Friday, October 31, 2008

Back to the Land of the Living....

Well, although we are not 100% recovered, I think we are at least back to the land of the living. Myla hasn't had fever since yesterday morning and her overall countenance seems to be better. Today she has a rash over most of her body, which is lovely. Dr. Molly said that it is most likely from the viral infection that she had, but could be a strep rash. She is going to look at it this afternoon if it is still there. I told Molly that once we get well, I will try to never call her again! She has been so great!
We are going on Monday morning to get tubes so hopefully that will help all of the ear troubles. I hear from everyone that tubes are great!
I doubt that we will be attending the Kid's Karnival tonight at church, but if Myla feels like it I am going to try and get her costume on this afternoon and get some pictures of her in it. I will post them if I get any taken!
Thanks for your thoughts and prayers this week. I have certainly needed them! I can't wait for all of us to feel better so we can get out of the house next week!!!! Until then,

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Update on the Sicklies...

Well, we are home from the doctor and we have good news and bad news. The good news is that her ears have improved since Monday, but the bad news is that she has a viral infection in her throat. Dr. Molly said this is probably why she doesn't feel great overall. I can sympathize because my throat has been so sore too! She also recommened that we go ahead and schedule tubes, so we will be doing that soon. Just wanted to give everyone an update!
Well, I was hoping that Myla and I would both wake up feeling much better today, but unfortunately, that is only true for me. I went to the doctor yesterday. Diagnosis....bad upper respiratory infection, which I pretty much knew. But I got a Decadron shot, a Z-Pack and some prescription cough medicine (thank the Lord!!!). I fell SO MUCH better!

Myla on the other hand is still puny and pitiful. She woke up this morning burning up...101.8 fever. She also has an upset stomach, which I am sure is caused from the anitibotic that she is supposed to take with food, but she won't eat anything! I called the doctor, and we are going back today for her to get a shot and get her ears looked at again. It is just breaking my heart seeing her this lethargic, whiny, crying, no appetite, etc. She is back asleep already after sleeping 12 hours last night. I will update after the doctor, but for now....

P.S. Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers for Mr. Joe. He is doing well and on his way to recovery. He actually has an appointment today with the cardiac surgeon. Thanks again for praying!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Wishes!!

Happy Birthday, Peyton!!

Peyton, we hope you have a wonderful birthday! This is a flashback from almost 6 years ago at mine and Michael's rehearsal dinner, but I have always loved this picture! We love you!
Happy Birthday, Erica!!
Erica, we hope you have a wonderful day too! Have fun at lunch and try to get Michael to eat something! :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Two Pitiful Peeps...

The sick bug has visited our house. :( Myla and I are both feeling a little under the weather. I am actually feeling better than I did this weekend, but we went to the doctor today and Myla still has her double ear infection as well as a bad chest cold and possibly the pink eye. YUK! And let me tell you, that little munchkin is pitiful. If you are around her, you know she is always on the go and doesn't want to be held. Well today, she has not wanted out of my arms. She has napped in her bed, but other than that we have just been on the couch snuggling. She is SO out of character. It makes me sad. We are on our last round of oral antibiotics and then she will get tubes.
So, here is what we looked like most all day...

OUS Fall Festival...

Friday night my mom's school had their Fall Festival. Mom invited me and Myla to come, and Henry was there as well. He was dressed in his Halloween costume...a NASA Astronaut. We had a fun time playing the games and doing the cake walk. Myla was a little unsure at first about everything, but once she warmed up, she was on the move.

Henry with the ghost in my mom's classroom!
Henry and Mimi

Myla's favorite game at the festival. Picking ducks out of the "pond". We would take her away from it and as soon as we let go of her, back she went! We thought she was going in the water herself a few times!

"Look what I found, Mimi!"

Bodie, Henry and Myla doing the cake walk. 12 cake won!

Myla checking everything out!

What's That On Top Of My Head???

Myla's hair is starting to drive me crazy because her bangs fall down into her eyes. I want to let it grow out, though, so it can eventually go behind her ears. Anyway, this is the hairdo that works for the time being!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Please Read....

Let me begin by saying that I don't know the political opinions or motivations of those reading my blog, but I cannot be apologetic in what I believe our nation is facing if Barack Obama is elected as our next President. I know that God is in control, and at the end of the day, that is all that matters. If I let myself just stop and think about it, I begin to have fear and worry, which I know are things that do not come from the Lord.
Anyway, a friend of mind told me about this website today, and I had to share it. It is an article written by Huntley Brown...a famous concert pianist, an African American, but most importantly, a Christrian. In this site he talks about his reason that he cannot, not will not, but cannot cast his vote for Obama. Just read is long, but important. If Americans want "change", then change is certainly what they are going to get with him (Obama). Don't come crying to me when we live in a socialist nation. Okay...I am going to stop now before I get myself in trouble.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Our Week So Far....

Well, our Monday morning started out when Myla woke up with her eye very pink and crusty (I know...sorry for the gross descriptive term). Anyway, I was sure she had the pink eye, so I called the pediatrician's office, and they told me to bring her in. Well, much to my surprise, it was not pink eye...she had a double ear infection! Bless her heart! They said that they probably have been infected for awhile, therefore, the infection can move to the eye to let you know that something is wrong. She has not shown any symptoms of having an ear infection! I hope we don't battle ear infections this winter like we did last winter. If we do, I am afraid we will have to get tubes.
Poor baby with the red eye!
Today we went to the doctor (again) for Myla's 15 month check up...yes, 15 months! I cannot believe it! She looks great according to Dr. Molly. She weighed 23 lbs and was 32 inches long. Again, "tall and skinny". Maybe she will keep that physique her whole life and not have to worry about her weight!!
Playing in the waiting room. Believe me when I say this smile did not persist throughout the entire visit. Myla hates to be "messed with" for a lack of better words. She did not want to be weighed, measured, pressed on, ears looked at, heart listened to, etc. You would have thought something really bad was going on!
"Hmmm, wonder what this is?"

I love watching her figure out all the toys! She loves to explore.
Playing with the sand table.
When we got home, we played outside for awhile. She loved looking at the dogs through the fence and playing in the leaves.
"Hey, Mom, did you know that I can see Oskie through this tiny crack in the fence?"
Running in the leaves!
Sweet, sweet smile!
"Mommy, quit throwing those leaves at me, please!"

"What, you want me to throw them now?"
"Hey, I think I figured out what Oskie and Tanner do during the day when we are not here!"
Apparently, they try to escape! Here is Tanner doing his best to get out of the hole that he has started to dig.
Oskie gave it a try too, but didn't make it quite as far!
"Have you and Daddy checked this gutters lately?"

This is Myla's primary running stance. She loves to put her arms behind her when she runs. It looks like she is about to take flight.
We went to eat lunch with Mrs. Susan, Mrs. Roby, and baby Ellyn, and after we ate, we went to pick up Phillip from Big Momma's. On the way home, Myla was quite touchy, feely with Phillip. I am going to have to keep a close eye on that girl. I didn't have to worry today, though, because Phillip wasn't the least bit interested in Myla touching him. He was defending himself!
"Hey, Phillip, wanna hold my hand?"
"Come on, I am not going to bite!" Doesn't Phillip look thrilled!
"Don't make me take that seatbelt off and come over there!"
"Okay, I give up. I'll just suck my thumb too!"

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lots to Update....

Let me begin this post by saying that it is obscenely long! I have gotten so far behind, but I didn't want to leave anything out in the update. I hope it will all fit on the first page. Also, the post is chronologically backwards, therefore if you would like to read it in order, start at the bottom and read up! Enjoy!
Pictures in the Cotton
I have hardly been able to wait until the cotton bloomed because I knew I wanted to take some pictures of Myla in the cotton. We went this afternoon, and she cooperated pretty well!

Myla Loves Popsicles
She must get this from me because I LOVE popsicles. I gave Myla one yesterday to hold and eat herself, and she did really well with it! I had to push it up for her after she had eaten some, but she loved every minute of it.
"Hey Mom, I think I've got the hang of this!"
"This tastes so good!"
"Please give me another one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy
Myla got some treasures the other night from our sweet friends, Greg and Kay Bounds. Mr. Greg is Myla's "boyfriend" at the Bargain Basket. He loves her so much!! They brought her these hand made Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy dolls on Thursday night. They are the sweetest things, and I know Myla will have lots of fun playing with them.

"Thank you Mr. Greg and Mrs. Kay for my dolls!"

Aren't they precious!
Raggedy Ann even has Myla's name monogrammed on her apron.
Extra clothes for the Holidays!
Visit from Henry
Henry came to stay with us last Thursday and Friday, and we had a big time! We went to the pumpkin patch and the park to play!

Henry playing with the dirt scooper, as he called it.

Myla eating her chicken nugget while keeping a close eye on the other kids at play. Henry on top of the wooden train.
Myla looking through the cut-out hole.
Playing on the alligator!
Henry at the Pumpkin Patch. He decided that he wanted to say "pumpkin" instead of "cheese" when I took his picture.
Trying to pick out a pumpkin.

I don't think Myla was quite sure what to think of all the pumpkins.
Walking the hay trail.
Myla found some pumpkins more her size.
Sis Sis joined us at the pumpkin patch too!
Don't let their faces fool you....this was bright and early at 6:00 am.
Henry at the Bargain Basket!
It is way too much to ask to get them to both look at the camera at the same time!
Just exploring!
Sweet girl!!!
Love this one!