Monday, November 22, 2010

Meurrier Thanksgiving…

We celebrated Thanksgiving with Michael’s family on Sunday because Mary Jennifer and Spencer weren’t going to be able to come to Batesville this coming week.  It was a special day because Michael was ordained as a deacon on Sunday morning at church, so his family was able to be there for it.  After church, we headed back to Batesville for lunch.  We had a great time eating and visiting, as we always do!  I am so blessed to have wonderful “in-laws”!  I’ve been around for so long that they have claimed me as one of their own!


Sae Sae and Granddaddy with their granddaughters!  They had put up one of their trees so Myla could see it when she got there!  She loved it and is ready to put ours up!


Sweet Selah and Daddy


My three FAVORITE people in the whole wide world!


I’m a blessed Mommy!


My sweet baby girl!


I love this candid shot of the girls.  They both look so happy!


If you read my last post, you saw a picture similar to this of Myla and Robbie!  I have really bad timing!  Too funny!


Myla and Selah with their Aunt Mary and Uncle Spencer


Spencer and Mary Jennifer

Myla kept them BUSY playing hide and seek all afternoon!  They were such great sports!


Selah playing and enjoying her afternoon snack


Myla with Aunt Mary and Uncle Spencer winding down before her nap watching Cinderella!

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Alison said...

Oh, how cute!! Such precious girls!! Hope ya'll have a great Thanksgiving!!! :)