Monday, July 13, 2009

Family Birthday Cookout...

I can't believe that the time has come so fast, but Myla is 2!!! Saturday night we had a cookout to celebrate at my parent's house. We had a great time despite the oven like conditions outside! Thanks so much to mom and Frank for doing so much to have this party! Myla had a great time, and it was so nice to have our family together for it.
Sae Sae and Myla watching Henry fish
Myla was a little taken by the whole fishing experience...she wanted a fishing pole so she could join in the fun!
Peyton reeling in Henry's fish!
Myla got so many fun presents. She LOVES Cookie Monster and was so excited when she opened this one from Mimi and Bodie.
I'm not sure what happened in this picture, but I love everybody's face! Notice Myla is still hanging on to her "cookie monser" as she calls him.
Flashing a big smile with Sae Sae and Granddaddy
Myla is a bit of a "bag lady"! She loves any kind of bag. Here she is sporting her new suitcase from Aunt Be and Uncle Doc as well as a purse that belonged to my mom's sweet friend, Lynn.
Myla and Henry playing with Myla's new cash register
Do you know how hard it is to photograph children!!!! This is about the best I could get.
Myla and "Big" Mimi
Myla and Elaine
Myla blowing out her candle. She blew it out the first time before we could sing Happy Birthday, so this was actually the second time!
Enjoying her cupcake.
Notice she is just eating the icing!
Myla telling Grandmother Meurrier bye bye.
Granddaddy, Myla and Sae Sae
Michael and Uncle Bubba
Mimi and Myla...evidently Myla thought she was very funny!
Uncle Doc, Myla and Aunt Be
Myla, Mimi and Sis Sis
Thanks to everyone for coming to the party! We had a wonderful time!
Tomorrow we have a swimming party with some of Myla's little friends. I will post on that as soon as I can!


Reed, Anna and Emily said...

She is so adorable!

(Oh and I love that cupcake bow- did you make it?)

Flores Hayes said...

Happy birthday!

my panda fanatic roommate got a cute Morn Creations bag as birthday gift!
she is just THRILLED with it.