Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Myla’s New Haircut…

I mentioned yesterday that Myla got her hair cut, so I wanted to share a picture.  I just LOVE it and think it looks so cute and healthy. She would not smile normally for the picture, but you get the idea anyway!



Monday, March 28, 2011

We are Family…

Last Thursday, we were so excited to get to spend the day with my dad and sister, Maggie.  They picked us up early that morning and we headed to Tupelo for the day.  It was so much fun to be with them!!! 


Myla was beside herself to be with Maggie!!  Her new saying when she is having to be patient is “taking for too long”. So, all morning before they came to get us, she kept saying, “Papaw and Maggie are taking for too long to get here!!”  Needless to say, she was so excited to see them!


Selah was excited to see them once she realized that they weren’t taking her without me or that I wasn’t leaving her with them at the house!  She is a mommy’s baby big time!!  She finally relaxed, I think, once she realized I was going with her!  She did great considering we are normally “schedule” people who are home for nap time, etc.  She really enjoyed herself, for sure!  (Isn’t her hair wild??  She is sporting a baby mullet that we must take care of ASAP!)


When we got to Tupelo, we ran by the agency doing our homestudy so I could deliver something to them, and our social worker and his intern got to meet my dad and Maggie.  That was really neat since they pretty much know everything about them already!  After that, we went to Newk’s to eat lunch with my brother, Peyton.  Selah enjoyed the crackers while we waited on Pey Pey to get there!  She LOVES to eat!


Maggie and her sidekick for the day!


Deddy (yes, that is how we spell it!) or Papaw with Myla


Maggie caught this picture of me and Selah, which I think is pretty funny because she makes me crazy half of the time!  She is a very temperamental baby!  Obviously, she wasn’t wanting to cooperate for the picture!  I promise I’m not a mean mom…I was really just trying to get her to smile!


No smile, but at least she is looking!


Selah loved sitting in Pey Pey’s lap while we finished up lunch!  Pey Pey loves his girls!


I love this picture because it wasn’t until I was looking through all of the pictures later that I realized Selah had gotten a hold of a chip. HA!  She took the opportunity while nobody was looking for find something else to eat, as if she hadn’t had enough already!


After Newk’s, we went to the mall so the girls could play on the indoor playground.  Selah conked out from Newk’s to the mall, which is all of about 1 block, if that.  Poor baby was TIRED!


Maggie and Myla on the carousel!  Myla never wants to ride on an animal…she always wants to sit on the bench.


The girls loved playing on the playground in the mall.  If we lived in Tupelo, I think we would go there often!  Selah thought she was for sure a “big” kid, and she had a BLAST!!  Good thing she got that little power nap because she needed it as hard as she played!  They loved going down this slide together.  Myla was such a sweet big sister…always wanted Selah to sit in her lap to slide.


Sweet Myla in her pig tails!  We got her hair cut off tonight into a little bob, so when I was looking at these pictures, I couldn’t believe how long her hair really was!


Selah tried her best to climb up this slide over and over, but it was a little to slick!


She’s a persistent little thing!


She was SO happy on the playground!!  She didn’t want to leave when it was time to go.


I still can’t believe she is just walking everywhere!


When we got back to Oxford, Myla wanted to go to Holli’s.  When Deddy, Macy and Maggie came last year, they took Myla to Holli’s, so as soon as we started heading home from Tupelo, she asked if we could go!  She doesn’t forget anything!  Here she is holing the “Grace’s Goody” named after her…the “Myla Mini Loaf”. 


Selah has one too…the “Selah Spectacular”!!


I had to show you a picture of Maggie’s shoes that she had on!  She painted an old pair of her TOMS, and I thought they were so cute!!  I told her she needs to contact TOMS and sell her designs and become a millionaire (and I’ll get half the profit)!  HA!  She is so talented and artsy!

Thank you, Papaw and Maggie, for a FUN, FUN, FUN day!!  We love you!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Our Spring Break…

From what I heard this past week was “Spring Break”, but around our house, it was just a regular old week, minus Mother’s Morning Out!  Oh well, that’s the life of a stay at home mom, I suppose!  We did do a few fun things, so I’m not complaining!  Of course, my parents and mother-in-law were out of school, so we got to see them some, except for my mom, who was in California for a vacation.  On Tuesday, Bodie came and took us to Chick-Fil-A for lunch.  I’m about burned out on CFA, but if you give Myla a choice, we will go there for sure!


Bodie and the girls in the playground


Selah thought she was a big kid on the playground…she loved it!!  She tried her best to get up on the slide, and she finally succeeded!  There were like a bajillion kids in there being Spring Break and all, so it was a little crowded.  I had to keep a close eye on her so she didn’t get trampled.


Loving playing on the playground.


Action shot…Myla was running like a crazy person!


Selah eventually gravitated toward me and just watched all of the little hooligans running around.  I just noticed in most of my pictures that it looks like we are the only ones there…not quite sure how I did that!


She LOVED this mirror, but she eventually started trying to lick it, so I had to take her away…which means she was not a happy camper!

On Thursday, we had our second home study visit at our house.  It went really well, and we have our third visit on Tuesday, so things are moving right along with that.  I will do a separate post with an adoption update soon.  Just please be praying for us as we have some decisions to make.  Anyway, later that afternoon we got out and enjoyed the beautiful weather and sunlight!!  Selah loved walking up and down the sidewalk with her sister!  I thought they looked so cute in their pink, and I had a pink shirt on as well.  Our social worker, Marcus, asked Michael why he didn’t have a pink shirt on as well!  AND, on top of that, it was St. Patrick’s Day, so needless to say, we forgot to sport the green!


Who knew walking up and down a sidewalk over and over could be so much fun?


Don’t you love to watch a baby learning to walk?  It is the cutest thing, although a little stressful when they are on concrete!  HA!


Selah getting a little help from her big sister!  So sweet!


Can someone tell me how she got so big???


I love this picture because it is Myla in her finest form…running and skipping FULL SPEED AHEAD!  This girl is on the move ALL of the time!


“Footloose and Fancy Free!”


One more of the newest “toddler” on the block!

My hope is that all of you had a wonderful Spring Break too!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Selah and Charlie’s First Ice Cream Cone…

On Wednesday, Charlie’s actual birthday, Katie and I took the newly turned one-year-olds to Holli’s to have their very first ice cream cone.  Katie has had this tradition with all of her kids, but I didn’t do it with Myla, so I definitely wanted to do it with Selah around her first birthday.  Unfortunately, Selah didn’t think much of the cone AT ALL!!  She was way more interested in the toys!


When we first got there, we just let them play for a few minutes, and they had so much fun pushing these foam blocks around.


Selah can be quite aggressive when she wants something.  She evidently wanted this particular block, so she was trying to push Charlie off of it…we will have to work on this!  Poor Charlie looks like he is holding on for dear life so he doesn’t fall…poor thing!


She eventually moved on to the pink block, much to Charlie’s happiness!


Charlie Buckley, A.K.A. The happiest baby alive!


I love this picture of the babies taking off towards the candy!  What’s funny is this was just two days ago and Selah was crawling.  Now, she really doesn’t crawl at all…she is a full-fledged walker!


Holli getting ready to scoop the “first” cones!


This was Charlie’s first taste!  I love his face!  He looks a little shocked, but he quickly caught on and LOVED every lick!


Coming back for more!


Enjoying his cone, while Selah plays in the background…


She thought playing with the checkers was much more fun!


While Selah played, her cone sat idly by and began to melt.


Me and Selah, who was wanting to get down and go play!!!  She is such a busy body!


Charlie and Katie


Of course, Selah smiled for a picture with Katie!  She loves Katie and can even say her name!

me and char

Me and Char Char


Katie’s mom, who we call “Mimi Beth”, came with us too!

Myla missed out on the Holli’s trip because she was spending time with her Sae Sae, which is exactly where she wanted to be!!