Sunday, November 28, 2010

Miller Thanksgiving…

We had a fun, busy Thanksgiving holiday this year!  Thanksgiving morning we got up and headed to Batesville to see my dad, Macy and Maggie for a little while before we went to my mom’s for lunch with my family.  It was so great to get together with family….and the food wasn’t too shabby either!GEDC1735Myla was SO EXCITED to see Maggie!  And Maggie is SO GOOD with Myla and does whatever she wants to do!GEDC1742One thing they did was try on all of Granny’s jewelry….of course, Myla was in hog heaven!GEDC1744Selah and PapawGEDC1749Once we got to Mom’s house, Sis Sis was quick to get lots of sugar from Selah!GEDC1756Selah playing with her toysGEDC1753I call this picture “The Corn Committee”.  Evidently Sis Sis thought the corn was too “soupy” so Mom added some things to it but it needed to be stirred continually.  Uncle Doc volunteered to stir and Mom and Aunt Be supervised!GEDC1758Myla, Uncle Doc and ChelseaGEDC1759Myla and “Big Mimi”, Frank’s mom.  She has been dubbed “Big Mimi” because my mom is called Mimi too.GEDC1761Myla in front of Mimi’s Christmas tree.GEDC1762Elaine and Frank – sister and brotherGEDC1763Mom and Uncle DocGEDC1767Selah and Aunt BeGEDC1770Pey Pey, Selah and MimiGEDC1771Uncle Doc and SelahGEDC1775Uncle Doc, Selah and Chelsea.  They were laughing because Selah was staring a hole through Uncle Doc.  It was so funny because I couldn’t get her to look at the camera for a picture!GEDC1779Our familyGEDC1787Selah “flying” with Pey PeyGEDC1790Mimi and Bodie with 2 of their 3 “grands”, as my mom like to call them! GEDC1794Myla, Sis Sis and SelahGEDC1795Selah, Big Mimi and MylaGEDC1797Pey Pey and MylaGEDC1799Brian, Frank’s nephew, Elaine and FrankGEDC1800

Me and Mom


Maggie came home with us so she could go “Black Friday” shopping with me, Susan and Katie.  That post is coming up soon!  Myla loved having Maggie with us!

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