Thursday, July 16, 2009

Swimming Party...

Tuesday we had Myla's birthday party with her friends. I didn't get a ton of pictures because we were in the pool and then busy eating and opening presents! Myla and all of her friends had a great time and really enjoyed swimming. The weather held off, thank goodness!
The only picture I got of Myla in the pool. She loves to "swim" in the water with her floaties on!
I was so happy with how the cake turned out. It was SO cute! If you need a cake in Oxford, go to Emileigh's...not only are the cute, they are delicious!
Myla enjoying her lunch, which pretty much existed of Cheese Puffs!
Clapping after everyone sang Happy Birthday.
The best we could get for a group picture. There are several missing, but we tried our best!
Myla and Grace playing with the new baby doll's diaper bag and accessories.
Mrs. Laura and Myla
Thanks, Mrs. Laura for letting us have the party at your house! We cannot thank you enough!

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Clay and Michelle McArdle said...

Looks like fun!! The cake is so cute and Myla is adorable! Its hard to believe she is two. Jackson will be 2 on Oct 1...where does the time go? Thanks for sharing the sweet pictures.