Monday, November 1, 2010

FBC Kid’s Karnival…

Last night we had our annual Kid’s Karnival at church.  Myla was looking SO forward to it all afternoon, so she was beside herself when it was finally time to go to church.  She got all dressed up in her fairy outfit and was ready to roll.  She had so much fun the whole time we were there!


Selah, on the other hand, wasn’t too wild about her outfit.  Although the picture above somewhat mimics a smile, trust me, it wasn’t…GEDC1471

…this was more her true reaction to her costume.  Bless her heart!!  Michael took her home soon after the shindig started so she could go to bed!GEDC1475

Charlie, being the laid back baby that he is had no problem wearing his costume!GEDC1477

Charlie and Selah…not the greatest pic, but it was the best we could do!


Myla and Robbie – Don’t you LOVE his Peter Pan costume!!  So cute!GEDC1480

Myla and '”Super Woman” CarolineGEDC1481

Daddy and his flower (who was quickly “wilting”)GEDC1482

Daddy and his girlsGEDC1483

The whole family!GEDC1487

Heading into the gym to play games and, most importantly, get CANDY!!GEDC1490

Grabbing a duck – This is the only picture that I got of her playing games.  She was a little hesitant and nervous while we were in there by ourselves…GEDC1493

…however, when Grace and Robbie got in the gym, she was suddenly an expert at all the games and felt the need to lead them through each one just like she was their mom!  I have to tell her all the time…”Myla, you are not Grace’s or Robbie’s mom!”  She is so sweet to them, not ugly, but it’s like she is looking out for them and making sure they are getting to do everything.  Grace and Robbie are so used to her that they just go along with it!  Above she is literally putting the peanut in Grace’s hand and leading her to the elephant so she could “feed” him and get her candy.  When her candy dropped through the elephant’s nose, Myla excitedly bent over and picked it up and said, “Oh, look, Grace! You got a pink sucker!”  It was in the highest pitched voice, JUST like an excited mom would say to her child!GEDC1496

Helping Grace dig through the beans to find a marbleGEDC1498

Of course, she had to show Robbie how to “feed” the elephant too!GEDC1502

Grace LOVED her cotton candy!GEDC1505

Just as we were leaving, Myla decided she wanted to try the inflatable slide…here she is as she is the next in line.  I just knew we would stand in line and she would chicken out.  BUT, she did it one time and she was hooked!  We stayed another thirty minutes so she could slide over and over!  I couldn’t believe she did it because… 1.  it was really high (18 feet) and 2. she slid SUPER fast…but she loved it!  I have a video I will post soon!GEDC1506

As always, we had fun at the karnival and look forward to Selah being in on the action next year!

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