Monday, November 22, 2010

Birthday Party & Kindermusik

This past Saturday Myla and I got to go to a birthday party for her friend Molly.  Molly was adopted by our friends, Jeff and Tonya, last year.  She is a precious little girl, and we were so excited to get celebrate her 3rd birthday with her and her family!


The birthday girl!


At the party, the lady in town that does Kindermusik was there to sing with the kids.  Myla LOVED every minute of it!  She literally didn’t take her eyes of of the teacher.  She did everything she told her to do!  Which is funny since she has “selective hearing” when I tell her to do things.  Ha!  Above she is listening to the teacher tell them what they were going to do.


Waiting to find out what to do.  I love the look on her face!




and stomping…


..and rolling egg shakers like a choo choo train.


Sweet Robbie had to come tell Myla “Hi” during the activities.


This picture cracks me up!  I think she was going to hug him, but I caught her movement at a bad time!


The teacher played jungle music while the kids rocked their baby monkeys to sleep.


Then she gave them these tubes to put on their noses to be elephants.  Myla seemed to think hers was better in her mouth.  The teacher assured us that the tubes were wiped down after each use.  Thank goodness for the kid that got theirs after Myla used it!


This was Myla dancing during a song.  She had a BALL!!

Here is Myla enjoying herself while “dancing”!!

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