Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fun Day at Grace's Birthday Party!

Today was Myla's friend, Grace's, first birthday party! We had a great time!
Here is the day from Myla's perspective!

I liked the jumping house.....

but not for very long!

Mommy took me over the baby play area, and I liked it better there! I munched on some Cheetos Puffs. Man, those things are good!

Grace got some good gifts, but I really enjoyed playing with the bows and wrapping paper.

I made a few phone calls!

I was front and center for the gift opening! Grace got some good stuff!

I had ice cream for the first time. Mrs. Laura fed me, and I'm not quite sure how much I liked it!

I really liked Mr. Brandon's baseball cap. I played with it enough while he had it on, so he finally let me wear it.

I played with the birthday girl!!

I was WORN OUT by the time we got home!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Exersaucer or Exerciser????

Myla LOVES, LOVES, LOVES her exersaucer (thanks Amanda and Brandon!!). For Myla, I think it might be more like and "exerciser". I told her that she is going to burn a hole in the carpet! She just likes to go around and around. Here she is in action.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bathtub belly laughs...

Tonight when Myla was taking a bath, I started tapping on the bathtub and scaring her, and she thought it was quite hysterical! I thougth I would share it with everyone!

Happy Birthday Sae Sae!!!

Not only did we celebrate Easter this weekend, but we also celebrated Michael's mom's (or Sae Sae's) birthday on Good Friday. We always have a good time spending time with his family just visiting around the dinner table or in the den! We had a wonderful meal and birthday cake! Thanks, Sae Sae! We love you and Happy Birthday again! As you can see from the pictures, Myla had a good time! She loved Sae Sae's balloons, and I am assuming that she probably thought they were for her! We were so glad to get to see Michael's sister, Mary Jennifer and her fiance, Spencer! We can't wait for Spencer to "officially" be in our family on December 27th of this year!!!

Happy Easter!

Sis Sis & Myla

Mommy & Myla

Myla and Daddy

Mommy, Myla & Daddy at church

Mimi, Bodie & Myla

The Easter Bunny came to see Myla.

We hope all of you have had a wonderful Easter! Here are some pictures from our day.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

By Special Request.....

I am posting this picture by special request from my grandmother, Sis Sis. She asked me to post the picture and state that the dress that Myla is wearing was mine when I was a little girl. Thanks to my sweet mother for taking care of all my smocked dresses for 25+ years waiting for a baby granddaughter someday. We have a closet full of dresses that Myla will be able to wear when she gets a little older. There were a few baby ones, but they are mostly for the toddler years.
We hope everyone has a Happy Easter! Let us never forget what our precious Savior did for us on that day that we may have a way to live eternally with HIM!
"Christ the Lord is Risen Today, Hallelujah!!!"

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Okay, I know, I know....we only got about 1/2 an inch of snow, but here in Mississippi, we get excited about ANY snow that we see! Thank goodness that I got Myla's picture before her morning nap yesterday, because when she woke up, it was almost all melted. Although she is smiling in this picture, I don't know how much she liked it. She cried when she stuck her hand in it. I guess it was a little too cold!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Lazy Day at Home

It was yucky outside today, so we stayed inside and played and played! We even stayed in our pajamas all day. First Oskie and Myla played together on the floor with her blocks. I had to hold something above my head to get them both to look at the camera! She thinks that the dogs, Oskie and Tanner, are so funny!

After dinner, Myla got pretty fussy, but we wanted her to stay awake a little longer, so I took down one of the mirrors in our house and put it in front of her. It worked like a charm. She became a new child!! She loved it, and I am very glad that I discovered this trick. My mom said that she used to do this with me and my brother, so I got the idea from her.

Finally, at the end of the day, she got her bath, which, by the way, she has become VERY fond of. We have to literally just take her out of it. I think she would stay in all night if she could. Despite few toys, she finds a way to entertain herself. I tried to make a mohawk tonight, but you really can't tell in the picture. She is getting more hair by the day!

That is about it for today...she is down for the night! Maybe we will wake up in the morning with some snow!!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Beautiful Day to Be Outside!!!

We have enjoyed the pretty weather this weekend so much! We went strolling with some friends from the neighborhood today and played in the backyard for a little while. I think Myla is going to really enjoy being outside. Here are a few pictures from our time outdoors!