Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Myla's Swimming Party...

Last Friday we had Myla's swimming birthday party with her friends. The kids had a ball in the pool, and the moms had fun keeping up with them! It was funny to see how much better the kids did in the pool this year compared to last year! Myla woke up Friday morning ready for her party to start!! Daddy took her on a do-nut date before the party, and they also went to pick up her cupcakes as well. Thanks to everyone for coming!
Myla ready to get this party started!
Myla and Daddy. We were so glad that Daddy took the day off to be at the party. It was a huge help for me because he did all the hard work!!! Thanks, babe!
In the pool and ready for her friends to start arriving
Can you tell she is excited!!
YAY!! Sam and Mrs. Hilarie were the first guests to arrive. Myla was showing them the way to the pool...she is so "take charge!"
Grace arriving with her Mimi. Mrs. Katie and Robbie were sick, and we were so sad that they couldn't be there! Myla got out of the pool and greeted most of the guests, but I won't bore you with those pictures!!
Grace and Myla - like fish in water!
Myla loved wearing Mrs. Kristen's sunglasses
I love this picture!! It's like she is saying, "Life doesn't get much better than this!"
Grace wearing her Mimi's glasses!
This picture cracks me up...I wish I could have heard what they were talking about!
Eating time!!
Singing Happy Birthday
Blowing out her candles!
Opening was wild!! Everyone wanted to help and see what she got.
The princess cash register was a huge hit!
Daddy and Selah
I had over 100 pictures from the party, so I didn't put all of them on here. If you are my friend on Facebook, you can look at the whole album there!

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