Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Full & Fun Saturday...

Yesterday Myla and I had a busy day! We first had a birthday party to attend for one of Myla's friends, Jane Anne. Myla had a great time jumpingin the jump house, playing in the bubbles, and eating some delicious (Emileigh's) birthday cake!
Myla and the birthday girl...they stood by each other like they were complete strangers. Kids are so funny!
The bubble machine was a HIT! Myla loved running through the bubbles whenever the machine was turned on!
Happy girl enjoying herself!
I l.o.v.e. this picture. It was like she was in hog heaven just popping bubbles!
Getting out of the bounce house for about the 20th time.
Going in the bounce house for about the 20th time! ha!!
This picture cracked me up! She was watching some other kids play on the playset. I don't think she was quite sure she wanted to join them. I love the hand on the hip action!
Myla and Pharis playing in the bubbles
Shelby, Jane Anne's big sister, tickling Myla.
Shelby and a friend of her's had a face painting table. Myla was having nothing to do with painting her face. She finally wanted to get her hands painted, but she wanted me to do it!
After the birthday party, we headed to Batesville to go to the wedding of a friend of mine from high school. Bodie was in the wedding, so Myla was so excited to see him up on the stage! I thought this was a GREAT picture of Bodie and Myla.
Mimi, Bodie and Myla - she LOVES these two so much!
The whole crew
This picture just cracks me up! I asked Frank to take a picture of us. Why do men not know how to use the zoom on a camera! I thanked Frank for the great picture of the brick wall!
Yes, Frank also took this one, but I wanted to include it. This is Bro. Alan Kilgore. He along with another pastor, Bro. Ben, married me and Michael. Bro. Alan did this wedding as well, and it brought back so many memories from my wedding day!
A little closer up of me and Myla.
The groom's cake...
Myla thought it was finger-licking good!
This is Myla's "I'm tired of stopping what I'm doing and smiling for pictures" smile!
Bodie and Myla again
Me and the groom, Richard.

A cute story from the wedding....After Laurie, the bride, walked down the aisle and Myla couldn't see her anymore over people's heads, she leaned over to me and whispered, "Mommy, I can't see the princess anymore!" It was so sweet! She is so into princesses right now. The whole time we were at the reception, she kept asking to go see the princess!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Setting a Trend...

Selah loves to chew on her pacifier like this.... It is the funniest thing because it usually squeaks the whole time she is chewing on it!

Maybe she's just setting a trend for a new use for the pacifier!

Sittin' Pretty...

Okay, so I realize these first two pictures don't show Selah "sittin' pretty", but they were just too cute to skip over, don't ya think??

On to the sitting part...Selah is starting to really be able to sit up well unassisted. She still can flop over in a split second, but all in all, she is doing great. Myla didn't sit up until 7 months, so I guess Selah is a little ahead of her on this one. It is so funny to see her sitting up to me! She just looks so big!
She seems to really enjoy it, just don't sneak up on her or move quickly because she will turn her head and usually fall over!
I just love her sweet smile!

Myla's First (Attempted) Sleepover...

While we were in Jackson, the girls decided they wanted to sleep together. So, when it was time for bed, they both got so excited! We read a Bible story, tucked them in and waited... It only took about 20 minutes. Myla couldn't believe that Abby actually wanted to go to sleep! I guess she thought they were just going to play all night. When I went in there, Abby said, "I'm trying to go to sleep and Myla just keeps on talking." Needless to say, we let Abby get her sleep and Myla slept with me! At least the short-lived sleepover afforded a great photo op!

A Lap Full...

Myla still likes to "hold" Selah pretty much everyday, but Selah is getting to be quite a lap full!
Notice how Myla is holding Selah's's probably to prevent her from getting a death grip on Myla's hair!
So sweet!
Not much room in your lap anymore, Myla!!
Crazy to think this was just a few, short months ago...

Photography by Myla...

Myla loves to take pictures with my camera whenever she can. The other day Mimi was here visiting so Myla took it upon herself to snap a few photos. They're really not too bad!
She obviously doesn't work as diligently as I do to get Miss Selah to smile!

Rubber Duckey....

The girls and I went to Jackson last week, and I left Selah's bathtub chair at Tamah's house. Thankfully, another friend of mine, Anna, happened to send us home with some hand-me-down clothes and this inflatable duck bathtub. Selah loves it!! The only thing is that it doesn't leave much room for Myla in the tub, but she doesn't seem to mind!

Monday, September 20, 2010


No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, and I can't even say I've been too busy to update the blog...we just really haven't done anything that interesting lately. I promise I will try to get some pictures of the two most precious girls in the world up this week!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Godly Friends...

Michael and I are so blessed to have our wonderful, Godly friends, the Graysons! We went to visit them on Sunday night and spent the night. Myla LOVES playing with Annlee and Deuce, so she had a blast. We went to church with them Sunday night to hear a family share that used to be in their church, but are now missionaries in Belize. He was a physician, and they sold EVERYTHING they had...almost all of their worldly possessions to go and spread the Gospel to the lost in about challenging. Anywho, it is always fun to fellowship with the Graysons. We always laugh a ton, and it is awesome to talk about how good our God is and what he is doing in our lives! Thanks, Graysons!! We had a great time!
I just had to show you Myla's outfit that my very talented friend, Tamah, sewed! Too cute!
Myla, sporting some of Annlee's princess pajamas, Annlee and Deuce
Saturday morning the non-stop playing continued. They all stayed in ther pj's all morning. Can you tell Myla was having a good time?
This is the face of a very sleepy little girl. It was only about 10 o'clock in the morning, but she was up until midnight the night before!
I have to explain this picture and the next. Chad is always giving Michael a hard time about how healthy he eats. So, Chad decided to try some of Michael's oatmeal breakfast concoction - oatmeal, peanut butter and granola.
Taking a bite...he said he liked it and he is getting very SERIOUS about getting healthy! In fact, he called me today from Walmart to make sure he was buying the right kind of peanut butter (natural). He never ceases to crack us up! Good luck, Chad!