Saturday, November 22, 2008

Our Poor Dogs...

I looked over this afternoon at the couch, and I saw these two poor, pitiful dogs comfortably sleeping a the warm house!! Bless their hearts. Do you think they are spoiled?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Prayers Before Bed...

Each night before we put Myla to bed, we say our prayers. Now, when you tell Myla to say her prayers, she will put her little hands together. It is the sweetest thing! She also does it when she gets in her highchair so we can say the blessing. If I forget, she will remind me by putting her hands together. I hope she always remembers to pray to her Heavenly Father. I guess it is never too early to learn.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pink Cowboy Boots...

A little while back, Myla was given some hand-me-down shoes, and these pink boots were one of the pairs. Yesterday I was moving some things around in her closet, and I put them on the floor. Well, Myla picked them up and started playing with them. After her nap, when I was changing her diaper she picked them up off the bed and handed them to me, so I assumed she wanted me to put them on her. I didn't even put her pants back on so she could see the boots. She loved walking around in them and hearing the noise they made on the floor.
Cruising around in her cowboy boots!
Of course, like any other moment of the day, she starting begging for a popsicle! Now that she knows the word "please", she just stands at the freezer and says, "peese", "peese", "peese" over and over. Who could resist this sweet face?
Digging into her treat!
All I could think when I saw this picture was the song, "These Boots Were Made for Walking."
She is still trying to figure out what she has on.
Funny Girl!!

Toddler Time at the Library...

Yesterday me and Myla along with Katie, Grace, Robbie, Robin, Phillip, Ellyn, Amy, Taylor and Hayden went to toddler time at the library. Yes...we had a crew! Robin heard about it and suggested we go. It was pretty entertaining, but Myla wouldn't sit still for anything. I was obviously not surprised by this, but I did feel sorry for the other kids and parents who are obviously there every week considering they knew all the songs, hand motions, etc. Myla walked around almost the whole time and tried to pull the books off the shelves, climb on the bench, say "Hi" to everyone, etc. They probably hope we (me and Myla) don't come back! No, she really wasn't that bad, but I was worn out after it was over! The lady that does the story time read a book and sang songs, then they put on a puppet show. Myla was quite fascinated with the puppet show, and it was pretty much the only time she was still...well, kind of still.
Myla and Grace obviously paying close attention to the story being read!
Myla did join in on the hand motions for "If You're Happy and You Know It".
Myla and Grace watching the puppet show. I think Grace was a little confused of where to look!
Every time the puppets would disappear, Myla would look at me like she was wondering where they went!
She was worn out by the time we got home.

It Doesn't Take Much...

As I have said before, it doesn't take much to entertain a toddler. Myla loves playing in the car! She has done it several times, but I have just now taken some pictures. She will stay in there for long periods of time just exploring. She usually cries when I take her out! These pictures were from the other day when she was having a great time!
"Hey, Mom, did you know a car had so many buttons?"
"I think I'll go to the backseat now to see what I can find."
"Oh, good, some leftover snacks!!"
"This makes a pretty good chair!"
"Peek a boo Mama!"
"Check it out...I can even sit on this backwards!"
"Okay, Mama, I'm done with pictures for now!"

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Random Ramblings....

I feel as if we have had nothing going on lately to blog about, but I don't want to use that as an excuse to not blog. I don't know about you, but I am so excited to be entering this time of year. I love November and December. I love the holidays so much! I enjoy the cooler weather. I love walking through the stores hearing Christmas music and looking at all the decor. I love drinking hot chocolate and driving around looking at Christmas lights on houses. I love family dinners and visiting with those that we don't see often enough. I love Thanksgiving and realizing everything that I have to be thankful for. I love Christmas morning...I still get that excited feeling that I got as a kid running into the den to see what Santa had left the night before. I love putting up my Christmas tree and remembering the special thing about each ornament that goes on my tree....those that we recieved when we married, those that come from places we have visited, the ones that mark the first Christmas that our sweet Myla was with us. It is just a wonderful time of year. I feel sad when it all passes and we have to wait a whole year for it to come again.
I hope that as we approach the holidays that we will all remember what all we have to be thankful for, and I hope we all remember the real reason that we celebrate both upcoming holidays. Thanksgiving is a time to remember how far our country has come. I am thankful for those early pioneers that had the courage to come here, to America, and start a new country full of freedoms that we still have today. I am also reminded how thankful I am for the numerous wasy that God has blessed me and my family. And Christmas...celebrating the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. I cannot begin to tell you the peace that comes in knowing that Christ died for me, and I have a place in heaven to spend eternity because God cared enough to send His only Son to live on this earth and die so that I could be with Him.
Okay, so kind of a long, boring post, but all these things have been running through my mind this morning, and I just wanted to share them. I am almost tempted to run and get all my Christmas stuff out and decorate, but I guess I will wait a few more days to do that!
Also, Happy Veterans Day! Thank you to all of those who have sacrificed their very lives to give me freedom. I am forever grateful to you and your families!

Friday, November 7, 2008

I'm Back...

Okay, I am back and have a better background now! I am still sad about everything, but I figure it is time to move on...there is nothing that I can do except pray and trust God for His will to be done in our country.

With that said, I want to wish one of my good friends, Katie, a very happy birthday today! Katie and I have gotten to be great friends since I moved to Oxford. And now Myla and Grace are big buddies too!! They love to play together whenever they can. I saw this morning that today is Billy Graham's birthday as well. I think that is a great person to share your birthday with! He turns 90 today. What a wonderful life he has lived and what a wonderful legacy he will leave.
Katie and Grace at a recent birthday party.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Well, I feel like throwing up. Can you tell since my blog has been blacked out? I seriously feel like this great country that we live in will soon slip away. Just as every other major power in the world has fallen, I believe our time has come. I don't mean to be all doom and gloom, but I am just scared and shocked that millions of people have been deceived. I don't understand what in the heck people are thinking. Just needed to vent a little this morning...sorry for the sadness.
The good thing is that GOD is in control...of this we can be sure. This is all in His step closer to claiming His victory over the world. In Daniel 2:21 it says, "He changes times and seasons; he sets ups kings and deposes them." When I did a study on Daniel, it was pointed out that all leaders in history were known by God...even the bad ones. For example Alexander the Great, a ruthless, evil leader conquered so many lands that the Gospel was brought into so many new places. God allowed him to be in power so His Word could be spread. God already knew that Obama would be elected; this is no surprise to Him. I truly think that He has allowed it to happen because our nation has turned SO far from Him. But, life goes on...time keeps marching. I will find a new pretty background for my blog in a few days and will just keep praying. God is the only once that can bring the CHANGE that we need. He is the only one that can give us peace and salvation, and for that I am thankful.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Myla Now Has Tubes...

This morning Myla got tubes in her ears. We had to be at the Surgery Center bright and early at 6:15 a.m. Myla was in the best mood in the waiting room and in the pre-op area. She laughed and played and had a ball. Obviously oblivious as to what was coming. Actually, it wasn't bad at all. She was in "surgery" less than 10 minutes I think. She did great! She was a little fussy when she woke up and for a little while after while the anesthesia wore off, but once we got home she wanted to get down and play for a little while before she took a nap. I hope that this makes her little ears feel better!!
Waiting for Dr. Dye to come get her. Excuse the way I I said, it was early!
All smiles with Daddy. She loved jumping on the bed in pre-op!
Trying to figure out what the nurse put on her ankles.
ID and Allergy bands. She was very interested in them! I told her that it was jewelry for her feet.
Myla and Dr. Dye. She went straight to him when he came to get her!

Litte Mad Ladybug...

Halloween obviously came at a bad time for Myla this year since she wasn't feeling so hot. I decided to at least try to get some pictures of her in her costume, but as you can see below, it didn't go so well! She didn't like her costume at all. I figured that she probably wouldn't. She probably wouldn't have like it much even if she has felt good. Although the pictures aren't great, I thought I would document it anyway!!!

"Please get this off of me!"

"Can you please take this off of my head?"

"Seriously, I am ready to get out of this costume!!"