it was pretty funny!
Mom, Sis Sis and Aunt Be
Grandmothers, Great-Grandmother, Grandbabies and Great-Grandbabies!
Myla telling Aunt Be bye bye. She was Aunt Be's girl all day!
George and Michael playing indians!
Myla getting a piggy back ride from Daddy!

By Special Request from Sis Sis...

Sis Sis has been requesting pictures of Myla in this particular dress for several weeks, so here you go, Sis Sis! This was last Sunday before church.

Daddy...I want in your pocket!

The other day Myla was sitting on the couch with Michael, and she was playing with the pocket on his shorts. Finally she said, "Daddy, I want in your pocket?" As you can tell, she got what she wanted!

Myla LOVES Shoes!!!

I have been working on this post for a long time because I have been trying to take pictures each time Myla has on my shoes. One of her new favorite things to do is go in my closet and put on some of my shoes. Here is a collection of pics...I think they pretty much speak for themselves!