Sunday, June 21, 2009

Orlando 2009

Myla and I just returned from a fun filled trip to Orlando with my mom, Frank, Peyton and Henry. We had a great time despite the good ole HEAT of Florida! Honestly, I didn't take as many pictures as I would usually take, but I was trying to keep up with Myla and really enjoy doing things with her rather than trying to take a picture every 5 seconds. I think I got plenty though! Here are a few to share with you...
Henry, Myla and Mimi ready to get on the airplane.
Henry and Myla checking out our plane. They were quite fascinated with the whole process of flying! They both did great!
Here is Myla in the Orlando airport well after midnight! We were waiting on our rental car, and she enjoyed pushing her babies around in the stroller. I couldn't believe how happy she was even though it was SO late. She finally fell asleep around 1:45 am on the way to the condo.
Our only complaint about the condo is that the bathtub wasn't big enough! HA!! It was huge! Myla loved it. I think she thought she was in a swimming pool!
Clean, happy girl!
Henry and Peyton at Sea World.
Cousins ready to explore all the sea animals!!
Myla and Henry looking at the sting rays. You could just reach in the pool and touch them. It was really neat, but I couldn't help but think of poor Steve Irwin. I loved him!
What is Myla watching so intently, you ask???
Her favorite Sesame Street friends! She LOVED all the shows we went to, but she especially loved getting to see "Melmo" and "Cookie Monter" the best. They are certainly her favorites!
Even though she loves Elmo, she isn't much for getting too up close and personal. She was a little hysterical at this point, but as soon as we were walking away, she was waving and blowing kisses and saying, "Bye, Bye, Melmo!"
Bodie, Mimi and Myla
Me and Peyton
Myla watching everyone's favorite killer whale
Myla was completely enthralled with this show. She squealed and clapped and pointed at the whales. I was equally amazed!
Clapping for Shamu
Playing on the Dinoland playground at Disney's Animal Kingdom. It was only about a million degrees! It is amazing to me how well kids can handle heat! Much better than adults, for sure!
Myla and Henry sliding
All of the touring of Animal Kingdom finally caught up with her!
Henry waving to Mickey Mouse during the parade
Myla at Rainforest Cafe ready to eat supper!


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