Friday, January 21, 2011

Covered In Hope…

cloth diapers 1

My blog “friend”, Kristi, has started an AWESOME project called “Covered in Hope”!  She is collecting cloth diapers to send to Ethiopia to cover the little bums of babies in various orphanages.  Kristi just returned from Ethiopia and talked about all of the naked bottoms she saw on children because there are NO diapers available.  Can you imagine the filth that these precious babies are in because they simply don’t have diapers?  We would never let this happen to our babies!  Well, now that one of these little kiddos will BE one of my babies, I can’t stand the thought of MY baby not having a diaper.  Then, today, I read a blog about a family that just returned from Ethiopia to meet their little girl, and she said the workers at Hannah’s Hope (where our baby will be) were having to rinse out disposable diapers to reuse them!  Can you even imagine??????  If you feel led, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE purchase some cloth diapers – any kind…the cheap Gerber ones at WalMart (yes, the same ones we monogram to use as burp cloths) or the nice ones you can get anywhere online – and send them to Kristi.  You can email her at  Many of you may remember the Lucy Lane video that I put on my blog when we announced that we were adopting….well, Kristi is Lucy Lane’s momma.  She has such a heart for the babies she left behind in Ethiopia!  She will soon be bringing home their newest addition, Wes, from Ethiopia.  This weekend, our family will be gathering up some cloth diapers to send, for sure!  If you would like to read more about “Covered in Hope” on Kristi’s blog, you can click HERE.


cloth diapers 2

I just wanted to leave you with a thought to ponder today… Michael is currently reading a book “Too Small to Ignore”, and last night he read something that just opened our eyes.  I’m paraphrasing, but basically he wrote that Americans spend more money each year on garbage bags than 90 of the 210 countries in the world spend for everything.  Wow!

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