Monday, November 29, 2010

Princesses on Ice…


Myla and I had such a fun day on Saturday!  Mimi (and Bodie) treated us to Princesses on Ice.  Myla had been looking forward to it all week, so the first thing she said when she woke up Saturday morning in her sleepy little voice was, “Princesses on Ice today!”  We had been to see Disney on Ice last year, and Myla was so nervous and scared then, but I really didn’t think she would be this time because she was looking so forward to it.  Well, once we got in and got seated, she started crying and burying her head in my shoulder.  She stayed this way for awhile, but she eventually warmed up and enjoyed the show.  I will say that Disney knows how to do things right!  The show was really good, and the costumes were beautiful!GEDC1545

Myla with her first purchase of the day..the $15 program.  Disney knows how to price gouge stuff too!  Ha!  My mom loves to buy programs at things like this.  She still has all of the programs my brother and I had from childhood from the circus and plays we went to see.  Yes, she’s OCD like that.  I’m not!  Myla looked at her other Disney on Ice program from last year so much that it practically fell apart!  I guess I need to be better about saving things!


Mimi and Myla ready to go in.


Seated and ready for the show….Myla was still okay at this point, but once the lights went out, she was not so thrilled!


Mommy and her sweet girl!


For about the first 15 minutes Myla sat in my lap and clung to me for dear life!  I had my hand over her chest, and I bet her heart was beating 200 times per minute.  Bless her heart!  She finally went in sat in Mimi’s lap when my arm started falling asleep!


She started warming up and by the end of the first act, she even waved bye to all of the princesses and told them she loved them!


The whole second act was the Cinderella story.  Myla loved it and even sat in her own seat for the whole thing!


I even caught a smile!  She LOVED the mice when they were on the ice helping Cinderella!  She also loved when they sang “Cinderelly” because we called her “Mylarelly” all the time!


Waving goodbye again at the end of the performance.


Of course, in the end, all of the princesses ended up with their prince charming!


Wouldn’t you know that when the performance was over, Myla was lured to one of the stands selling Disney things that were stationed about every 15 feet??  Of course, her Mimi let her pick out a princess to take home, so she picked out Snow White.


Excited about her Snow White purchase!


Myla looking at her program once we got in the car.  I will say that she does get her money’s worth out of those things.  She LOVES looking through them.  She even had to go through it with Daddy Sunday afternoon after church.


After we left Princesses on Ice, we headed to eat lunch at Cracker Barrel, which was Myla’s choice.  I’m not sure why she chose there…maybe it was the first restaurant she saw when we were getting off Hwy 45 going towards the mall.  Anyway, I think she also remembers that Cracker Barrel has a gift shop with toys and candy!


After lunch, we went shopping and ended up at the mall.  Myla, of course, had to ride the merry go round, and of course, Mimi obliged – twice!!


Myla was such a trooper the whole day!  Considering she had no nap, she did great!  We shopped from 2 until 9, and she didn’t really complain at all.  Here she is about to leave Belk and head home.


We stopped at Chick Fil A to get supper, and Myla was asleep in no time after she ate!  She was worn out!!

Thanks, Mimi, for a GREAT day of fun!

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