Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Today while Myla was busy playing, Barney came on TV. She stopped what she was doing and started watching it leaning against the ottoman. I loved the way she was standing and concentrating! Michael and I got cracked up watching her. Sweet little thing!

Random Holiday Pictures...

I found several pictures that I took over the holidays, but I haven't posted yet. These are all over the place, but I wanted to get them on here...
Myla...ready for the holiday madness to begin!
Myla loves houseshoes. These were some she got from a friend. Well, she found them one night after she had gotten ready for bed and, of course, she wanted to put them on. Obviously, they wouldn't go on over her pj's so we just had to make do!
Sis Sis brought this smock that was my mom's when she was a little girl to Myla over Christmas. It was acutally made by my great-grandmother. Anyway, we put it on her and then she started vacuuming. I thought she kind of looked like a maid!
And another...
Michael took Myla for a ride in the wagon while we were at my parents house. We had to get out and enjoy the stinking 70 degree weather over Christmas. She had so much fun!
WHEEEEEE!!!! Hold on tight!
"Hey, Mimi, you should try this sometime!"
"Are we done?"
"Thanks for the ride, Daddy!"
As you can tell, Myla is still enjoying her piano and her pink Barbie shoes! Do you think we might have a little Beethoven on our hands?
I don't think I have posted pictures of this yet, but Myla loves to sit on the couch and play. She can get up there by herself most times, so I have to be watching all the time!

Mr. & Mrs. Spencer Daniel Richardson...

The weekend after Christmas we got to celebrate in the marriage of Michael's sister, Mary Jennifer and her now husband, Spencer. It is still hard for me to believe that Mary Jennifer is married considering how young she was when Michael and I started dating. I feel like I have watched her grow up, and it has been a privilege. She has become not only a beautiful girl on the outside, but she is even more beautiful on the inside. She loves the Lord and His love and kindness radiates from her. And we are so excited to welcome Spencer into the family! It is so obvious how much he loves Mary Jennifer, and I know the Lord is going to bless their marriage tremendously!
The wedding was beautiful! Myla was the flower girl, and she actually did okay. She walked down with Michael and me carrying her pink dog and sucking her thumb! I'm not sure if the photographer got a picture of it, but I hope he did! She sat with my mom and Frank and made it through the whole ceremony without much more than a peep!
Sorry there are so many pictures, but I don't think my nerves could have handled another slideshow!
Michael and Mr. Joe at the rehearsal
Spencer and Mary Jennifer arriving at the rehearsal dinner. Aren't they a good-looking couple!
Mary Jennifer and Mrs. Sandy at dinner
The Proud Parents
The proud brother and sister-in-law
Laura Leigh and Bro. Ben. Bro. Ben married us six years ago, and now he has married Mary Jennifer and Spencer. Not only did he marry them, but he also baptized Mary Jennifer when she accepted Christ, so he has shared in the great line of Mary Jennifer's spiritual heritage! We love you Bro. Ben and Laura Leigh!
Bro. Ben and Michael - Bro. Ben kept us laughing through dinner!
Mrs. Meurrier and Bubba
Mary Jennifer and Michael
Our little family all dressed up for the wedding!
Practicing to walk down the aisle!
As long as she had something to eat, she was fine! Here is is Teddy Grahams.
Me and Myla...doesn't she look thrilled!
Pink dog is never far away!
Sweet face!
I love this one! She enjoyed looking at herself in the mirror! I think she had moved on to a bag of Goldfish by this time!
Mrs. Sandy and me...waiting for the wedding to begin!
Kisses from Sae Sae!
Mrs. Sandy and Mary Jennifer. She made such a beautiful bride! Making their getaway!
We just thought they had left! They came back to get some food for the road!
Mary and Grandmother
Alright, Mr. Joe says the party is over! Time to clean up!!!
Spencer and Mary Jennifer - thank you for letting us share in your special day! We wish you only God's best in your marriage together!!!
We love you!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Going to bed...

Okay, I'm going to bed! These slideshows have about made me pull my hair out! I don't know what I am doing wrong, but if I add any text to the post, the slideshow won't show up. I hate that the slideshows are out of order now, but I guess at least they are on here. I still have more to post from Christmas with my family and the wedding, but I don't know if I will do slideshows for those too!!!

Meurrier Christmas Slideshow...

Christmas Morning Slideshow...

Christmas Morning...

I am having trouble posting the slideshow in the same post as the written text, so I am going to put it in a new post!
Christmas morning with Myla was so much fun! She had such a great time playing with all of the things that Santa brought her. We had such a relaxing morning just letting Myla play and taking our time getting ready to go to Batesville. I know the Christmas mornings in the future will just get more fun as Myla starts to figure out what is going on more! I think her most favorite thing she got was the spray bottle that went with her cleaning set. It is so funny that the most insiginificant thing was her favorite! Again, I took way too many pictures to post them all, so enjoy the slideshow!

Christmas with the Meurriers!

Posting slideshow in new posting!
On Christmas Eve we celebrated Christmas with Michael's family. Their Christmas tradition has always been to do all of their festivities on Christmas Eve, which is always lots of fun! This year was fun with little Myla running around and opening up her gifts. I took lots of pictures, so instead of posting them all I took advice from my friend, Susan, and made a slideshow. I hope you enjoy it. Stay tuned for more posts to come!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Six Wonderful Years!!!

I cannot believe how quickly six years has passed! As I write this post it was literally exactly six years ago (at 6:00 p.m.) that Michael and I were married. To think back on a very quick six years, it is amazing to think what all we have been through and how richly God has blessed us. I am so thankful for Michael as a husband and now as a father to Myla. What would we do without him? I noticed recently when Myla and I were out of town for a couple of nights how much I missed him and take for granted the time that we are together! Things just do not feel right when we are not together. I know that sounds quite cliche, but it is very true to me. Not only have we been married six years, we have been together for over thirteen!
Going through all of the festivities of Mary Jennifer and Spencer's wedding this weekend brought back so many memories of our wedding weekend. How blessed we were with all of our friends and family that were with us to share such a long awaited moment! I LOVED our wedding day and think back to it often and remember how much fun it was! I am going to try and talk Michael into watching our video tonight! For some reason men don't think that is as much fun as women, but I think he will oblige!
I look forward to sharing so many more anniversaries of this day and remembering back upon the significance of our wedding....the perfect example of God's love for us. The fact that we are His Bride and He loves us so much. We will in the future share in a much more wonderful wedding supper! How exciting!
Michael, I love you! I am so thankful for you, and I look forward to as many more years together as the Lord allows!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Can't Believe I Forgot!!!

Last Saturday we also celebrated Michael's birthday!! He turned 31!! It's crazy considering that he was 17 when we started dating. We have celebrated almost 1/2 of our lives birthdays together!
Even though it is late, I just wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday again! Thank you, Michael, for being a wonderful husband and father. I love you so much!

Whew...I Think I'm Caught Up...

I am so glad to have my computer back and to now have my blog updated again!
There will be more updates as the week progresses and we celebrate Christmas with family and have a wedding on Saturday!!! We are so excited for Mary Jennifer (Michael's sister) and Spencer! Everyone can begin to pray that Myla will make it down the aisle as the flower girl!!! It should prove to be very interesting.
Another Michael and I got text messaging!! I am so excited and we have both been sending and receiving texts today like crazy. I know we are way behind, but we can still be excited, right? Not only that, but Michael got a brand new Motorola RAZR for FREE!! I am excited for him, but very jealous! I am proud of Michael...Facebook, texting and a new phone all in one week!
I'll leave you with this picture of Myla from yesterday. Michael and I needed to put some things up in the attic, so we bundled Myla up so she could play in the garage. I just love the hat on her, and believe it or not she left it on almost the whole time we were out there!

Until next time....

Family Christmas...Part 1

Last Saturday we celebrated Christmas with Aunt Be, Uncle Doc & Chelsea since they were headed off to Colorado to see Olivia, Rich and baby George for Christmas. This will be one of the first Christmases that I have not celebrated at their house in Tupelo! We will miss Olivia, Rich and George so much!! We had a great time, but I didn't get many pictures. Too busy chasing around a little squirt!! Maybe I will do better at the next several gatherings!

Myla pushing around her adorable suitcase/backpack from Aunt Be and Uncle Doc. Yes, she thought it was best to push it, not pull it!
The Barbie shoes Chelsea gave Myla were quite a hit! When she put them on she started squealing and stamping her feet when she stood up. She did pretty well on the carpet, but when she hit the hardwood, she went down! She loved them, though!
Prancing in her shoes!
Sis Sis gave Myla the Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair and she LOVES it. I knew she would because her friend, Phillip, has one and she plays with it everytime we are over there (which is a lot!!). I don't remember why she didn't have any clothes on! I guess we were getting ready to change her to go to the Meurrier's house.
Playing in her chair some more!
And as you can see, she is still enjoying the Barbie shoes...these pictures are from this morning. And yes, she has her keds on with them! Did I mention they were a little big? All the better though...she will get lots of use out of them as she grows!