Friday, March 8, 2013

Selah is 3!

We celebrated Selah’s 3rd birthday last Saturday with a Minnie Mouse/Breakfast/PJ party!  Selah woke up in the WORST mood that morning, which is unusual because she normally wakes up very happy.  Oh well, she seemed to have a good time after it was all said and done!


I had to change out the chalkboard to celebrate Selah!


The party table all ready minus the balloons!


My sweet friend, Hilarie, who is an awesome graphic designer, made the cute invitations as well as these little tags to attach to the favors!


And, of course, I had to make a special door hanger to welcome the guests!


Smiles were not easy to come by before the party started, so at least I got this one!  If you are wondering about the Minnie head, we borrowed a Minnie Mouse costume, so Minnie could make an appearance at the party!


Mimi with the birthday girl before the party started!


A sweet girl from our church, Brooke, dressed up as Minnie (the head never made it on her b/c some kids were a little spooked out!).  Charlie knows Miss Brooke, so he was so happy to see her!


This was Selah’s face most of the morning.  ha!  Myla, as you can tell, thoroughly enjoyed herself at the party!


We were SOOOO excited to see the Buckleys.  We miss them so much!  Grace and Myla are practically grown, and then there is sweet baby Abby!


Since it was a breakfast party, we decided to do a “do-nut” cake versus a traditional birthday cake!  There were no complaints!


All the sweet friends!!  Sweet little Remi on the end wore her hat.  I was so happy at lease ONE child did since it took me six hours to make them.  HA!!


Finally got a smile (albeit somewhat fake) with Minnie!


Selah pinning the bow on Minnie!


Myla getting ready to take her turn!


I think she was quite proud of herself!


Group picture!


Grace and Myla.  Everyone had left at this time and they were playing school! 

I still cannot believe Selah is three! I know it sounds cliché, but time really does fly!  Even though she is my spitfire, sassy pants girl, she brings so much joy and laughter!  Happy Birthday, Sweet Selah!

TOT at the Globetrotter’s!

A couple of weeks ago, Myla got the chance to perform with her TOT group at halftime of the Harlem Globetrotter’s game in Tupelo.  It was such a great experience! She had been looking forward to it for months, so she was so excited when the time finally came!


Sweet TOT star ready to perform!


Myla and Clayton, her friend from church


Will, Myla and Clayton


After the performance, they gathered at half court to have their picture made with the Globetrotters.  Selah deleted the video of the performance off my phone, so unfortunately I don’t have that to share.  :(


All the TOT stars with the Globetrotters…who are hilariously entertaining!


Mrs. Amy and Myla


Myla had quite the fan club at the performance.  Henry and Peyton were there, and of course, all the kids had to have a sno-cone during the second half!


Can you guess what color Selah’s was??


All the kids with Peyton.  Selah was still showing off her tongue!


Sis Sis also made the trek over…she doesn’t want to miss anything the kids do!  I hate I didn’t get a picture with Mimi and Bodie, but they were there too!!