Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Selah is 4!

Our sweet and sassy Selah turned 4 on March 4th. It is still hard for me to believe since I still see her as the “baby” of the family.  She is definitely not a baby!  She is so grown up and wise beyond her years. I can’t wait to see how God uses her mightily in her life!


I already posted that we did an early party for her with Mimi, Bodie and Sis Sis, but I wanted to include them in her “birthday post”.


Mimi and Bodie were so kind to give Selah (and Myla) plasma cars for her birthday. So now, we have 3 plasma cars racing around our house.  We need lane lines and traffic lights.


On the morning of her birthday, we had her bike and presents out.  She was so excited to get a “big” bike!  And, we have now added that mode of transportation to the plasma cars!


She also got a helmet and (another) memory game. She LOVES to play memory!


FOUR years old and proud of it!


All Selah wanted for her birthday party was for a few friends to come play.  We ended up going to Pirate Adventures since it was just a few girls.  We were the only ones there, and they had a great time!

Afterward, we went to Chick-Fil-A and Mary Katharine and her grandmother joined us!


To wrap up the day, we went to Newk’s for supper.  To say this girl has a crazy sense of style would be a mild understatement.  Don’t you love the “Happy Holidays” headband! 

Words can’t describe what this girl means to me.  She is her OWN person, and I just love her to death.  From a parenting perspective, she hasn’t been the easiest, but she is so fun to be around!  She keeps us laughing all the time!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Tea Party, TOT and Early Birthday…

This weekend Myla went to a precious “Tea Party” Birthday.  It was so cute!


The invitation said to wear “your fanciest dress and your mother’s pearls”, so that’s what we did!  It bothered me just a little bit that she looked like a teenager.  Ouch… In her daddy’s words, “I don’t like it.”


She was so proud of her hair!


I thought this picture was funny.  The mom of the birthday girl was giving directions about how they were going to make their hats.


They also made these fun, big tissue paper flowers!


All the girls with their hats! So cute and “southern”!  It was a wonderful party. I felt like I had attended a lovely bridesmaids luncheon.  The mom went to a lot of trouble to make every detail perfect!


Sunday after church, Mimi and Bodie treated everyone to a birthday lunch for Selah at McAlisters!


Mimi and the birthday girl


Myla and Daddy


Rambo waiting for his lunch!!


Sis Sis was able to join us too!


We ran back home to do cake and gifts before Selah’s TOT performance at half time of the Ole Miss women’s basketball game.


Right before her performance.  Again, she did a great job and had lots of fun!

We are looking forward to celebrating her 4th birthday tomorrow.  I simply cannot believe she is going to be FOUR.

February Wrap-Up…

For the sake of not having to do a bunch of little posts, I’m just going to wrap February up all together!


This is what a typical morning looks like around here after Daddy and Myla leave for work/school.  PJ and TV time!


Granddaddy’s birthday is at the beginning of February, but he was feeling a little puny on his birthday.  So, later in February, he and Sae Sae came over for dinner and we had a little birthday celebration for him!


It was a birthday, so we had to have balloons!  My kids are obsessed with balloons!!! Unfortunately, they usually lead to fights and tears. HA!


Granddaddy with 3 of his 5 grands!


Myla started soccer this spring.  This is her first time playing, and she is enjoying it so far. It was delayed for several weeks due to cold and wet weather! This was when they were finally able to have their first game. Unfortunately she had basically no idea what was going on because she had only been to one practice, but she still did great!


Team huddle with Coach Joel before the game.


Waiting her turn to go in!


An action shot! 


Meanwhile, back on the sidelines, Selah enjoyed her snack and sitting in her lawn chair.


It didn’t take long for little brother to want to join her, so they entertained themselves for most of the game.


Getting a little bored by this point, I think!


The post-game handshake


Myla and sweet Caroline.  These babies are getting so big!  I’m so thankful for Myla’s sweet friends.


Caroline and her twin brother, Jack, and Myla.


Earlier in February, Regents had spirit week.  One day was 50’s day.  My friend, Julie, had a poodle skirt that we could borrow, and it worked perfectly!


Myla’s class also recited in chapel this day.  I am so, so thankful for this sweet school and what they are instilling in the students there.  This particular morning, they recited Matthew 5:1-12, The Beatitudes, as well as two other things.  So sweet!


Selah absolutely loves Oskie…they really have the sweetest little relationship. He lets her do whatever she wants to him. 


Selah has gotten to participate in TOT (Teams of Tomorrow) this year, and they had their first performance last week in Tupelo at half-time of the Harlem Globetrotters game.  She did AWESOME!  This was after the performance and after she had enjoyed the red sucker she got as a treat!


Henry and Mimi got to come watch her performance.  So much fun!

Mississippi Snow…

You know how we are as Mississippians…1/8th inch of snow, and we go nuts!  My kids were so excited when they woke up earlier in February and it had “snowed” (if you could really call it that!).  Anyway, they were itching to get out in it!  So, we took a good 20 minutes to find hats, gloves, scarves, boots, etc. and get bundled up.


All ready to go outside. Ramsey was just along for the ride. He had no idea what was going on!


Sweet boy!  He doesn’t mind being bundled up at all. He loves to put his coat and hat on when it’s cold!  The girls would never keep hats on when they were smaller!


Daddy didn’t waste any time trying to scrounge up enough snow to make a snowball! 


As you can see, it was barely a dusting, but fun, nonetheless!


Look of confusion… He just stood there. I don’t think he had any desire to be outside.  Ha!


The girls loved getting the snow off of the trampoline and trying to jump on it.  It was pretty much like ice!


This picture looks like Michael is about to take one of their heads off with a snowball.  Ha! 


This was about 15 minutes after we got outside, and then they were ready to come back in!

It snowed again several days later, but they had no desire to get out in it again! Oh, well!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Meurrier Café…

We had a fun Valentine’s Day which started bright and early with these two little love bugs.  I think they knew they may have a little something waiting for them when they woke up, so they were up earlier than normal!


They loved their big Lalaloopy (or as Selah calls it, Lalalalaloopsy) to play with in the bathtub! And, of course, they loved the candy. It’s their favorite food group!


I stole an idea from my friend, Tamah, about making our house into a “restaurant” for dinner that night. The girls LOVED the idea and were on board 100%.  I let them do the decorating, and I did the cooking (and cleaning), of course!


We made our menu (Daddy’s favorite) and the girls set up a little hostess station to welcome him when he came in the door.


We set the table, which we need to do more often!  We have a large kitchen island that we eat 90% of our meals at, so it was fun to set the table with good dishes, candles, etc. The girls got a kick out of it!


Myla made place cards for everyone.  She also cut out some hearts for Selah to decorate.  She had lots of fun doing that.  I was really happy about how well they worked together doing this. They are normal sisters and bicker so much that it’s nice when we have these peaceful moments of doing things together!


They made so many hearts that we decided to hang some from the light.  We also strung some Christmas lights up.  They were so confused why I did this since it wasn’t Christmas!


After everything was ready, they couldn’t wait for Daddy to get home!


Daddy finally made it home from work, and  the girls greeted them at the door with their aprons on since they were the hostesses.  They had a pen and notepad so they could write down what Daddy wanted to drink.


Daddy and his crew.  He didn’t know exactly what we were up to, but I had sent him an email earlier in the day to confirm his dinner reservation at The Meurrier Café, so I guess he knew that we would at least be eating!


Enjoying our meal!  I love my little family!