Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fun with Sae Sae...

Yesterday Sae Sae came to visit for the day and we had such a good time. The first thing Myla wanted Sae Sae to do was paint her toenails and fingernails, so Sae Sae got to work quickly!
Selah supervised the mani and pedi!
Sae Sae had to take a break for a minute and get a quick smile! Okay, check out this picture...Selah at almost 4 months...
Now, check this one out (it's terrible quality because it is a picture of a picture), but it is Myla around the same age. They are seriosly like clones. Their eyes, nose, mouth, ears and hairline are almost identical. I've got to get my old computer plugged back in and get some of Myla's early pictures off of it so I can keep comparing!
Myla helping her toenails get dry after being painted. Sorry for the no pants look...she prefers no pants while we're at home!
Fanning her hands trying to get her nails dry.
Happy with the outcome!
Myla thought she would return the favor and paint Sae Sae's nails. Sae Sae is a very good sport is all I have to say!
Before Sae Sae left, she had to get a few more smiles from Selah.
Then Selah finally crashed in Sae Sae's lap after a good, fun day!

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The Vaughns said...

Wow! They are spitting images of each other! Beautiful girls!