Saturday, July 4, 2009

Stewart Wedding...

We have had a quite busy last week and a half. Last weekend we headed to Baton Rouge for my friend Rachel's wedding. Rachel and I were friends in high school, and she has said since high school that I would sing in her wedding. Well, the day finally came! I was honored to do so. It was so good to see so many friends that I haven't seen in a while. Myla went with us, and she did great! I think everyone was so excited to see her as well!
Getting ready for the rehearsal dinner. Myla has been obsessed with shoes lately. She wants to put on any shoes that she sees! I thought this was too cute of a picture to pass up on!
Myla and Mimi at the rehearsal dinner.
Family picture. Thank goodness Bodie was there to get Myla to smile!
Bodie and Myla
Myla played with mine and my mom's jewelry during the dinner. She thought she was hot stuff!
This is basically our high school basketball team!
Back row:
Me, Rachel, Frank, Jessica, Brandi
Amanda, Jennifer, Cati
Me and the Bride!
Me and Jennifer...friends basically since birth. We were born 4 days apart and we next door neighbors.
Brandi, Me, Rach, and Jen at the Bridesmaids Brunch.
We went to the Mall of Louisiana for lunch and Myla had to ride the carosel. She kept saying, "I want to go on horsie!"
All pretty for the wedding!
Jen and Myla. Myla couldn't get enough of Jennifer!
Jen, Me and Myla
Here is Myla at the reception. She was peeking over the railing in the balcony watching people dance. She danced the whole time she was there!
Jen, Jess, Brandi, Me, Amanda and Cati at reception!
Myla and the beautiful bride!

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