Sunday, July 4, 2010

4 Months...

Wow! Four months already! The time is passing so quickly with this little girl. We were in the hospital visiting my friend, Susan's, baby week before last when a lady, looking at Myla and Selah, said, "That one (pointing to Selah in the carrier) will grow up faster than that one (pointing to Myla)!" I believe she is right!
Selah, this month your personality is starting to shine through a little. You have really started cooing and "talking" and you are even starting to laugh a little out loud. You are generally a very happy and content baby, and Mommy is very thankful for that!
You still love to have your fingers in your mouth! And you love to rub on your left ear. Speaking of ears, you are just now getting over your second ear infection. You were puny for a few days, but now you seem pretty much back to normal.
This is another thing you love to do...if you are wearing a dress, you like to pull it up and hide your face or chew on your dress!
This month you got in the swimming pool for the first time. You seemed pretty indifferent about it. You didn't really cry or laugh. Maybe next summer you will love the water like your sister!
Speaking of your sister, you love to keep your eye on her! You will just stare at her in the car or whenever she is in view. Myla loves to tell you "Good Morning" and "Good Night" and give you a kiss and hug!
You spent the night for the first time a Mimi and Bodie's house this month. You didn't do too great, but looking back, you were getting sick with a cold/ear infection. Maybe you will be feeling better next time we go.
You love sitting up in your Bumbo chair so you can see everything that is going on. You have not started turning over yet, but I'm sure you will be doing it in no time!
All in all, you are a true joy! Your smile is so sweet and innocent, and I never get sick of seeing it. You are still doing great on your schedule and you have been sleeping through the night for some time now, Praise the Lord!
Daddy was helping me get all of these sweet smiles today!
We love you so much, sweet girl!

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Amanda said...

Wow- You get tons of great smiles at every month!! B always helps me, too, but we don't get nearly that many! Great job!!