Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wonderful Friends…

On Saturday night, we were so excited to have our friends, the Becketts, over for dinner.  They were our neighbors when we first moved here, but they have since moved to Birmingham and had a little girl.  She keeps their names private on her blog, so we will call their precious little girl “MM” and them “B” and “A”.  We have met MM once before, but our girls have never all gotten to play together.  They had such a fun time, and Michael and I loved getting to visit with them.  Albeit, Michael and B did a lot more visiting than A and I did since we were chasing three active little girls!


We started off with supper, and Selah enjoyed hers, as usual!


MM enjoyed hers too!!  She is about 4 months older than Selah.


We went outside to try and get some pictures of the girls together, but, as we all know, that is SO hard!!  I love this one but wish that Selah’s face wasn’t so blurry!


Of course, MM wanted in on the pile up as well!


Selah and MM were peeking in the backdoor.  Not sure what they were looking for…maybe their daddies.


Sweet kisses!


I couldn’t believe they all sat still enough to get this picture!


Selah and MM – they loved playing together!


Selah loves to climb up in the big chairs in the backyard.  Can’t you tell she enjoys it??


MM stuck with the little chair…


…and Selah decided to join her.


A and Myla were playing ring around the rosies and they had two very curious spectators!


This picture cracks me up!  They were really watching closely!


Then, MM had to join in, so Myla played with her.

myla amanda 2

I was so excited that A did get a few GREAT pictures of the girls by themselves. 

myla amanda

Sweet Myla – love that smile!


And those blue eyes!!  So sweet….yes, these pictures went in frames today!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!!

We had a wonderful day today celebrating Memorial Day with our families.  I am so thankful that our country sets aside a day to honor soldiers who sacrificially fight for our freedom.  As I sit here and watch a show on military men being reunited with their families, I remember just how much these military families sacrifice.  I am so thankful for them!

Like I said, we celebrated with all of our family today at Michael’s parents house.  We had so much fun!  Before we left this morning, I tried to get some pictures of the girls together, which is always an adventure!


This was the best one I got!


As you can tell, Myla loves to try and hold Selah down…


…but Selah is always trying to get away!


We call this move the “Selah lean”!  She loves to lay back on you!


And we call this the “rip your sister’s bow out” move! 


After we got to Michael’s parent’s house, we walked over to his grandparent’s house.  They have both gone on to be with the Lord, so now when we go over, it is easy for Michael to reminisce.  He spend a lot of time with his grandparent’s growing up, so their place hold lots of special memories for him.  This is the “shop” out behind his grandparent’s house.


Michael wanted me to get a picture of this for him.  His granddad was quite the innovator.  I love to hear stories about the things that he put together!  Anyway, this was a thing he made Michael to practice baseball hitting with.  Now, they have really expensive ones you can buy, but Mr. Meurrier was ahead of the game way back in the ‘80s.


I love this picture because we have one of Michael and his granddad standing like this at the same fence.  So sweet!


The Meurrier’s house


If this swing could talk….  Michael and his granddad spent HOURS on this swing talking about life.  We have all spent a lot of time on this swing talking over the years.


Me and Selah on the porch.


When we got back to Mr. Joe and Mrs. Sandy’s house Sis Sis, Mimi and Bodie got there for lunch.  Bodie and Selah had fun playing through the chair.


Don’t their faces look so serious?


Selah handed out lots of kisses today… to Bodie


to Mimi


and to Sis Sis.


Myla and Granddaddy


Sae Sae and Myla


Selah LOVES dogs!  Mr. Joe and Mrs. Sandy now have Dot, Mrs. Meurrier’s dog.  She pretty much steered clear of little hands today, but Selah did manage a few pets.


Of course, no summer holiday would be complete without popsicles! 

Thanks, Granddaddy and Sae Sae for hosting a WONDERFUL Memorial Day for us!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Morning Love…

One of Selah’s favorite things to do is get in the bed with Myla while she is waking up in the morning or at nap time.  She thinks it is so fun to love on her and give her kisses over and over again.  She is a very loving child, no doubt!  (Just ask poor Charlie, who was here today.  He couldn’t even play because Selah followed him around hugging and kissing him!)  Anyway, one morning this week, I had just gone to get Selah out of bed when I heard Myla calling for me, so we went in there to get her up.  They were acting so sweet, so I, of course, had to go grab my camera…


All smiles first thing in the morning!!


I love how they are interacting so much more.  Selah adores Myla!


Sweet kisses…


…and hugs!


Then, in truly Selah fashion….not being able to sit still for long, she was onto the next activity of her morning, which was trying to sit on this stool while it is upside down.  She WILL NOT sit on it turned right side up.  Oh well, I can truly say she has a mind of her own!

Monday, May 23, 2011


This past weekend, Michael and I got away for the weekend to just relax and do nothing!  We had been talking about doing this for months, but we just never put the plans in action.  Finally, on Mother’s Day, we set a date and booked a hotel.  We just went to Germantown, so not very far, but I told him I didn’t mind if we went and stayed in a hotel in Oxford, I just wanted to get away and not have to take care of anyone for a few days!  We had a great time just getting to visit, eat meals leisurely, sleep in, be lazy and shop.  We have agreed that we will do this every six months if at all possible!  I am so thankful for my husband.  I am a very blessed woman!


I took my camera, but I’m not sure why because we only took this one picture (with the help of the self timer)!  On Sunday morning, we went to church at Germantown Baptist since it was right across the street from our hotel, and it was the warmest and friendliest church.   If you live in that area, I would highly recommend it.

Just a little unsolicited advice….I would highly recommend finding time to get away with your spouse.  In the everyday grind of work, parenting, etc., sometimes it is easy to lose perspective and begin to become disgruntled.  At least it is sometimes this way with me, and I know this weekend was a great help!  Also, a huge thanks to my in-laws and my parents for keeping the girls!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Fun in the Late Afternoon Sun…

I don’t think captions are necessary to let you know how much fun the girls (and Oskie) enjoyed playing in the sprinkler last night after supper!!!!!























Fun to the last drop!