Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Completely Random...

This post is mainly just a bunch of pictures that I have had in my camera that just made their way onto my computer. There is really no rhyme or reason, so I will just explain the pictures as I go....
Selah is really starting to reach out and grab things and, of course, everything goes right into her mouth! It's nice for her to be able to entertain herself a little more though. She loves this caterpillar that she received as a gift. Myla always brings it to her to play with because she knows how much she likes it.
Happy girl with her caterpillar!!
Selah is such a happy baby, which I am very thankful for. It is easy to get smiles from her for pictures!
Aunt Mary and Uncle Spencer sent Myla this "Cutie Boutique" makeup kit for her birthday, and let me just tell you...it was the perfect gift for this little girly girl. She has played and played with it. She loves putting on the body glitter, lotion and lipgloss, oh, and body spray!
Isn't that the cutest thing? It lights up and everything. I highly recommend this as a gift for little girls.
Another new milestone is we have starting bathing the girls together. Myla LOVES it, and Selah does too. She kicks back in that little chair and kicks and splashes and watches every move Myla makes. I can't believe how fast Selah is growing up!
This was the Sunday night after Myla had gotten back from New Orleans. Daddy was glad to have both of his girls together again!
Selah is not a huge fan of tummy time, but she is getting better. These pictures crack me up because her head looks so big compared to the rest of her body, but it really isn' t that big!
Another toy that Selah likes is the little singing bear that used to be Myla's. I love how she is looking at it in this picture. It's like she is thinking, "Excuse me, could I help you?"
Again, everything goes in her mouth!
Last week we went to the doctor for Myla's 3 year check up and Selah's 4 month check up. Thank to Lord Michael went with us because I don't know if I could have done it by myself. Myla had to be weighed, measured, have her blood pressure taken, tee tee in a cup, have her finger pricked, get examined, and get a shot...holy moly! The finger prick and shot was obviously the worst part, but we survived! In the picture above, Myla is trying to hold up 3 fingers to show me how old she is now.
Myla having her blood pressure taken. She looked perfectly healthy all the way around, Praise Jesus!! Her stats are...
33.2 lbs - 74%
38 inches tall - 73%
I didn't get any pictures of Selah unfortunately, but here are her stats just so I have them written down somewhere...
15 lbs 13 oz - 78%
25.5 inches long - 79%
41 cm head circumference - 38% (see, I told you her head wasn't that big)
Selah is definitely a little chunk! She is much bigger than I remember Myla being at this age. In fact, I looked back and Myla only weighed 20 lbs 13 oz when she was 1 year old. I think Selah will surpass her! Last Saturday I went to Batesville for a good friend's baby shower, so Daddy had the girls pretty much all day. He got a few good pictures, so I had to share them!
Myla has really started being so much more "involved" with Selah now that Selah can interact with her a little more. She likes to hold her and read her books, etc. And the sweetest thing is that if Myla is in the room, Selah doesn't take her eyes off of her. I love to watch her face while she is watching her big sister.
Sunday before church I had to get some pictures of Selah because I thought she looked like a little baby doll in her dress and bonnet.
So sweet...I love her so much!
Sweet smile
Oh, I could just eat her up!
This is one of Myla's new favorite pasttimes in the mornings. She likes to have Selah sit on the princess (dollar) couch and read her books. The thing I love most about it is that Selah just stares at her big sister like she is the best thing in the world. It is SO sweet!
Myla just reading away, but Selah gets a little distracted...
.... she just wanted to give Mommy a sweet smile!
Oh, it just melts my heart to see her look at Myla like this. One day last week, Myla was playing with Selah on the floor and she just stopped and looked up at me and said, "Mommy, Selah is my best friend." Oh, Myla, how I hope it stays that way!
This was last night before bed. Selah was all smiles, so it was a great photo opportunity! I wish they were dressed in something cuter than their pj's, but, oh well, I'll take what I can get.
Myla took this pic...she was very proud of it!
Myla told me they were "playing" here. I'm not sure, but I love the way Myla is looking at her...
I thought this one was funny too....they were just loving on each other so much!
I just read back over this post and realized how many times I talked about the girls looking at each other...sorry! I guess it is just one of my favorite things at the moment!

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