Friday, January 28, 2011

Play Date…

This morning, we had some of our friends (Katie, Grace, Robbie, Charlie, Mitzi, Mia & Tyler) over to play and eat lunch!  Myla was in HOG heaven, and Selah had a ball too with all of their friends.  It was difficult trying to take pictures, of course, but I feel like I haven’t taken pictures in so long that I tried to take a few.GEDC1861

The “babies”….Selah, just up from her nap, Charlie and Tyler


Sweet Charlie…always smiling!


Robbie loved singing on the stage!


Myla, so happy to be with all of her friends.


Mia loved giving Selah her pacifier!


Grace and Robbie playing with the ball popper.  If you have children, you really should invest in a ball popper toy!  It is a GREAT entertainer, or at least it has been for my kids.


Selah was determined to play with the big girls.  I would bring her back in the den, then she would crawl back into Myla’s room to see what they were doing.


Grace, Myla and Katie


Charlie and Selah fought over this calculator for several minutes.  It was hysterical!  One would jerk it from the other, then the other one would wrangle it back…


Charlie persisted long enough and finally got it all to himself!


The big kids eating homemade pizza (thanks, Mitzi)!  Their table conversations are so funny!


I think it is safe to say that Selah REALLY enjoyed the pizza as well, even if I did have to strip her down to her diaper to eat it.  Good thing I did…she was a MESS!  Katie said, “Selah, I think you need a hose to get clean!”


Tyler enjoyed his lunch, too!


With 7 children under 4, chaos rules!!!

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