Saturday, July 4, 2009

Visit with the Whites...

Michael had a conference this past week in Jackson, so Myla and I decided to go with him and spend some time with our friends Danny, Tamah and Abby White. They were sweet enough to let us stay at their house, and we had a great time! Myla and Abby played and played, and Tamah and I worked on monogramming! I always put her to work when I am there!! These are the only pictures I got. Myla and Abby played outside in the water house and slip and slide and had a blast!
Myla loving the water!
I just wonder what she is thinking here...
Happy girl
Mr. Danny getting the girls with the hose!
"I'm gonna get you, Daddy!"
Now Daddy's gonna get you...
Can you tell she like playing in the water?
Abby sliding

The best one I could get of the two of them together!
"Look, Daddy! I'm sliding!"
"Could this get any more fun?"
"I don't think it can?"
Taking a break for a drink...

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