Sunday, July 4, 2010

We Are Family...

Yesterday we spent the day in Tupelo celebrating not only July 4th but also Myla and George's birthdays. We had a ton of fun swimming and just relaxing with the whole family!
Myla was ready to get in the pool as soon as we got there!
George and Myla just waiting for the word go to get in.
Myla sliding down the "homemade" slide/raft. They did this over and over. Who says you need a real slide? This one works just as well!
George is amazing in the water! He is not even 2 yet. Since he was 3 months old he has been taking swimming "lessons". At first he was taught how to make himself float on his back with his face out of the water, and he has been doing this since he was just an infant! It's amazing! He is a little water bug and would stay in the water all day!
Bodie and Michael relaxing in the pool.
Our goal all day with this little cutie was just to stay cool! It actually wasn't as brutally hot as it had been lately. She had a great day just hanging out!
Selah hanging out on the porch with Sis Sis
Happy girl
Giving Sis Sis a big smile!
George and Myla taking a snack break. Nothing makes you hungrier than swimming!
Shoving it in!!
Peyton, Rich, Olivia and Chelsea
I got a kick out of this picture because Aunt Be bought this table and chairs for the kids, but adults ended up sitting at it all day.
Rich and Olivia
It was SO great getting to see doesn't happen nearly enough!
Myla was finally ready to get out of the pool and change clothes! She still had fun outside just playing away.
Sis Sis and Myla
Bodie and Myla
Our little family
My two loves decked out in their 4th attire...thanks, Mimi!
George, Selah and Myla
Sisterly love!
We celebrated George and Myla's birthday with this delicious birthday cake!
Myla enjoying her cake and ice cream.
Let the present opening begin. Myla definitely has the hang of opening presents now!
Myla and her light up Dora backpack that she has been begging for for a couple of months! Everytime we would go in Wal-Mart she would see it and say, "That's my backpack...for my birthday" in a high pitched voice with lots of inflection!
Her Dora book from Henry. It's so funny to me how much she loves Dora and she has probably only watched it about 5 times at Mimi's house since we don't get the channel it comes on! The marketers of these products are geniuses because kids are just drawn to them!
Opening her purse full of goodies from Aunt Be and Doc. Aunt Be definitely knows what Myla likes...jewerly, make up, purses, money, etc.
Holding up her lip excited about it!
Opening her CDs from Mimi and Bodie to play in her new CD player. I love the look on her face!
George gave Myla the slinky dog from Toy Story.

Myla got lots of new toys that she was so excited about them! Thanks to everyone for your generosity. Unfortunately, Little Miss Priss didn't get to play with any of her new toys today since she threw a royal tantrum at church. Of course, she was over the tantrum by the time we got home, so she was highly upset when we told her she couldn't play with her new stuff. Oh, the joys of toddlerhood!

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