Friday, March 26, 2010

Sisterly Love....

Just a few new pictures I wanted to share...

Selah and Charlie...

Wednesday was Grace's birthday, so after mother's morning out, we went to her house to have lunch. It was the first time for Selah and Charlie to get to be together!
It's crazy to think that just several weeks ago, they were in our bellies....
....and now they're here, and they are absolutely ADORABLE!!!
Between Katie and I, we now have 5 kids!! Here they will probably be several YEARS before we can ever get a picture of all of them looking at the camera!
They took a nap together in the pack and play! It is no doubt that newborns can sleep through most anything. It was wild and crazy with the other 3 kids in the same room with these two, and they barely even stirred!
After they ate, they took another nap, all swaddled up!

My Little "Helper"....

Myla always wants to help me when I am doing anything in the kitchen. Well, the other day, I was making granola, and she felt the need to "help" me stir it up. I usually stand right beside her to make sure that a mess is not made! Well, I went to put something in the sink, and I heard a sound that sounded like a bunch of granola hitting the tile floor. Sure enough, I turned around to a big, fat mess! Oh well, thank goodness for brooms, huh?
Ready to help!
Helping Mommy stir...
...leads to big messes!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Surprise for Sae Sae!

Sae Sae's birthday is this coming Sunday, so we wanted to celebrate with her this weekend. Last night, we headed to Batesville and took dinner so she wouldn't have to cook for her birthday. I had called Mary Jennifer earlier in the week to see if there was any way she could come on Friday night and surprise her mom, and she said she could. I was so excited because Mrs. Sandy had NO CLUE Mary Jennifer was coming! I didn't do great taking pictures last night, but I did get a great one of Sae Sae completely shocked when Mary Jennifer walked in!!
This was Selah's first trip to Sae Sae and Granddaddy's house, so we had to get at least one picture!
Mrs. Sandy when Mary Jennifer walked was priceless!!
So excited to see Mary Jennifer!


2 Week Stats...

Waiting to see the doc!

On Thursday, I took Selah to the doctor for her 2 week check up...

8 lbs 3 ozs - up 9 ozs since birth
20 3/4 inches long - grown 1 inch in length - WOW!
Dr. Molly said she looked perfect...such a blessing!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Selah Goes to Church...

This Sunday we loaded up everyone and headed to church for the first time as a family of 4! Selah did great and just slept the whole time we were there. Myla was so sweet when we were there telling everyone, "That's my baby!"
Funny story that I want to remember.... When I took Myla down to the nursery when we got there, the lady keeping the nursery, Mrs. Debbie Little, excitedly asked Myla, "Myla, what do you have at your house??" She, of course, was expecting an answer of "my baby sister" or "my sister, Selah", but Myla looked up at her and frankly said, "I have some flip flops at my house!" So, we see what is important to Myla...her flip flops, which she is obsessed with, by the way!
All dressed up and ready to go!
Daddy and Selah
Mommy and Selah
Daddy and his girls
The 3 Meurrier girls

This picture was on Sunday night, but Michael and I thought it was pretty funny. She was sitting perfectly still in this position for so long just staring. I know it's probably not very funny or cute to anyone else, but we're just obnoxious parents of a newborn! Forgive us!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lazy Saturday...

We have had a pretty lazy Saturday morning today, which has been nice. We just stayed around the house and spent time together. Now, everyone is down for a nap, except me, but I am headed that way! I snapped a few pictures of the girls (still sounds so weird saying "girls") this morning! Myla is starting to adjust so much better to Selah, and I am so thankful. Today she actually wanted to hold her and be close to her! I know one day they will be best friends. The good thing is Myla will never really remember life without her sister!
My two beautiful girls!
Myla rubbing her head. She is fascinated by all of her features...her hair, her toes, her hands, her belly button, etc. Her belly button yucky thing fell off this morning! Myla was so excited because it has been driving her crazy. She has told everybody that Selah has a bobo on her belly button!
Giving her a kiss! I can't believe how big Myla looks in these pictures!
Hello bright eyes!
Isn't she precious? I know I'm partial, but goodness, I could eat her up!

Sleeping Smiles...

My favorite time with Selah right now is holding her right before she goes to sleep and watching all the sweet faces that she makes. I especially love the smiles...the sleeping smiles. I obviously know she is not smiling at anything in particular, but it is simply the cutest thing!

One Week Old....

I promise I'm not going to take weekly pictures, but I did take these of Miss Selah at one week old. I'm just in love with this little munchkin. Our first week with her couldn't have been much better. She is just a delightful, happy baby!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Selah's Arrival...March 4, 2010

I'm a little behind getting the actual day of Selah's birth documented, but here it is!
The day started early for us since we had to be at the hospital between 6 and 6:30, and we had a 45 minute drive. We woke up around 4:30 to get ready to go! We actually got a pretty good night's rest, which was a great thing! Myla had gone home with my mom for the night. It was very bittersweet telling her bye Wednesday afternoon knowing that I wouldn't see her again until after Selah was here. Anyway, back to the story. We got up and got ready and headed to New Albany...
38 weeks, 6 days pregnant
This was right before we left for the hospital
At the hospital...hooked up to everything and ready to go!

When we got to the hospital, I was dialated to between 2 and 3 centimeters, which was a shock to me! I thought that I would probably progress really quickly, and I was excited at that possibility! The nurses started the Pitocin, and my contractions slowly but surely started. Dr. Williams came in around 9:30 a.m. and broke my water. After he broke my water, I was at 3 cm, and he told me I could get my epidural whenever I wanted. Have I mentioned that I love my doctor! I told the nurse that I would go ahead and get my epidural even though I really wasn't hurting that bad....hey, why not? I could certainly feel the contractions, but it was nothing unbearable.

My epidural was the only "bad" thing that happened during my labor and delivery. The first epidural that the doc put in went into a blood vessel, which evidently is not a great thing to happen. He immediately had to pull it out, and I quickly started feeling light headed from the epinephrine he had injected as a "test dose". They laid me back until I started feeling better, and then he put a second epidural in. It went in without any problems, and I laid back thinking things were looking up. Well, again, I quickly became VERY lightheaded and felt like I was going to faint. My blood pressure started dropping rapidly, and he was putting medicine in the epidural line trying to get it back up. They also started me on more fluids to try and get my BP up. I can remember the doc and nurses leaving the room and Michael was standing right by my side. He said that he couldn't really tell the difference between me and the sheet because I was so white. I remember him asking me if the machine was taking my BP again, and I said it was. Well, at that point, my BP was 54/31, so Michael ran into the hallway and got the doc back in there to give me more medicine. They were finally able to get it back up to normal. It took over and hour for that to happen, so for that whole time, a total of about 1 1/2 hours, my labor pretty much stopped. I didn't have any contractions during that time.

Eventually everything went back to normal, and my labor continued as expected! My epidural worked great! It was completely different than the one that I had with Myla. With Myla, I was completely numb...couldn't move anything..."nailed to the bed" as the anestheseiologist put it. With this one I couldn't feel anything, but I could still move. I liked it a lot better, actually. I was able to get up and walk soon after Selah was born, which was great.

I finally got to 10 centimeters around 7:30 p.m., and I was able to start pushing. I pushed through one contraction, and they called Dr. Williams. I only pushed a few more times and Selah was born at 7:57 p.m. We were so excited that she was finally here and healthy! She weighed 7 lbs 10 oz and was 19 3/4 inches long....and....absolutely perfect!
Meeting Selah for the very first time! Such a wonderful moment!
It is just a miracle to see a baby right after entering the world. God is SO good!
Proud Mommy
Sweet Baby Selah
Daddy, Selah and Mommy
Already getting kisses
It was just hard to quit looking at her!
My nurses, Lysette and Carmen (this picture was at 5:30 a.m.! They look a lot more awake than I do...HA!)
They were also my nurses when I delivered Myla! I was so excited they were working...they are AWESOME....Love them!!
The board in our room. I thought the nurse was so sweet to write Myla's name on there as the big sis!
Well, how have we been since we've been home, you ask??? Things have actually been going really well. Selah is a great baby. She rarely crys and is just content most of the time. She is eating great and sleeping very well. She only gets up once in the night to eat, which is helpful for Mommy and Daddy! We had to have her bilirubin level checked today because the doctor thought she might have jaundice, but her levels checked out just fine, thank goodness!!
This process has definitely been an adjustment for Myla. It has been a difficult transition, but each day is getting better. She has been acting out a little more than normal, but I completely expected that. She is not super crazy about Selah yet, but I think it's because Selah really can't do anything with her. I think when she gets a little bigger, she will enjoy her a lot more. It is certainly different having two, but I am so thankful that the Lord has blessed us with two healthy, happy girls. We couldn't be more blessed!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sisters Meet...

On Friday, Sae Sae brought Myla to the hospital to meet Selah for the first time. I kind of had in my mind how she would react, and it pretty much happened just like I thought. At first, she really was not interested at all. She was interested in the gifts that she had been given that day at the hospital by our sweet friends, Chad and Lenora. She eventually warmed up and gave her some hugs and kisses. I can't wait to watch these two girls grow up together, and I hope they are always close.

Selah getting ready to meet Myla for the first time. LOVE the onesie Tamah made, and it fit perfectly! Of course, Myla had her Big Sister shirt on that matched!
Myla opeing her gift from Selah....a Disney princess hair accessory kit! We had to nurse come get Selah before Myla came in so we could have some time with Myla by ourselves. I hated for her to walk in and see me in a hospital bed holding a baby. I'm glad we did this!
Loving her new hair goodies!
I think this picture is so funny! I have no idea what the conversation was about!

Mommy and her TWO girls!!

Myla giving Selah some sweet!

Myla had to put a bracelet on Selah...going ahead and breaking her into to all things girly!

The happy family of four!
Daddy and Myla...he can make her smile like no one else!

The video that Michael shot of the big meeting!