Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Haircut and Big Girl Room...

Today was a busy day! This morning we went to get Myla's hair cut because it was really starting to drive me crazy! It was getting so long and was wild half of the time. We went to Mrs. Karen, who is my friend, Katie's, sister. Karen was SO good with Myla and let her pick out the cape she wanted to wear, which Myla loved doing. Myla did GREAT! I was really in shock considering all morning the only thing she would say was, "I don't want my hair cut!" It looks SO much better...thanks, Karen!
Karen getting started. I figured Myla would quickly melt down, but she didn't. She really liked the clippees that Karen used.
Sitting still like a big girl!
WOW! She even smiled during the process....
All done!
The sucker was her reward. I actually took it for a distraction while she was getting her hair cut, but we didn't even need it for that.
Big Girl Room
After we got home from the haircut, Daddy had moved the crib out of Myla's room! I can't believe that she is now in a big girl bed. When she walked in her room, I asked her where her bed was, and she pointed to the twin bed. Then, she walked down the hall to the nursery and I asked her whose bed was in there, and she said, "That's Selah's bed." Alrighty, then! I guess she got it. She went down for her nap perfectly and has stayed in it, so that's good. We'll see how she does tonight. Michael and I both commented that the whole thing is a little bittersweet because it means she is no longer the baby! She is growing so fast....
Checking out her big bed with the rail.
I think she likes it!
I love this new storage unit I got for her toys. I was tired of the toy box always looking like a tornado had hit it! This is much better, in my opinion!
I also wanted to put a picture of this little school desk that my dad gave Myla for Christmas. I just love it! I would have DIED to have this when I was little. There was nothing I liked doing more than "playing" school. I know Myla will love using it for a long time to come. Thanks Papaw, Macy, & Myla!

Christmas in Arkansas...

On Saturday, we headed to Arkansas to spend some time with my dad's side of the family for Christmas. We had a great time although it was such a quick trip. It is always good to see family, even if it is only a couple of times a year.
Eleanor, my first cousin, and her husband, Jason
Their whole family...
Peyton, Eleanor, Jason, & Jacey
We played Trivial Pursuit, and Jason was the winner!
Maggie and Myla watching cartoons on the bed before church.
This is what my family does BEST...sit around the table telling stories and laughing! It is LOUD and FUN!
Michael and Jacey. Michael was teaching her how to write in bubble letters! He's getting practice with what girls like to do.
Macy, Deddy and Maggie
Sweet girl...she refused to wear her pants for some reason that night.
Uncle Jesse and Eleanor
Myla and Jacey coloring
The "parental" generation...HA!
Uncle Greg, Cathie, Deddy, Macy, Uncle Jesse & Nancy
The YOUNGER and YOUNGEST generations!
Uncle Greg and was SO good to see them! It has been way too long!

Monday, December 28, 2009

7 Years Ago Today....

7 years ago was one of the BEST days of my life.
It actually probably was the BEST day of my life.
It was a day I had waited for for a long time, and it was everything that I wanted it to be and more.
I am SO thankful for Michael. He is a wonderful, loving, loyal and dedicated husband. He is also an unbelievable father, which makes me love him even more.
Michael, I am so thankful for you, and 7 years has flown by! I cannot wait for many, many more years together!
Happy Anniversary and I LOVE YOU!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning ~ 2009

Christmas morning this year was so special! We stayed home so Santa could come see Myla, and we stayed home all day so she could play with all of her new things, and PLAY she did....all day long! I felt more like a kid probably than she did waiting for her to wake up to see her new toys. She, I think, was a little unsure as to what was going on, but she eventually woke up fully and got excited!
Santa's stash....the only thing Myla asked for was a Dora phone. She asked for this on Tuesday before Christmas out of nowhere. Thankfully, Wal-Mart still had the one that she had spotted several weeks earlier.
And, of course, the first thing she opened was the Dora phone and purse.
Moving on to other things. She really like her BIG Disney coloring book as well. It's funny the things that I got that I thought she really wouldn't care about were the things she like the best.
She loved her doctor's kit! She was taking Daddy's blood pressure, or as she calls it "blude" pressure.
And then she had to give him a shot.
"Mommy, do you need a shot too?"
Digging into her stocking...bottles for her babies.
More coloring books...she LOVES the peanut characters.
Disney "chap lipstick". That's what she calles chapstick, and she loves it!
What else is in here???
Daddy with his gift from me and Myla. I think he really liked it!
Michael's gift to me....he is always so creative and sentimental. He had his wedding vows to me printed on a picture of us and framed. So sweet! I loved it and already have it by my bed.
Michael and Myla still digging through their stockings.
Probably the biggest hit of Myla's Christmas was the Disney markers and notebooks. She loves to "write" and draw....especially with markers! I think more writing ended up on her than the notebook!
Finally moving on to feeding the baby...she's not that "into" babies, but I thought maybe having all the baby doll stuff would help when Selah came along and Myla could do all the same things with her baby dolls....we'll see!
Showing me her drawings
Here she is telling me to be quiet because she had just put her baby to sleep.
Now she was waking up her baby. She just took the whole pack 'n play into her room to put her to sleep.
She and Michael finally broke into the Play-doh, and Myla pretty much has not stopped playing with it. She is actually pretty good with it and has learned that she can only play with one color at a time.
Henry gave Myla a Cinderella outfit, so of course, we had to try it on....sweet princess!
Again, as Cinderella!
Sitting with Daddy back to playing with her doctor's kit.
Down to just the shoes and crown and watching the Disney Christmas parade.
Still watching the parade
Sae Sae and Granddaddy came over for a little while to see what Santa had brought Myla. She was so excited to see them, as always!
Here Myla is watching a Christmas jibjab card that my dad sent us. It was pretty funny, and Myla just wanted to watch it over and over. She would get hysterical everytime we watched it.
Mimi, Bodie and Sis Sis also stopped by to see us, but the only person I managed to get a picture of was Myla and Mimi.
I can't believe Christmas has already come and gone! It is most definitely my favorite time of year. Next year will be so different with another little one! I can't wait!