Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Change Up Tuesday…

To be honest with you, I just can’t think of 10 things for this Tuesday to post!  So, I’m going to do a little change up and tell you about my kitchen table redo I did this weekend!   As I mentioned last week, I am really trying to sell our formal dining room table because I wanted something a little less formal.  I still really want a big farmhouse table, and maybe one day we’ll get one, but until then I thought I could make something “new” out of what I had already.  Last week, I came across this picture on Pinterest…



and it became my inspiration.  It is different, but I thought, “Why not??”

This is what our old table and chairs looked like before…


But then I got to work.  I borrowed an electric sander from my friend, and I sanded the table down really well.

Then, with Michael’s help, I turned the table upside down and painted the legs and bottom rim of the table.



I left it to dry overnight.


The next morning, I went over the paint with Minwax Finish (Jacobean color) to give it more of an aged look.

Next, we flipped it back over so we could tape off the stripes.  Thank goodness for Michael with this step because I do not have a math brain at all, and he figured out striping situation very quickly.  I probably could have done it, but it would have taken me forever and a day!


Ready to stripe!!


While the paint dried, I started working on the chairs.  I used Rustoleum spray paint to do them, and it was super easy!  Spray paint has come a long way!!!!


When the grey paint completely dried, I removed the tape then started on the alternate stripe with the same Minwax stain.  I also did a little over the grey stripe but rubbed it right off just so it would make it a little darker.  I did 3 coats of the stain on the alternate stripe.


After the 2nd coat


This was right before we moved it in the house, and I had also sprayed it the polycrylic.

The stain was still a little sticky.  I didn’t think it would EVER dry because it was SO humid outside.  After we brought it in, it dried overnight and it wasn’t sticky anymore!


I also sprayed the chairs with a coat of polycrylic as well!


Here is the finished project all put together!  I really love how it turned out.  It probably won’t stay in my kitchen forever.  Hopefully one day when we get a farm table, this table and chairs will got out on the screened in porch.  But, for now, we will enjoy it inside.

I’m so glad that I did this even though it was HOT!  I was sweating like a crazy person, but it was worth it!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Thirty One Gifts Products for Sale…

I am selling some of my ThirtyOne Gifts sample products.  I haven’t had a party in forever and probably won’t have one again, so it’s time for me to get rid of some of this stuff rather than it just sit around and take up space!  First come, first served!  If interested, please leave a comment or email me meredithmeurrier @ yahoo . com.  Most of these items have not been actually used. They were just used as samples at my home shows. If I need to ship it to you, I will have to charge for shipping. 

EVERYTHING IS SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Expand-A-Tote Day Extenter – $20 – SOLD

The middle of this bag unzips to add 6 extra inches to give you a larger bag.  It is shown unzipped.  Retails for $49


Organizing Utility Tote – $12 – SOLD

This bag was one of the most popular bags I sold.  It has pockets all the way around the exterior.  Great to use for a diaper bag! Retails for $25.


Elite Skirt Purse with Extra Skirt – $30 – SOLD

Very versatile purse because you can switch out the “skirts” on the exterior of the bag.  If you order from 31 in the future, you can get new skirts too.  Purse retails for $55 and extra skirt retails for $25




Thermal Tote – $8 – SOLD

GREAT for school lunches or to pack your lunch for work.  9 1/2” W x 14” H.  It’s bigger than you think.  Retails for $15


Inside is thermal


All-In-One Organizer – $10 – SOLD

Great size for kids’ personal game devices, etc. Exterior  pockets on the side.  Retails for $20


Mini Organizer – $5 – SOLD

Pockets all the way around the outside.  Great for cosmetics!  Retails for $15


Retro-Metro Bag – $20 – SOLD

My personal FAVORITE bag!  I use it all the time, especially for church!  The “thirty-one” is monogrammed on, but it could be removed or an applique could be put over it.  Retails for $52


Wristlet Wallet – $5 – SOLD

For some reason, I can’t find the wristlet strap that can attach to it, but it can still be easily used. Retails for $22


Inside view.  Plenty of places for cards.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ten on Tuesday…

1.  I’m still looking to sell my dining room table.  If you know anyone who may be interested, send them my way!


2.  There are so many things I want to do to the house right now, but it’s just hard to decide what to do first and what we have enough money to do! They are just little things, but I them in my head that I want to do. 

3.  Remember my frames from last week…well, I finished them!  I really like the way they turned out! I’m thinking about possibly starting to sell via them via the blog and facebook to see how they do.  Maybe it would be a good fundraiser for the adoption considering we have a LOOOOONG way to go in that department! It was hard to get a good picture of them hanging up since my dining room table is in the way for me to stand directly in front of them and there is a bad glare, but you can still get the general idea.





4.  Selah is ALL ABOUT her sister right now.  It is the sweetest thing.  She always asks, “Where is my sister?” or “I want my sister.”, etc.  If she wakes up before Myla (which is very rare…Selah is my late, late sleeper), then she wants to go wake her up.  Last week after we went to the movies, we went to eat lunch with some friends, and Myla rode in the car with her friends.  The entire way there to meet them, which was about 5 minutes, Selah was constantly saying, “I want my sister.  I don’t want her in that other car!”  She has even come up with her own nickname for her, “Sisterelli”.  Michael has been calling Myla ,“Mylarelli” (from the movie, Cinderella) for a long time, so I guess Selah just adapted her own version of the word!

5.  Getting a good picture of the girls together used to SO hard, but now it has become quite easy, thank goodness!


6.  We went to the pool this morning, and Selah has a newfound bravery there.  All summer she has been perfectly content to sit and play on the steps, but today she told me that she wanted to jump to me.  One jump turned into 15+, then she told me she didn’t want me to catch her.  She had on floaties, but she has never wanted to be in the water, even with me holding her.  Then, she wanted to slide down the slide over and over.  And again, after she had gone down the slide a couple of times, she asked me to not catch her. She did great, and I was so proud of her!

7.  The girls MOST FAVORITE thing to play is “going shopping”!  It is literally what they do all day!


8.  I love trying things I find on Pinterest.  If I did everything I have posted, I would never have time or money to do everything else. But, occasionally I come across something that I already have all the supplies to make.  Several weeks ago, Myla helped me cover some old coffee cans with twine.  They make great little pen/pencil containers and the other one holds our loose change.  Myla LOVED helping.  I let her slather on as much Mod Podge as she wanted, and she was as happy as she could be!


9.  We’re such nerds, but we really like to look at books at Goodwill.  Last Saturday night we headed to Goodwill to check out the book selection, and we walked away with 15 books!!  I meant to take a picture before I put them all up, but I forgot.  We got several classics for the girls to have as they grow.  Someone told me that there is a Goodwill bookstore in Tupelo.  I hope we can go soon, but I’m afraid I would never get Michael out of there. He LOVES books!!

10.  I enjoyed the rain so much last week. I know each day was kind of dreary, but we needed it so badly, and it made for some good nap-taking afternoons!!  I was glad to see the sunshine today though because the girls have been wanting to go swimming!!


Happy Tuesday!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Celebrating Myla!!! FIVE Years Old!!

Myla was SO excited to turn FIVE on Friday!!   She requested this year to just have family for her party, so that is what we did.  Michael took off work on Friday, which was special for her because she loves for her Daddy to be home!


My newly made chalkboard made for a good birthday greeting for Myla when she woke up!


She started off the morning playing with a birthday card that Aunt Be sent her on the computer.  You could “paint” a bunch of different pictures, and she loved doing it!  Daddy also took her and Selah to get doughnuts, and they loved that!  I didn’t take any other pictures during the day because we pretty much hung around the house until it was time to go eat with our families.


Our big 5 year old!!


Selah wanted in the picture too.  In fact, I had to do a lot of coaxing to get her out of the picture so I could get one of Myla by herself!


Myla requested Mexican for dinner!  Here is Selah with Sae Sae and Granddaddy.


Sis Sis and the birthday girl!


On the way to the restaurant, Michael and I explained to Myla that the waiters might try and put a big hat on her and sing happy birthday.  She immediately starting worrying about it, but we told her it would be okay.  Myla has a little anxiety when it comes to new things, so I was really glad we had talked to her before we went.  When they came and put the hat on her, it took everything she had not to cry.  Her face was so funny, but I felt sorry for her because I knew she was not liking the situation.  Then, after they sang, the waiter tried to put some whipped cream on her nose, and I thought she might fall out of her seat backing away from him.  Poor baby! 


Feeling a little uncomfortable while they sang to her!


I tried to coax out a smile, but she just kept saying, “I want to take the hat off!”


After supper we came back home to open presents and have cake and ice cream.  Of course, being 5, Myla thought opening presents was top on the priority list, so cake and ice cream would have to wait!


Little Miss Priss waiting patiently to open presents!


This is what I get when I ask her to smile!


Bodie and Mimi with the birthday girl!


A little sisterly love!


Sweet sisters!


Myla was so excited to have Henry come over!


Daddy and Sae Sae


Sae Sae and Granddaddy with their girls!


Finally, the present opening commenced!  Myla had more of a Christmas than a birthday when it came to presents!  Wow…made me a little ready for my birthday.  ha!


Mimi and Bodie got Myla a Pillow Pet Dream Lite, and she loved it!! 


Sae Sae and Granddaddy got her a really neat dry erase board for school so she can practice her writing!


They also got her this slip ‘n slide!


Myla and I went into the Dollar Tree last week, and she saw these cash register drawers, and she has been asking for one ever since.  She was so excited to get one!  Of course, being the smart mom I am, I got two since I knew sister would be all over that!


Not only did Myla get lots of presents, Selah did too!


Selah also got a Dream Lite from Mimi and Bodie, and she loves it!  It has made going to bed a little easier this weekend without the paci.


Then, after presents, it was time for cake!

myla candles

Myla knew exactly what to do when we were finished singing “Happy Birthday”!


Selah enjoying her cake


Michael and Henry


Family pic


Sae Sae and Granddaddy got the girls the cutest pajamas, and they wanted to wear them to bed that night!


Myla and Pey Pey!


Myla's Arrival 021


MYLA 974


Myla's second birthday party 052








I truly cannot believe how quickly 5 years has flown by!  We are so thankful for Myla, and she is such a blessing to us and those who love her!