Friday, October 26, 2012

Our Week In Review…

We have had a good, yet busy week!  I thought I would catch us up…


Last Friday, I kept a friend of mine’s little girl, Mary Katharine.  The girls were so excited that she was coming, and they had so much fun playing all day!


Friday night, Michael and the girls camped out in the back yard.  They set the tent up on Thursday night, and, as you can tell, they were quite excited!


We made s’mores before they camped out!


It was very chilly the night they camped out, so we layered them up!  This was their first layer!


About to settle in for the night.  Michael is such a good Daddy!


I zipped them up and left them for the night!  They made it all night!  On Saturday morning, they came in a bit cold, but excited!


Selah LOVES Oskie!  Sunday morning before church, she couldn’t give him enough love!  He is so good and patient with her!


The children’s choirs sang in church on Sunday morning.  It was precious!  There were so many kids singing their hearts out, praising the Lord!  It was awesome!  Myla had her fan club their with all the grandparents and Sis Sis!


Wednesday night at AWANA, it was costume night.  The girls were so excited to wear their Dorothy costumes to church.  Interestingly enough, I found both of their costumes at different consignment sales…I guess it was meant to be!


Sweet girls!


Friday was kind of a sad day.  Tony, one of Michael’s co-workers, is moving to Nashville and Friday was his last day.  The girls love Mr. Tony, and he loves them.  We are going to miss him so much!


I love this picture because of the way Selah is looking at him!  So sweet!


We ran by Kroger to get him a cookie cake.  Selah was determined that it was Tony’s birthday since we got him a cake.  She was so funny about it!


Nevertheless, she thoroughly enjoyed her piece of cake!

Happy Friday, everyone!  Have a GREAT weekend!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pumpkin Patch…

I am so sad to say that we waited WAY TOO LATE to go to the pumpkin patch this year at the Episcopal Church.  The month of October has flown by, and we literally have not had time to go!  We went this morning, and there were like 20 pumpkins left.  Ha!  Oh well…I had to get a few pictures just for traditions sake.


Notice the lack of pumpkins in the background!  I cannot believe they are almost all gone.  :(


We sat down on the few that were left to get some pictures.  Sweetness!


They did get to pick out a tiny pumpkin to take home!


LOVE this picture!!  Even though there weren’t many pumpkins, they still had a good time!

And just because I do it every year….



MYLA 2 786










Next year, I can’t wait for sweet Ramsey to be in the pumpkins too!!!!!!!!

Happy Fall Y’all!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Surprise, Papaw!!!

Last Friday, the girls and I loaded up and headed to Yellville, AR, to surprise Papaw!  He had NO IDEA we were coming!  Macy and Maggie knew, but we had all kept it a secret.  He was very surprised and happy to see us. 


While we were riding, I looked back and the girls were holding hands.  It was so sweet that I had to get  a picture!


The second weekend in October each year, Yellville holds an event called Turkey Trot.  It is an arts & crafts type festival with live music entertainment.  For years they have dropped turkeys out of airplanes, but once PETA found out about that, it has been nixed.  It upsets all the locals because it has been tradition for so long.  The turkeys generally flew away after they were dropped, but PETA claims that they plummeted to their death.  Leave it to PETA.  Anyway, there was the Turkey Trot parade on Saturday morning, and the girls were excited about going. 


Deddy emceed the parade, so the girls joined him on stage for a minute.


They were SOOOO excited to be with Aunt Maggie!


Sparky the dog showed us how to “Stop, Drop & Roll”!


Aunt Maggie told the girls to wave if they wanted candy, so they waved their little hearts out to each passerby!


Proud of all of their candy!


Selah had to get a closer look!


Deddy’s band played for a couple of hours on Saturday afternoon.  I love listening to him play the piano and sing!


Singing “Tupelo Honey”!  One of my favorites!


This couple was walking by and then they just stopped and started dancing.  I thought it was so sweet!


Joining Papaw on stage when he was done singing.  The girls were so excited to have Turkey Trot t-shirts like Maggie!


Climbing the tall steps to go down the bouncy slide!


Sliding down!  They loved it!!!  Unfortunately it cost $1 per slide, so they only got to do it a couple of times!


She climbed those steps with determination!!


They also won these blow up Doras.  They provided a lot of entertainment through the weekend.


Who ya rootin’ for??


Myla had a blast dancing with the drum line from the high school band.  She had gone to the football game with Maggie on Friday night, and she had learned all of the chants and motions!


Sleeping through the weekend was interesting!  Myla and Maggie slept on the air mattress and Selah and I slept in the twin bed!


Selah was so proud of her “towel wrap” Aunt Maggie made her after her bath on Sunday night!


Maggie treated the girls to manicures and pedicures.  Notice Myla on the “phone”.  Maggie has several old phones that Myla carried around ALL weekend and pretended to use!


We had SO much fun over the weekend!  I’m so glad we went! 


Selah didn’t fall asleep on the way home until we got to Batesville (25 minutes from home)!  I brought her in, put her on the couch and she slept there another hour.  She was WORN out!!!

Now, we are counting down the days until Aunt Maggie comes and stays with us over Thanksgiving!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Riddick Family Reunion…

Two Sundays ago, Myla and I went to John Kyle State Park for the Riddick Reunion.  My dad’s mother was a Riddick, and this reunion has been taking place for as long as I can remember.  We went every year as kids, so it’s kind of weird now to go with our own kids!


My cousin, Eleanor, and her family came down from Arkansas.  On the back row it’s Henry, Myla, Jaycee (Eleanor’s daughter), & Greyson (a cousin of hers from home).  Front row…Peyton (Eleanor’s son), Eleanor, me and “big” Peyton.


Just the kids!


Henry had fun swinging on the beams of the picnic table.


The girls…aren’t they cute??


Eleanor, or “Eleanora” as Selah calls her, Peyton and me.


Acting crazy!


They love each other so much!!!!


One of the most fun things to do at the reunion is look through photo albums of the years past.  There is one for each reunion.  Some of the pictures of us as kids are hysterical!


This is Memac, my grandmother.  She was such a special lady!  I miss her and loved her dearly.  She passed away in 2002.


As kids, we always climbed this wall on the outside of the building, so it’s fun to watch our kids to it now!


Sweet Myla was proud of herself!!