Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Birthday Celebrations Continue...

Friday afternoon after Myla got up from her nap she had more presents to open that had come in the mail from Papaw, Macy and Maggie! Of course, as soon as she saw them still sleepy eyed, she started tearing into them.
What could be in here?? Yay! Hair clippees!
And dress up clothes...her favorite! They also sent another dress up outfit with a big tutu that she wanted to put on immediately!
And...fingernail polish, or as she calls it, "polich". She LOVES to paint her fingernails and toenails, so Aunt Maggie knew exactly what to get her!
After that present opening, we headed to Batesville to celebrate her birthday with Sae Sae and Granddaddy. We did everything early since we were headed to New Orleans on Saturday for the week (which is another post for another time). Can you tell that Sae Sae loves balloons to celebrate a birthday! Can you tell that Myla loves them too!!!
Myla on her 3rd round of opening presents for the day. She is spoiled rotten!!
She loved her princess nightgown!
Sae Sae, Granddaddy and Myla - Myla is so bless to have wonderful grandparents on both sides that live so close!
Showing off her new bling!
Myla sitting in the birthday chair!! We had dinner on princess plates, which was quite appropriate. Sae Sae even caught her plate on fire in the microwave!!
Blowing out her candles again!
I think she enjoyed the blue icing the most!!
Cupcakes are "finger licking good"!
Happy girl with Sae Sae!

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