Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Easter Bunny Pictures...Guess Who's Missing?

You guessed it...the Easter Bunny!
We went to Holli's Sweet Tooth today to have Myla's picture made with the Easter Bunny. I was about 99.9% sure that Myla would not have her picture made with the bunny, but I thought it was worth a shot. Well, my gut instinct was right...she was having nothing to do with the furry creature. She was in the best mood before the moment arrived, but the mood was quickly shot when the bunny came into view. She couldn't get in my arms fast enough. I don't understand her fear of the "charactered" things. Usually she is not afraid of anything! Last week we went to Chuck-E-Cheese, and it took her about 20 minutes to realize that the big furry mouse was stationary and not walking around. She did not take her eyes off of it! After she was okay with that, she went about playing like a wild woman! Oh well, maybe it is a fear that will pass...
Well, she was dressed too darn cute to not take any pictures, so I snapped these when we got home. She was a little excited because she was getting to play with her Daddy, so she is all over the place in the pictures, but I think they completely show off her true personality!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Feeling Creative for Easter...

I wanted to get Myla a new Easter basket this year. She has mine from when I was a little girl, but seeing how destructive she can sometimes be, I would like to keep that one put away for a few years! I thought a metal bucket would probably be a better fit. I have seen the buckets that Old Tyme Commissary sells in Jackson, but to be honest, I wasn't willing to fork out the cash for it ($41.99)! I thought $5.99 at Hobby Lobby was a better deal! I put a few paint pens to it and it did the trick!
Here is the finished product ready for Myla's egg hunts!!!
Old Tyme also sells painted wooden eggs (for $12.99). Again, $.99 at Hobby Lobby works better for me! I couldn't get a good picture of it for some reason, but it is a butterfly bunny! I plan on doing one each year for Myla and collecting them so she can have them one day. I am also going to let her paint one each year as she grows.

Sweet Pigtails...

I just couldn't resist posting these pictures of Myla's pigtails! I think she looks extra cute in them myself!
"Hey, Mom, could you maybe do something about this hair hanging down in my eyes?"
Sweetest face in the whole world!
The now infamous "smile" picture!
Myla looking at the bunny craft she (I) made. Myla is not much about getting her hands dirty with paint. She did smear it around a little bit with a brush!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Hello, My Name is Meredith, and I Really Like Getting Things Out of the Trash...

I have to admit, I love finding a good bargain anywhere, and I am not above hauling something out of someone's elses trash! In fact, I really enjoy it, to be honest! I think the saying, "One man's trash is another man's treasure" is SO true! This morning, I hauled home this slide on my walk, which made me think of other things that I have "dumpster dived" for.... I thought I would share them with you!
Myla loves her new slide...I am not kidding when I say she has gone down it no less that 100 times this morning! I don't think she cares that it was in someone else's trash...
Last summer, I got these two goodies in someone else's trash...a Jeep umbrella stroller and a practically brand new Fisher Price potty chair. I took this picture knowing one day I would need it!

I also got this painting, which now hangs in my bathroom out of the trash of someone who was moving. I think Michael wash a little embarassed when I hauled it home while we were walking! I think he was a little less embarassed when we later looked out and someone had stopped at the same house backed in with their trunk open loading up stuff!!! Hey, they were throwing it away!
Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of the 5x7 oriental rug that I got last summer for my brother! It was beautiful!!!!
Any other "trashy" people out there????

"Don't Worry, Mom...

I can take this medicine all by myself?"

Myla Really Likes Spaghetti...Can You Tell?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Princess Grace Turns 2!!!!!

This morning we were so lucky to attend Princess Grace's 2nd Birthday Party!! Oh, what fun we had! All the little girls looked adorable in the best princess attire. Katie had so much planned for them to do that there wasn't a dull moment. They painted sun catchers, ate lunch, made picture frames, posed in the princess throne, ate cake, played "pin the crown on the princess", just to name a few things! Myla had a great time, and I was surprised at how long she left on her princess outfit. I guess she knew that everyone else had one on too!
Thanks, Katie, for a great party!
Happy Birthday, Grace!
WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!
Grace and Myla painting their sun catchers!
Myla actually did really well!
After a little while, she thought it would be more fun to just paint on Grace!
The princesses table....I made the crown hanging above the window, which I thought turned out so cute!
Another crown that I did....I can't really take full credit because I actually just cut it out and put glitter on it! It is a piece of foam that you can get at Home Depot.
Grace putting the finishing touches on her sun catcher!
And Myla finishing her's up as well.
"Gee, Mom, painting is fun! Can I do this at home sometimes?"
I'll think about it, there Myla!
Is this cake not A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.??? Love it! If you ever need a cake in Oxford, go to Emileigh's! They do an awesome job! It tastes just as good as it looks!
Still painting!
Meet Princess Myla!
On the throne!
All the girls eating lunch! Katie did such a good job with the decorations and set up!
Still eating...all of them looked so cute!
Myla playing "Pin the crown on the princess".
I guess she thougth she was the princess, not the picture hanging on the wall!
Myla prefers goldfish over cake!
Grace really likes to enjoy her food. All the other girls had left the table, but Grace wasn't leaving until she had eaten all of her cake. To be as little as she is, this girl loves to eat!
No, Grace, you are TWO now!!!!
Myla and Mommy....I know....the resemblance is uncanny!
Seriously, could we look any more different!
Myla's favorite party favor was the Ring-Pop!
It was not pretty when I took it away from her when we got in the car!
What a difference a year makes!!!!!!!!!
Grace's 1st Birthday Party!
And a year later!

Preparing for Princess Grace's 2nd Birthday...

Yesterday morning, Grace invited Myla to the beauty shop to have her nails done in preparation for her princess birthday party. I had a sneaky suspicion that Myla was not going to have much to do with getting her nails painted, but I decided we would give it a shot anyway. Well, my sneaky suspicion was true! Myla didn't want anyone doing her nails! We had a good time nonetheless, and all of the other girls did great!
Grace, wearing her Princess shirt waiting her turn to get her nails painted.
Myla, closely watching the other girls wandering what all the fuss is about!
These girls love each other!
Poor Robbie had to come to the beauty shop in a pink and purple stroller to watch little girls get primped! Bless his heart, I'm sure he will experience lots of times like this surrounded by girls! I'm begging Katie to get a more "manly" stroller for the poor baby!
By the looks of it, you would think that Grace had been getting manicures for her entire 2 year life! She sat up in the chair and let her Aunt Karen work on her nails like such a big girl!
"Yeah, Grace, your nails look good, but I'm just really not into that!"
Sweet Grace...proud of her manicure!
All the girls showing off their newly painted nails (except Myla, of course)!
Myla, Marylee Murray, Sara Cooper Lee, Grace

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Off to the Zoo....

Yesterday Michael took off half a day and we all went to the zoo in Memphis. We had such a good time. Myla was a little angel and loved seeing all of the animals. She would look and look for the animal in the exhibit and when she saw it, she would just squeal with delight! Of course, she wasn't entertained by any of them for long periods of time, but she did enjoy seeing them nonetheless. She got out of the stroller a good bit and walked with us, which went really well. It is amazing how independent she is getting! We watched the sealions show (for a little while), and we also rode the merry-go-round. I think all in all the day could not have gone much better. We bought a membership for the year, so I am sure we will enjoy more visits as the year goes by. I hope you enjoy all the pictures!
All dressed up and ready to go!
Resting up on the way there....
Myla and Daddy looking at the cheetahs in Cat Country...
This was right before we went in the Bird House. She was squealing at a few of the birds in the cage right before you walk in...too cute!
Petting the donkeys. The "farm" part of the zoo was her favorite, I think. She could pet most of the animals and see them on her level through the fence. She also loved the ducks that were around the water.
Pointing to the chickens...
Calling the ducks, or more like it, squealings "DUCKS" at the top of her lungs...
I think she was looking at the goats here, but I just loved the picture of her looking through the fence.
Myla and Daddy leaving the farm area.
Myla and the kimodo (sp.?) dragon...see it in the background? Yes, I also was really glad that there was a glass wall between us.
Getting sleepy watching the sealions perform...
Riding the Merry-Go-Round with Mommy. She didn't like the ones that went up and down. I tried to move her thinking it would be more fun, but she was having nothing to do with it. She loved holding on to the pole.
Daddy trying to get our picture...
Watching the monkey swinging on the ropes...
First time at the zoo coming to a close....
Kisses from Daddy!
When we were leaving, I asked Myla if she had fun at the zoo. Here she is saying, "Hesssss!!!" (Yes)
We stopped at Chick-Fil-A on the way home for Myla to enjoy some nuggets and fries. Here she is digging in!
She just looks so big to me drinking out of a juice box! Just two months ago she couldn't really do it without spilling it out everywhere!
Getting in some playtime before the ride home.
After we got home, Myla was running down the driveway and fell. She skinned up both knees....bless her heart. She has taken many falls, but this was the worst injury! She kept rubbing them and crying. I felt so sorry for her! (Only a really mean, blogger mommy would take a picture of her child in pain!)

Poor little knees...
Little stinker trying to figure out what happened to her legs!