Monday, November 29, 2010

Princesses on Ice…


Myla and I had such a fun day on Saturday!  Mimi (and Bodie) treated us to Princesses on Ice.  Myla had been looking forward to it all week, so the first thing she said when she woke up Saturday morning in her sleepy little voice was, “Princesses on Ice today!”  We had been to see Disney on Ice last year, and Myla was so nervous and scared then, but I really didn’t think she would be this time because she was looking so forward to it.  Well, once we got in and got seated, she started crying and burying her head in my shoulder.  She stayed this way for awhile, but she eventually warmed up and enjoyed the show.  I will say that Disney knows how to do things right!  The show was really good, and the costumes were beautiful!GEDC1545

Myla with her first purchase of the day..the $15 program.  Disney knows how to price gouge stuff too!  Ha!  My mom loves to buy programs at things like this.  She still has all of the programs my brother and I had from childhood from the circus and plays we went to see.  Yes, she’s OCD like that.  I’m not!  Myla looked at her other Disney on Ice program from last year so much that it practically fell apart!  I guess I need to be better about saving things!


Mimi and Myla ready to go in.


Seated and ready for the show….Myla was still okay at this point, but once the lights went out, she was not so thrilled!


Mommy and her sweet girl!


For about the first 15 minutes Myla sat in my lap and clung to me for dear life!  I had my hand over her chest, and I bet her heart was beating 200 times per minute.  Bless her heart!  She finally went in sat in Mimi’s lap when my arm started falling asleep!


She started warming up and by the end of the first act, she even waved bye to all of the princesses and told them she loved them!


The whole second act was the Cinderella story.  Myla loved it and even sat in her own seat for the whole thing!


I even caught a smile!  She LOVED the mice when they were on the ice helping Cinderella!  She also loved when they sang “Cinderelly” because we called her “Mylarelly” all the time!


Waving goodbye again at the end of the performance.


Of course, in the end, all of the princesses ended up with their prince charming!


Wouldn’t you know that when the performance was over, Myla was lured to one of the stands selling Disney things that were stationed about every 15 feet??  Of course, her Mimi let her pick out a princess to take home, so she picked out Snow White.


Excited about her Snow White purchase!


Myla looking at her program once we got in the car.  I will say that she does get her money’s worth out of those things.  She LOVES looking through them.  She even had to go through it with Daddy Sunday afternoon after church.


After we left Princesses on Ice, we headed to eat lunch at Cracker Barrel, which was Myla’s choice.  I’m not sure why she chose there…maybe it was the first restaurant she saw when we were getting off Hwy 45 going towards the mall.  Anyway, I think she also remembers that Cracker Barrel has a gift shop with toys and candy!


After lunch, we went shopping and ended up at the mall.  Myla, of course, had to ride the merry go round, and of course, Mimi obliged – twice!!


Myla was such a trooper the whole day!  Considering she had no nap, she did great!  We shopped from 2 until 9, and she didn’t really complain at all.  Here she is about to leave Belk and head home.


We stopped at Chick Fil A to get supper, and Myla was asleep in no time after she ate!  She was worn out!!

Thanks, Mimi, for a GREAT day of fun!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Black Friday Crazies!!!!

“You must need some fun in your life!” – Michael Meurrier

These were Michael’s exact words when I told him that I was going shopping on black Friday for fun!  I really was looking for nothing in particular.  I wasn’t ready to put up my dukes and fight over the latest toy or gadget.  I just wanted to go with my friends and have a good time!  We ended up having a lot of fun, and we stayed up ALL night!  It might have been the first time in my life that I was awake for 24 straight hours!GEDC1804Time of Arrival – We arrived at WalMart at 11:14 for the sale that started at midnight.  Katie and I both wanted bikes, which we stood in line for only to not buy them!  GEDC1806Susan, Maggie and Me in the van before we went in.  Katie met us inside.GEDC1807Me and Mags standing in line for the bikes.  I have to say that WalMart has improved the mania that is black Friday, and from what I could tell, it was pretty organized…certain lines for each product.  For the electronics you stood in line to get a wristband to guarantee you would get the item you wanted then you came back later and picked it up.  I did hear that a fight broke out around the LeapFrog Leapsters, but I didn’t witness it!  And when the plastic came off of the huge bin of towels that were selling for $1.33, towels were flying through the air with some major velocity!GEDC1808Katie and I were the ultimate Black Friday goobers!!  Katie had these shirts made for us to wear and she gave me mine for my birthday.  I loved it!!  They said:

Coffee at 3 a.m. – $3.00

Pedicure for Aching Feet – $40

Christmas gift on a budget – Priceless

And on the back it said:

Black Friday 2010GEDC1812My loot!  Funny how you go not looking for anything in particular and walk away with a cart full!  I finished up my Christmas shopping though except for one or two things!GEDC1813Here we are at Huddle House at about 2:20 a.m. after we left WalMart.  Evidently Huddle House didn’t get the memo about Black Friday because they certainly weren’t prepared for virtually ever Black Friday shopper to come eat in the middle of the night!  We waited for awhile, and then Susan asked these two ladies if we could come sit with them!  Susan has no shame!GEDC1814Meet Lucy and her daughter in law, Beverly…complete strangers and our Huddle House tablemates!

Like I said, Huddle House was a little unprepared and slow so we ended up having to leave before anybody even came to get a drink order.  We wanted to get to Belk for their sale beginning at 4 am because the first 250 in the door got a gift card.  We got to Belk at about 3:15.  GEDC1818This was the entryway at Belk…just a little crowded! I guess there were a lot of people that wanted a gift card! Speaking of Susan having no shame….when we got to Belk, the entryway was already a little crowded and there was only one door open.  Of course, around that door, there were a lot of people, but on the other end of the entryway, there was plenty of room to stand.  It was COLD and RAINY outside, so we wanted to stand inside.  Well, Susan pokes her head in the door and says, or should I say shouts, “Could y’all please moved down so we can get in?  It’s cold out here!”  Well, people didn’t really move, so we just had to weasel our way down to the other end!  While we were walking down someone said, “Well, Mrs. Scrooge has arrived!” talking about Susan!  HA! GEDC1816Maggie, Mrs. Scrooge (oops, I mean, Susan) and Katie waiting at Belk.  It was safe to say that Katie was just a little worried about getting trampled when they opened the doors.  She couldn’t figure out how they were going to get everyone a gift card!  It all worked out!GEDC1817Maggie, Susan and me at BelkGEDC1821Huddle House take two!  Mags and Katie.

We went back to Huddle House around 5:15 after we left Belk.  It wasn’t quite as crowded, so we were able to get waited on.  It wasn’t the best meal I’ve ever had, but it was pretty good considering we were pretty hungry by this point!GEDC1822Susan and meGEDC1824My van was just a wee bit crowded by this point!GEDC1826After eating at Huddle House, the sun started coming up and we headed to the Square to hit one last store before we called it a day.  We went to Lulu’s because they were giving away $10 gift cards to the first customers.  We got there in plenty of time so we sat in the van to keep warm…which ended up being a mistake.  Why, you ask????GEDC1828Because when we got ready to leave, I figured out that I had locked my keys in the van.  While we were waiting before going in, I was enjoying the warm goodness of the van so much that when we saw people start forming a line at Lulu’s I got so excited, I just jumped out and lock my keys in the van…in the ignition, no less!  Of course, at this point in the day, we just had to laugh!  Thank the good Lord, Susan knows just about everybody in town so she called the Sheriff’s Dept. and a deputy came and was able to unlock the van….Praise the LORD!!  I sent Michael a text to tell him I had locked the keys in the van, and he sent one back that said, “Just another memory for the FUN day you needed!”  Thanks, babe!GEDC1829We got back home at 8:06 a.m.  We were definitely exhausted!  I was able to sleep for a few hours during the day, and I probably slept the hardest I have ever slept on Friday night!

At least I have a year to recover before the next Black Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miller Thanksgiving…

We had a fun, busy Thanksgiving holiday this year!  Thanksgiving morning we got up and headed to Batesville to see my dad, Macy and Maggie for a little while before we went to my mom’s for lunch with my family.  It was so great to get together with family….and the food wasn’t too shabby either!GEDC1735Myla was SO EXCITED to see Maggie!  And Maggie is SO GOOD with Myla and does whatever she wants to do!GEDC1742One thing they did was try on all of Granny’s jewelry….of course, Myla was in hog heaven!GEDC1744Selah and PapawGEDC1749Once we got to Mom’s house, Sis Sis was quick to get lots of sugar from Selah!GEDC1756Selah playing with her toysGEDC1753I call this picture “The Corn Committee”.  Evidently Sis Sis thought the corn was too “soupy” so Mom added some things to it but it needed to be stirred continually.  Uncle Doc volunteered to stir and Mom and Aunt Be supervised!GEDC1758Myla, Uncle Doc and ChelseaGEDC1759Myla and “Big Mimi”, Frank’s mom.  She has been dubbed “Big Mimi” because my mom is called Mimi too.GEDC1761Myla in front of Mimi’s Christmas tree.GEDC1762Elaine and Frank – sister and brotherGEDC1763Mom and Uncle DocGEDC1767Selah and Aunt BeGEDC1770Pey Pey, Selah and MimiGEDC1771Uncle Doc and SelahGEDC1775Uncle Doc, Selah and Chelsea.  They were laughing because Selah was staring a hole through Uncle Doc.  It was so funny because I couldn’t get her to look at the camera for a picture!GEDC1779Our familyGEDC1787Selah “flying” with Pey PeyGEDC1790Mimi and Bodie with 2 of their 3 “grands”, as my mom like to call them! GEDC1794Myla, Sis Sis and SelahGEDC1795Selah, Big Mimi and MylaGEDC1797Pey Pey and MylaGEDC1799Brian, Frank’s nephew, Elaine and FrankGEDC1800

Me and Mom


Maggie came home with us so she could go “Black Friday” shopping with me, Susan and Katie.  That post is coming up soon!  Myla loved having Maggie with us!