Thursday, July 16, 2009

Myla and Her New Toys...

Myla got so many fun toys for her birthday, and she has enjoyed playing with them so much. She has especially enjoyed the new baby doll that Mimi and Bodie gave her. She has played with it the majority of every day since she got it. I love to watch her little imagination run wild as she takes care of her baby...
Meet Olivia....Myla's new baby doll.
Feeding the baby doll breakfast
She is still hungry!!
Putting her down for a nap...notice she gave her the pink dog. I mean, who can sleep without it?
About to change her diaper!
Putting powder on the baby. Myla even got the pillow off her bed to put the baby on to play with her. I guess she needed a soft place to lie down!
Baby Olivia in the eating chair.
**Note to some newborn diapers! Looking how big that diaper is on her! Myla didn't seem to mind.
Yesterday Myla got all dolled up as you can see. She loves her new baby doll diaper bag, and she carries it just about everywhere. She put this ensemble together all by herself!
Don't forget Cookie Monster!
And from the back.....
So sweet...last night Daddy and Myla were reading her new Bible Story book that Papaw, Macy and Maggie sent.

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Davidson Family said...

First of all, she is too cute! There is nothing sweeter than watching little girls play with their dolls! I love the new baby's name;)!