Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Some More Grocery Cart Pictures…

So, I know this isn’t nearly as exciting to anyone else, but today we went to Kroger, and I thought I would try to put both girls in the big part of the car buggy, and Selah LOVED it!!  And so did her big sister!  Myla was “showing her the ropes” telling her how to drive with the steering wheel.  I know if people saw me taking a picture, they probably felt sorry for me thinking, “Goodness, it doesn’t take much to entertain that Mom!” 





I just think it is so sweet that the highlight of a three-year-old’s day is getting to ride in the car buggy at Kroger!

P.S.  Check out Selah’s belly!!  She is SO much bigger than Myla was at this age!

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