Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 13, 2009...

The sequence of pictures below sums up the way we spent Myla's actual birthday...
We made plans to go eat lunch with Katie, Grace & Robbie, but when the monsoon hit, we decided that we didn't want to get all the kids out in the rain. Myla was disappointed since I had already told her we were going to meet them, so she kept asking, "Where's Grace?" and "Where's Robbie?". Here is Myla looking at the rain as I was trying to explain that we couldn't get out because of the bad weather.
Getting a better look...
"All I've got to say is that you and Mrs. Katie need to get over it and let me play with my friends!"
Since we didn't get to eat lunch with our friends, we just had a simple lunch at home.
Things started looking up after naptime. The rain had stopped, so I took Myla to Holli's Sweet Tooth, which was in the original plan, to get her "birthday" ice cream. Myla was so excited to eat her ice cream.
"Thank goodness that rain stopped so I could get my sugar fix!"
This is Myla's new way to eat an ice cream cone...from the bottom up!
Here she is demonstrating!

Mrs. Holli even gave her a balloon for her birthday, and Myla was all smiles!
After Holli's we headed to church, so Myla did get to play with Grace and Robbie after all!

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