Thursday, July 15, 2010

All Aboard!!

Last Saturday the girls and I headed to New Orleans for vacation with Mimi and Bodie. We took the train from Greenwood to New Orleans, and it was a GREAT way to travel with children. No carseats or seatbelts, which to an almost 3 year old equals FREEDOM when traveling. After we boarded the train, Myla said, "Mimi, where is my seat belt?" My mom said, "We don't have to wear seatbelts on the train." To which Myla replied, "Well, I'm getting down then!!" She loved being able to move around and look outside. There were some shady characters on the upper level, but fortunately, most everyone looked very nice and we had no problems. We were in a car on the lower level, so there was no through traffic and it was pretty quiet and comfortable. These are the only pictures I have from the vacation because I decided to come home with Selah on Sunday. She is so young to have to try and go and do on vacation. I knew that we would just be holding everyone back trying to schedule around her naps, feedings, etc. And not to mention there was a heat advisory in New Orleans all week. I couldn't justify carrying her around all week in her carrier and stroller just so she could burn up and have no idea what was going on!!! I think that would have been a little unfair to her. Plus, she and I have had a wonderful, relaxing week at home, which has been nice. It was SO hard leaving Myla, but she has had a wonderful time with Mimi, Bodie and Henry. She gets home tonight, and I can't wait to see her!!!
Mimi, Myla and Bodie waiting on the train.
Myla and Bodie checking out the tracks
Myla decided to have a seat while we waited.
Here it comes!!! It was SUPER loud pulling into the station, and of course, Myla had a breakdown because it scared her to death. She was literally shaking, but she soon got over it and was fine.
Mimi and Myla on the train, ready to roll!
Checking out the view
Laughing at Bodie
It was a great trip for Selah too because there were plenty extra seats, so she was able to take wonderful naps swaddled up, with plenty of room! When she was awake, I got the Bumbo chair down so she could sit up and play. She was all smiles!
My two loves!!!
Myla finally fell asleep in Mimi's lap for a short nap before arriving in New Orleans.
Hopefully I can get the pictures off of my mom's camera from the week. She said they have had a ball and stayed busy everyday. They went to the Aquarium, the Zoo, the Children's Museum, the Insectarium, rode the ferry, shopped in the French Quarter, watched a parade on Bastille Day, and ate a lot of good food, just to name a few. I can't wait to see the pictures myself!

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Julee Turner said...

Hey! I looked through your blog to see pics of Oskie and I definitely think that he has Shiba Inu in him! Romeo is a full blood Shiba and Oskie has so many similarities!! Email me at if you want to know more info on Shibas! Thanks for visiting my blog! We obviously love our shiba and I hope you do too! :) You girls are precious too!