Thursday, January 20, 2011

Doesn’t Every Baby Have Them…

…the classic “first time you feed yourself spaghetti” pictures??  Well, Tuesday, Selah fed herself spaghetti for the first time.  She loved it and made the biggest mess!!!  I had to get a few pictures, of course!  Oh, and yes, this is supper, and yes, she was still in her pajamas!  The only day we’ve gotten dressed this week was Wednesday to take Myla to MMO and go to church!  We’ve been LAZY!





And, just for fun…here is Myla feeding herself spaghetti for the first time!

MYLA 808

MYLA 814

In adoption news, our application was approved yesterday by our agency, AGCI!!  So exciting!  Now we’re ready for the next step!


Alison said...

So cute!!! Yes, we have the "first time eating spaghetti pics" too! :) And so excited that ya'll are APPROVED!!!

The Burchfield Family said...

I have never seen two kids look so much alike!!!! They are beautiful, and I miss those smiles!!!

Future Mama said...

CUTE!! And congrats on the acceptance!!!

Much love,
Future Mama