Sunday, January 9, 2011


We have been hearing the predictions about getting lots of snow, so we were so excited tonight when it started coming down like a Mississippi blizzard!!!  Myla was ready for bed, so we decided to run out and get a picture of her in it.  But, after we came in, we decided to get back out in it and PLAY!!  How often do you get to play in the snow before bed in Mississippi?  I’m so glad we did because Myla had a blast!!!! She was ready to “snowball” us!!!!!!!!


This was the “let’s just run out and get a picture before bed” picture!


Back out, bundled up and ready to play!  Can you tell she was excited!


Daddy and his favorite “playing in the snow” partner!


Oskie even came out and enjoyed the snow too!


Myla was having major hat malfunctions.  This was her second hat of the night, and it was not wanting to fit right!!


While I went inside to find another hat, she didn’t stop playing!  Her head was covered in snow!!


We decided to try one of Daddy’s skull caps!


Daddy had as much fun as Myla did!


One more “tackle” before we went inside for the night.


Stripping down some of the layers headed inside.  The bottom of her pants were frozen!!


Before bed, she had to have some hot chocolate to warm up!

She is SO excited to wake up in the morning for more snow so she can build a snow man!  It is still coming down hard, and it is absolutely beautiful outside!


Alison said...

So FUN!! We are still just having sleet down here...hoping for maybe a little snow!! :) But no school tomorrow, so I am happy! :)

The Burchfield Family said...

So jealous!!!! But at least we don't have school. Myla looks like she is having a ball! Wish we were

Makenzie said...

Hi! I'm a new follower of your blog and an AGCI family as well! We are working on our dossier right now. It's good to know another family in the paperwork stage!

Future Mama said...

We got TONS of snow too!!!

Much love,
Future Mama