Friday, November 5, 2010

8 Months…

I’m a day late in posting Selah’s 8 month post, but you can blame it on her considering she probably had one of the worst days of her life yesterday (on her 8 month “birthday”), bless her heart!  I’m surprised I got any pictures of her smiling at all!  She has been to the doctor twice this week.  She has a viral infection in her throat that has caused 2 huge ulcers in the back of her throat that have literally caused her to scream pretty much all week!  It can only get better from here!!  Okay, enough of that…on to the 8 month post!

Dear Selah,

As I say every month, I can’t believe you are another month older…8 months!  Where does the time go??  Unless you are sick (as you have been this week), you are a pretty happy and content baby still!  You usually have lots of smiles to give once you warm up to somebody.  When you first meet a new person, you are very serious, and you have to give them the “once over” before you will think about smiling!  GEDC1512

Someone who can always get you to smile is your big sister!  You are looking at her in the picture above.  When you come into a room, you immediately start looking for Myla, and when you see her, you usually let out a squeal of joy!  The two of you are starting to interact more and more, and I just love it!  I’m sure in the years to come you two will be double trouble and gang up on poor old mom!  Another thing you can tell by the above picture, is you love to always have something in your hands.  And usually whatever is in your hands goes straight into your mouth!GEDC1516

The one thing strangers who see you always say is, “Her blue eyes are beautiful!”  And, I have to admit…they are!  You have the biggest, brightest eyes!  I know I’m your mommy, but I think you are the most beautiful baby!  GEDC1520

You are still sleeping great at night (7 pm to 7:30 am), but I will tell you I am dreading the time change!  You love your nighttime schedule, so I just know on Sunday night you are going to be ready for bed at 5:30!!  Hopefully you will adjust quickly!  I think you are beginning to cut back on your morning nap.  You used to sleep for two to two and a half hours, but now you really only sleep for about an hour, which is fine because you are happy when you wake up.  Some days you don’t even get a morning nap if we are out and about, and you are good with that too!GEDC1522

Here you are chewing on whatever you can get your hands on!! I think you are cutting another tooth right now because you are drooling SO much!  Maybe by next month’s post you will have another one to add to the two you already have.  GEDC1527

You are not crawling yet, which I am FINE with!  Ha!  You can get wherever you want to go by rolling…I call you “roly poly” because you will roll all over the den to get something that you want.  I’m sure one day soon you will figure out the whole crawling thing, but you just take your time, okay??GEDC1528

You still love to reach for whatever is near!  You are very determined when it comes to something you want.  You DO NOT like to be told no, and you have already mastered sticking that bottom lip out and pouting when you can have something…especially mommy’s glasses!  GEDC1532

You still LOVE your Daddy so much, too!  Yesterday you have fussed ALL day, and as soon as Daddy walked in the door and you saw him, you got the biggest smile on your face and started kicking and squealing.  When he picks you up, you put both of your little chubby hands on his face and just smile and coo.  It just melts my heart! 

Selah, we love you so much, and we are so thankful that God saw fit to give you to us!  Happy 8 months, sweet girl!!

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The Labontes said...

Your girls are so precious! Selah's cheeks are just so fabulously squishy looking! Did you know that I had a baby? joseph is 4 months. Check out our blog at Hope you are well. We should try and get together sometime when you come to Memphis. Tell Michael hello!